The Husbands from the Republic of China C2.1

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Chapter 2 (1/2)

Gu Sichu suddenly sat up, and his first reaction was to look to the side.

It wasn’t until after seeing the familiar person next to him that the high-strung worry in his heart suddenly loosened.

Before he even had the change to observe his surroundings, Gu Sichu carefully cradled Liu Huaiyu and called him softly.

“Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, wake up wake up…”

Liu Huaiyu’s eyelids moved, and after a bit, he slowly opened his eyes. It took a while before he regained conscious and could see Gu Sichu’s silhouette clearly.


Gu Sichu breathed a sigh of relief, then there was a burst of worry, as he touched Liu Huaiyu’s face.

“Are you uncomfortable anywhere? What about your stomach?”

Liu Huaiyu shook his head and slowly sat up and leaned against Gu Sichu’s arms.

“I’m fine; what about you, husband? What the hell just happened?”

Liu Huaiyu didn’t appear to be uncomfortable. Gu Shichu had time to think about what had happened just now. His eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and he reached out and pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“There was a white light that brought us here. I don’t know where this place is.”

Liu Huai Yu’s looked around, and he only saw that the room was really old-fashioned but was kept clean.

Besides the items needed for everyday life, there was a black box-like lump that looked super weird, that he did not know what it was used for.

Gu Sichu was also observing the surrounding environment. Just a moment ago, he and Liu Huaiyu were still in their familiar room, but now they suddenly came to this unfamiliar place.

What just happened, even if Gu Sichu was experienced and knowledgeable (been exposed to various things), he couldn’t come up with an explanation for what happened.

When Liu Huai Yu came out of Gu Si Chu’s embrace, he noticed that the place that they were laying on was actually soil brick bed that only the north have.

Liu Huaiyu looked at the oddity. He and Gu Sichu grew up in the South since childhood.

They haven’t really seen this before.

“This place should be in the north. I’ve heard from my father that the soil brick bed there is very warm during winter.”

Gu Sichu nodded, then came down with Liu Huaiyu and looked around.”It’s just that I don’t know where this place is and how we got here.”

Liu Huaiyu was curious and already walked around in a circle.

A moment later, he walked towards Gu Sichu’s side with a calendar and showed it to him.

The calendar here is already 2019. It’s just past New Year’s, we’ve arrived a hundred years in the future!

Gu Sichu mentally calculated. The year they were in was 1919, now it’s 2019. It was exactly 100 years.

Gu Sichu’s heart raised a sense of absurdity and was somewhat powerless.

I didn’t have a sense of belonging when I looked at the strange place around me.

Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu both fell silent, and at the same time, their feelings were mixed.

Just at this moment.

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