TBCDDM Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Xie Jun coughed for a bit. Going along with Zhuang Yi, he asked: “Have you practiced enough?”

Zhuang Yi was originally about to get up, but hearing Xie Jun’s question, he felt that it would seem too fake if he got up immediately.

Xie Jun then watched Zhuang Yi get up to stand before doing the splits again.

His stretched legs looked long and straight.

Xie Jun: “…..”

Zhuang Yi lowered his legs and did a few more stretching exercises.That was it.

Xie Jun: “…..”

Zhuang Yi who had already forgotten about what happened at the court earlier: “Why are you looking for me?”

Xie Jun’s face was dark: “It’s inconvenient to talk here.” He then pulled next to the trees.

Zhuang Yi’s eyes were filled with curiosity: “What? What? Did you look for me to do something nefarious together?”

Xie Jun, however, pulled him to a stop after a few steps. Zhuang Yi eyed him curiously. He, on the other hand, let out an inaudible sigh.

“You’re allergic. Let’s hurry and leave.” Xie Jun spoke, “We can’t stay here for too long.”

Zhuang Yi: “….”

Zhuang Yi continued to stare at him as he was being pulled: “So what did you want to say anyways?”

Xie Jun: “Never mind.”

Zhuang Yi lowered his voice: “Why do you seem angry?”

“You should probably go now.” Xie Jun said, “If you don’t go, you might be in danger.”

Zhuang Yi laughed: “I’m not a girl. It doesn’t matter if I go home late.”

Xie Jun: “Indeed you still don’t know about the dangers of the world. You don’t understand the complexities of people’s hearts.”

Zhuang Yi: “…..”

Xie Jun: “Oh right, I didn’t pick you to play because Luo Yu is quite crazy when he plays. If the ball grazes you again, you might get a rash.”

Zhuang Yi: “Oh….Then I’ll go back first.”

“Okay.” After Xie Jun finished talking, he turned around and left.

Zhuang Yi was a little upset: How can you walk so fast? You don’t even say goodbye ah.

When Xie Jun returned to the court, his urge to drag that person into the bushes had not yet dissipated. His mind was filled with images of Zhuang Yi doing the splits, Zhuang Yi swaying his hips, Zhuang Yi raising his butt…

Xie Jun tried to think of the two little people that Zhuang Yi drew but this method of distraction failed. The next moment had those two little spies kissing and embracing each other in his mind.

As a result, the whole afternoon, the captain had been so angry that the training lasted until evening. The team members, who had been subjected under high intensity training for several hours, looked at their captain. They didn’t dare leave but they all were on the verge of tears.

Basketball Team: T^T

Zhang Yi remained oblivious to the fact that to some extent he had aggravated the suffering of the basketball team. However, after only a few days, the homeroom teacher called Xie Jun again.

“Still about your withdrawal?” Zhuang Yi asked.

Xie Jun nodded.

Zhuang Yi asked: “What did you reply to the teacher? At least wait until the next match is over.”

Xie Jun: “I replied that there would always be many meaningless things in the world that you cannot understand. For example, proclaiming your feelings to the one you love everyday. Mom, I love you. Teacher, I love you.”

Zhuang Yi: “!”

Zhuang Yi admired: “What was the teacher’s reaction?”

Xie Jun didn’t reply. He looked at Zhuang Yi and seriously said: “Yiyi, I love you.”

Zhuang Yi: “…..”

Zhuang Yi: “!”

Zhuang Yi blushed profusely!

Xie Jun was still calm: “The teacher reacted like you. Afterwards, she didn’t mention withdrawing from the team again and let me go.”

Zhuang Yi: “…..”

Zhuang Yi resentfully shoved Xie Jun away: “Fuck! You scared me to death! I thought you just confessed to me.”

Xie Jun smiled. He was about to speak when a classmate at the side, came over and excitedly said, “Why are you still here? Let’s go to music class!”

Xie Jun didn’t get the chance to speak the rest of his words.

Both of them went to the music class together.

They had only one music class per week. The music room had been renovated so everyone was very excited. The music teacher was also influenced by their excitement and announced in a loud voice that because everyone had been studying hard, the music class would not make things difficult for them. Everyone would each take turns to sing a song in class. The order doesn’t matter. As long as you want to do it, you can do it. But each student has to sing at least once each term.

The music teacher also said that the audio system and projector can be used at their leisure.

Everyone was very excited but asking who would go first, they all hesitated and were too shy to volunteer.

Regardless of that matter, they were all still happy. The only one probably not happy about the whole ordeal was Zhuang Yi.

Xie Jun: “What’s wrong?”

Zhuang Yi was downcast: “I’m tone deaf. I can’t sing at all.”

Just then, the music teacher said that since no one wants to start, it was better to follow the class roster.

Zhuang Yi breathed a sigh of relief. The class roster was sorted alphabetically by their last names. It was still too early for his turn.

The music teacher, however, did not play according to the rules: “Each time we go through the class roster, we start from the first person at the top. This time we will change it up and start from the bottom. This person is….Looking at the roster…Zhuang Yi.”


Zhuang Yi stood up and meekly informed: “Teacher, I can’t sing.”

The music teacher was very amiable: “It doesn’t matter if you sing badly. Our music class is mostly for relaxation.”

Zhuang Yi: “I’m not just a bad singer, my voice can go off tune to as far as the galaxy.”

The music teacher kept saying that it didn’t matter. Zhuang Yi was helpless and could only oblige to sing.

All of a sudden, Xie Jun interrupted: “Teacher, can we sing together?”

The music teacher agreed, saying that they surely could.

Xie Jun pinched Zhuang Yi’s pinky: “You pick something familiar. I’ll sing with you. We can be embarrassed together.”

Zhuang Yi was touched: “Then you can choose a song ba.”

Xie Jun gently refused: “You can choose. I’ll sing whatever you choose.”

Zhuang Yi was even more touched: “Then I’ll choose the only song that can’t be sung out of tune.”

Zhuang Yi went to search for the song.

Xie Jun’s heart was moved: Was this song special to Zhuang Yi?

A few seconds later, the dignified melody of the National Anthem echoed in the room, and the brightly colored five-starred red flag was projected against the wall. The whole scene was very reverent.

T/N: That ending though XD Really having fun with this novel kekeke

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