TBCDDM Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

With Zhuang Yi’s mother’s support, General Xie’s icy face didn’t seem so terrible.

General Xie had been iron-blooded[1] most of his life but he never thought that he would finally be folded by the son that he raised.

They all talked for a long time.

The main reason was that Zhuang Yi’s mother was enlightening General Xie that the younger generations will do all right on their own. That the new china did not discriminate against homosexuality la. That it was righteous and just.

In the end, General Xie called Xie Jun into his study and asked: “Have you thought properly about walking this path?”

Xie Jun: “You know me.”

General Xie: “I originally intended for you to join the military academy and then enter the army. If you’re going down that crooked path, don’t think about enlisting in the army.”

Xie Jun: “Can you respect our feelings?”

General Xie: “If you want to be respected, you yourself have to be respectable.”

Xie Jun: “Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a mother growing up.  There was no one to tell me that it’s not respectable to be with someone you love.”

General Xie’s face tensed instantly: “Did you have to mention your mother at this time?”

Xie Jun smiled: “Dad, I love you[2]. But my love for Yiyi is no less than my love for you. Must you ask me to choose between the two of you?”

General Xie was furious yet laughed back. He was about to say something when Xie Jun spoke softly: “Dad, you[2] should really find someone. Auntie Qian is very good. I won’t object.”

General Xie frowned: “You dare to threaten Laozi[3]? If I don’t agree with you and Zhuang Yi, are you going to make trouble for me ah?”

“I don’t dare.” Xie Jun denied, “I just think becoming the son-in-law of Zhuang Yi’s family is pretty good.”

General Xie’s expression changed. The tone of his voice hated iron for not becoming steel[4]: “You’re trying to piss me off.”

Xie Jun bowed his head and begged: “Dad, please.”

General Xie was shaken to the point of being unable to say anything.

For so many years, he owed his son too much.

His son was sensible and hadn’t let him worry about anything for over a decade. He went to school by himself, and would return home with several trophies from playing basketball. 

This was the first time his son begged him for something.

Seeing that his father was loosening up, Xie Jun persisted: “Dad, this year I went to celebrate at Zhuang Yi’s house. They had a new year’s family dinner and even set off fireworks. It was warm.” He looked up at his father, “It was Zhuang Yi who showed me how happy it was to celebrate the new year with family.”

General Xie didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, he sighed: “Suit yourself.”

Xie Jun’s face immediately brightened.

The mother and son who were eavesdropping outside the door were excitedly engaged in a silent applause.

In the study, General Xie impressed dourly: “You children shouldn’t interfere on the matters between your Aunt Qian and I. You should concentrate properly on your studies.” He said, tone becoming quite strict. “Puppy love is puppy love. Don’t mess around! Your focus should be on your studies! If I ever find that your grades have regressed, don’t blame me for beating you pair of mandarin ducks[5]!” 

Xie Jun nodded. 

Later, Zhuang Yi would discover General Xie’s occasionally inquired  whether he and Xie Jun were sleeping on the same bed and made rules prohibiting them from a closed room interaction. Even when doing homework together, they must keep the door open.

“Didn’t your father agree?” Zhuang Yi quietly asked Xie Jun, “Why is he so strict? We don’t even have a chance to kiss.”

Xie Jun: “….” How can he convince his father that he really only gave Yiyi a simple massage that day?

But even if their parents were watching them tightly, they still found opportunities to kiss and hug each other.

But in the third year of senior highschool, in order to get into their dream university together, they spent a lot less time kissing and a lot more time studying together.

Their efforts weren’t in vain. In the summer vacation of their eighteenth year, they both passed and got into their dream school.

And to add to the joy, after the thanksgiving banquet, they wore suits and attended their parent’s simple but grand wedding.

When Ms. Qian and General Xie exchanged rings on stage, Zhuang Yi and Xie Jun also secretly exchanged rings in the crowd.

The rings were bought at the boutique little girls would often go to. You can buy a pair as long as you have about ten or so yuan.

However, they tightly held on to the ring containing each other’s warmth as if they already had the world’s greatest treasure.

At one point, the master of ceremonies asked the children of both parties to sing a song.

Zhuang Yi spoke: “I will sing the only song that I won’t sing off tune.”

Xie Jun looked at him with a smile: “I’ll sing with him.”

At the romantic wedding scene, the solemn music of the national anthem rang out, making General Xie’s eyes redden.

After singing, Zhuang Yi and Xie Jun stood in front of their parents and neatly bowed: “Dad, Mom, we wish you a long and happy life together.”

Tears were rolling down their parents’ faces, but the curve of their lips grew wider. 

Zhuang Yi and Xie Jun’s hands were entwined all throughout the event, their young faces radiant and glowing.

A family together was truly very happy! 


The author has something to say: Naturally things must come to an end T^T

T/N: Scratch what I said last chapter….it happened. Aren’t they *technically* stepbrothers? 0.0

PR/N: but they got together first.. stepbrothers are okay ba…..not incest

Anyways, thanks for reading this!!! I did enjoy doing this lighthearted fluff! Also many many thanks to my PR Lynn who always made sense of my words T^T (the author influenced that emote on me)

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[1] strong, tenacious will

[2] informal, rest of his you’s to his father are formal

[3] Arrogant form of referring to self.

[4] failing to meet one’s expectations

[5] happy couple

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