TBCDDM Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Xie Jun looked at General Xie’s expression and calmly replied: “You’re overthinking it.”

General Xie glanced at the similar type of robes that he and Zhuang Yi were wearing: “I hope so.”

Xie Jun: “He ran 3 kilometers today. I helped him massage his muscles.”

General Xie: “And then took a shower?”

Xie Jun: “….”

General Xie turned to ask Zhuang Yi: “What’s your parent’s number?”

Zhuang Yi was somewhat confused. He didn’t know why he had to call his parents?

He subconsciously glanced at Xie Jun.

General Xie frowned even deeper: “Why? Is he threatening you?”

Zhuang Yi was startled and hastily denied: “Nonono, I’m willing.”

Xie Jun: “….”

He peeked at his father and felt his father’s eyes growing colder. He sighed in his heart: Since Zhuang Yi had said it like that,  no matter how he tried to explain it, his father would not likely believe that they still had a purely platonic[1] relationship.

“Yiyi, please call auntie to come over.” Xie Jun appeased, stroking Zhuang Yi’s hair. He let him make a call to his mother and turned to inform General Xie, “Wait until Auntie gets here and we will obediently confess.”

General Xie coldly grunted: “Okay.”

They both stared at each other silently.

After mulling it over, Xie Jun broke eye contact and was about to go outside to find Zhuang Yi who was making a call.

General Xie gravely warned: “Don’t make any funny moves.”

Xie Jun cast a look at his father: Are you taking me for a beast?

General Xie: Aren’t you?

Xie Jun: “…”

His  father hadn’t been here in a long time.  Even during the PTA meetings he would merely send over a guard. He was ambushed today and was really caught off guard.

Xie Jun originally planned to carefully pass on bits of hints to his father. Then, he would patiently spend a few years letting him get used to it.

Now, the original plan was ruined while his father accidentally saw such an ambiguous scene, bringing about this misunderstanding.

He didn’t know what to do.

Still, when he went out and found Zhuang Yi dazed and crouched on a corner, he pretended to be calm and relaxed.

Xie Jun crouched beside Zhuang Yi: “You called your mom?”

Zhuang Yu’s eyes were unfocused: “Yeah.” He then asked helplessly, “Is your father against our relationship?”

Xie Jun asked back: “What did auntie say?”

Zhuang Yi: “She told me to wait and that she’ll be here right away. She didn’t say anything else.”

Xie Jun was a little worried: “Auntie won’t beat you, right?.”

Zhuang Yi shook his head: “She won’t.” He buried his head between his arms, “But I don’t know what I’m going to do if she doesn’t agree. I don’t think I’m ready to tell her. It’s a little, a little too abrupt. If she’d agree once she beat me up, I’d rather she beat me.”

Xie Jun: “We’re going to come out of the closet. Are you afraid?”

Zhuang Yi shook his head in silence.

Xie Jun stroked the back of his neck: “Don’t be afraid. Don’t say anything later. Just watch me.”

Zhuang Yi raised his head: “What can you do ah?”

Xie Jun who was thinking that if he really couldn’t do anything, he would just take all the responsibility himself: “I can try to reason with them. Your mother loves you the most. If we talk about it, she would certainly listen.”

Zhuang Yi considered it: “Otherwise, I’ll cry to her. My mom can’t endure seeing me cry.” As he said this, tears fell down his face and startled Xie Jun. 

Zhuang Yi wanted to use sympathy and play the emotion card at first but who knew that once the tears suddenly streamed down his face he would get emotional: “I’m still taking advantage of my mother’s heart. How can I be this bad ah?!”

The “Waa”s he cried out at the top of his voice was probably heard by the whole building.

Xie Jun quickly got up and consoled him in his arms.

Zhunag Yi’s mother who just recently arrived: “…..”

Zhuang Yi’s mother was very distraught. She thought that Xie Jun’s father must have done something outrageous to scare her strong son into crying in another person’s arms.

Unable to do anything else, she charged inside the house and found General Xie who was making tea for himself. She rolled up her sleeves preparing to tear them off.

Xie Jun and Zhuang Yi followed her in.

Zhuang Yi cried so much that snot ran down his nose. He took out a tissue and blew his nose. Xie Jun told him, “You didn’t blow your nose neatly,” and went to the bathroom to get a towel for him.

The two adults were speechless at their interruption. They calmed down and looked at each other. Ah, it’s you?!

Xie Jun & Zhuang Yi: “?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother: “You are Xie Jun’s father?”

General Xie nodded and pointed at Zhuang Yi: “Your son?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother said yes and pulled Zhuang Yi over: “Isn’t he as handsome as I told you?”

Xie Jun & Zhuang Yi: “….”

General Xie agreed seriously: “Yes.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother was pleased and then wondered: “So are you also single?”

General Xie nodded.

Zhuang Yi’s mother was elated: “Then we’re really quite suitable ah.”

Xie Jun & Zhuang Yi: “?”

General Xie contemplated for a moment: “It’s fate.”

Xie Jun & Zhuang Yi: “? ?”

General Xie was carried away by her words. Returning to his senses, he coughed and said solemnly: “Ms. Qian, let’s talk about the children first.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother laughed: “They’re still young. They have to wait until they graduate university before getting married.”

General Xie: “…”

Xie Jun & Zhuang Yi: “? ? ?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother gave them both a wink: How about it? In the critical moment, it’s still up to mom.

T/N: OH…So it wasn’t that bad. I thought the parents would get together.

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[1] As in not sexual yet

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