TBCDDM Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

School started a few days after New Year. Zhuang Yi’s mother informed Zhuang Yi that his sperm donor came to look for her again.

“Why was he so sly?” Zhuang Yi’s mother’s face was tinged red. “He blocked me in the coffee shop downstairs in the building of our company. He said that if I didn’t agree with him, he’d go to your school and find you. I was trying to calm him down when the kind-hearted man who helped me last time came in for coffee and saw him pestering me. Without any further words, he picked him up and carried him out.”

Zhuang Yi’s heart was put at ease upon hearing that someone helped her out. He spoke casually: “It seems that you and that uncle are really brought together by fate.”

“Yeah, I think so too.” Zhuang Yi’s mother agreed. “He said that his family had some matters they needed to attend to so he had to buy coffee by himself.  Otherwise, we really would not have met.”

Zhuang Yi thought about it: “Will the both of you take it further?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother shoved him: “What are you saying?”

Zhuang Yi laughed and didn’t take it seriously.

Some time passed, and the school held a spring sports competition. Zhuang Yi had signed up for the 400 meter sprint but the class’ Sports Committee saw that there was no one signed up for the 3000 meter run so they tricked him into doing the 3000 meter run.

Zhuang Yi was very upstanding when he agreed to the suggestion but regretted it after a few minutes.

3000 meters! How many laps did he have to run ah?!

Xie Jun showed loyalty when he said that he would also sign up for the 3000 meter run so they could run together.

But upon finding the Sports Committee to inquire about the switch, they were told that the registration form had already been submitted and couldn’t be changed.

“I’ll still run with you in the sports field.” Xie Jun declared, “But first, we should use this time to practice.”

Of course, Zhuang Yi agreed.

However, on the day of the competition, he really felt like he was going to die.

Xie Jun carried Zhuang Yi to his house.

After arriving at the house, Xie Jun asked Zhuang Yi to call his mother and inform him that he would be late. He then found a medicinal oil[1] and massaged Zhuang Yi.

“It might hurt a little, just bear with it.” Xie Jun warned, “If it’s kneaded well today, it won’t ache tomorrow.”

Zhuang Yi’s head was muddled so he nodded.  He thought that when he had rubbed it earlier, it didn’t hurt much.  

Xie Jun saw him nod and felt assured. He began to start kneading to which Zhuang Yi issued out a bloodcurdling scream.

Zhuang Yi quickly got up: “Don’t press it! It hurts!”

Xie Jun dragged him back down and callously said: “Endure.”

Zhuang Yi struggled twice but failed. He hopelessly gave up: “You’re killing me ba. You’re trying to murder your husband ah.”

Regardless of what he babbled, Xie Jun continued to resolutely knead his body.

Now, his body was covered in blue and purple bruises that made for an extremely pitiful sight.

Zhuang Yi kept asking: “Are you done?”

Xie Jun answered each time: “Soon.”

Zhuang Yi: T^T

Finally done kneading, Xie Jun draped his robe over Zhuang Yi. Zhuang Yi rolled onto the bed and vigilantly said: “The air conditioning[2] is on. It’s not cold at all. You’re not allowed to touch me again.”

Xie Jun nodded: “I’m going to take a shower.”

Zhuang Yi: “?”

Zhuang Yi watched as Xie Jun took his shorts and walked into the bathroom. He contemplated for a moment and a small bright lightbulb ‘dinged’ in his head: “You’re hard again aren’t you?”

Xie Jun looked back: “Want to check?”

Zhuang Yi shook his head and hid under the sheets laughing.

Xie Jun sighed as he headed to the bathroom.

Zhuang Yi laid on the bed playing on his phone. Not long after that, the doorbell rang.

“There’s someone at the door!” He said to Xie Jun and jumped off the bed to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a handsome uncle whom he had never seen before stood outside. His back was perfectly straight and his features stern but the azure thermos cup in his hand didn’t quite fit with his image.

Zhuang Yi: “Uncle, may I ask who are you looking for?”

The uncle looked at him then at the house number and frowned: “I’m looking for Xie Jun.” His voice sounded nice and somewhat familiar.

Zhuang Yi turned his head and shouted towards the bathroom: “Xie Jun! An uncle is looking for you!”

He warmly invited the uncle in: “Please take a seat.”

The uncle sized him up and saw the bruises peeking out from the neckline of the robe. His expression was complicated.

Zhuang Yi meticulously examined his face and thought that he looked a lot like Xie Jun. Excitedly, he said: “Hello Uncle, I’m Xie Jun’s classmate. I came over to hang out. Are you here to give him something?”

The uncle nodded. He put the thermos on the table and asked: “Where’s Xie Jun?”

Zhuang Yi obediently replied: “In the shower.”

The uncle: “….”

Zhuang Yi: “?” How come? Didn’t this uncle not like Xie Jun taking a bath?

Xie Jun’s shower was very quick. He heard Zhuang Yi yell that someone came so he dried himself, put on a bathrobe and came out.

“Who’s here?” He asked but when he looked up, he was stunned.

The uncle: “….”

Xie Jun: “Dad? Why did you come here all of a sudden?”

General Xie who had spent half of his life becoming a seasoned soldier in the barracks came to his son’s bachelor pad for the first time. He was prepared to give his son a nice surprise but didn’t expect that he would be the one shocked instead.

He tapped on the arm of the sofa and unhurriedly spoke: “What were you doing just now?”

T/N: Ohohoho… you know what they were doing. Bruises on the chest? Covered in only robes? kekekeke

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[1] Like White flower oil- those soothing menthol rubs and such

[2] Those with heated settings

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