TBCDDM Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

A few days later, Zhuang Yi’s mother went on a holiday. He told Xie Jun that he was going to buy some new year’s goods and wouldn’t have time to play together these two days.

Xie Jun said that he had never bought new year’s goods before. Chinese new year was usually the busiest time for his father.  Therefore, for over a decade, they never ate a meal together during that period.

Zhuang Yi asked him if it was the same this year too?

Xie Jun replied that it was, and for dinner, they would just eat the food brought over by the guard on new year’s eve.

Zhuang Yi asked his mother if he could call Xie Jun to have the new year’s eve dinner with them.

His family also only had the mother and son eating the meal together. His grandparents had been taken by his uncle to settle down in the north. His mother would just send something over for the new year’s.

His mother understood the situation and was quite happy to agree. She even bought a lot more new year’s goods.

“I used to be afraid of a cold and lonely home.” Zhuang Yi’s mother spoke, “Now that you have such a good friend, mom is relieved.”

On new year’s eve, Xie Jun arrived carrying a big bag and a small bag. Zhuang Yi’s mother was stunned. There were a lot of tonics, supplements, cosmetics…etc. and it seemed like they were bought for her.

Zhuang Yi’s mother joked: “Look at this child. Very polite. Almost like a son-in-law coming to visit.”

She still, however, refused to accept the offerings: “You’re a child. Where did you get the money to buy so many good things? Did you spend all your new year’s money this year?”

Xie Jun answered: “My mother passed away a long time ago. We don’t have a woman at home. If you don’t take it, it will be a waste.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother had no choice but to accept it.

“We don’t have soy sauce.” Zhuang Yi’s mother went back from the kitchen and said to them, “You two just stay here, I’ll go out to buy soy sauce.”

Xie Jun volunteered: “I’ll go.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother hurriedly said: “Just take a seat. No need to get up. I’ll go. Yiyi, stay here and properly accommodate the guest.”

Zhuang Yi nodded.

As soon as Zhuang Yi’s mother left, Zhuang Yi threw himself at Xie Jun and clutched his neck: “So proactive today. What did you want to achieve?”

Xie Jun: “Make a good impression with mother-in-law[1].”

Zhuang Yi pressed and urged him to call her popo[2]. When Xie Jun didn’t respond, he moved like he was about to attack him.

Both of them were goofing around on the sofa when Zhuang Yi’s phone suddenly rang.

Zhuang Yi answered it and after listening to a few words, his smile froze.

Xie Jun frowned and got up to check on him.

Zhuang Yi was dumbfounded and weakly spoke a few seconds later: “I’m coming over right now.”

A few minutes later, they took a taxi to the general hospital.

Zhuang Yi’s mother got in a car accident.

After they got into the taxi, Xie Jun held his hand tightly and didn’t speak other than explaining the situation to the taxi driver.

The driver saw Zhuang Yi’s pale face. He nodded, slammed on the gas and drove the car as if it was flying

They encountered a good person.

The 30 minute drive was shortened to 15 minutes. They passed by an area where they exceeded the speed limit. Once the taxi went back, it might receive a few speeding tickets.

When Xie Jun was about to pay, the driver waved his hand: “Hurry and go in. It’s Chinese New Year.” Seeing the two of them being so young, his heart couldn’t bear it.

Xie Jun nodded, unable to say much thanks. He took a quick glance and noted the license plate number.

“Did you just get into a car accident? You’re her son aren’t you? She’s alright. Her phone was damaged and she said she wanted to borrow a phone to say that she’s fine.” Then Zhuang Yi was told the ward number.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Zhuang Yi’s legs went weak as he repeatedly said his thanks.

Only then did he recover from the shock.

Xie Jun supported him to the ward. When they arrived, They saw Zhuang Yi’s mother lying on the bed and smiling at them.

Zhuang Yi breathed a sigh of relief and forced himself to joke: “Just walked a few steps and you already met an accident. Behave.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother’s arm was in a sling. It looked like it was broken.

“Let me tell you something. Don’t worry. Just listen to mom.” His mother was a little cautious.

Xie Jun took the initiative to give them some personal time: “‘I’ll buy you some water.” and went out.

Zhuang Yi’s mother praised Xie Jun for his understanding.

Zhuang Yi asked: “What were you going to say?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother embarrassingly retold: “I met your father on my way to buy soy sauce today.”

Zhuang Yi was so scared that he nearly fell on his butt.

He trembled in fear as he said: “Isn’t my father dead?”

Zhuang Yi’s mother was nonplussed: “No. I only divorced your father. I don’t know which nerve he pulled today but he’s back.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi’s mother: “What made you think he was dead?”

“When I was a kid, didn’t I ask you where papa went?” Zhuang Yi faintly muttered, “You said, dead.” ***[3]

Zhuang Yi’s mother mulled over: “Perhaps I was angry that time.”

Zhuang Yi: “I didn’t even dare mention it for so many years….”

Zhuang Yi’s mother sighed: “Yiyi, he’s your father. I’ve been ashamed to talk about him all these years.  But mom is telling you that we divorced that day because I saw him for the person he is. He came to me today and wanted to get back together. I refused….See? This is why the accident happened,” She pointed to her dangling arm, “A good samaritan just happened to get out of his car next to me. If it wasn’t for his help in driving him away and also sending me to the hospital, I would have…” 

Zhuang Yi tightly clenched his fist: “He hit you?!”

Zhuang Yi’s mother: “I would have wanted to take this event to the grave with me but your father said that he would take you away if we didn’t get back together. Mom was afraid…”

Zhuang Yi interrupted his mother: “He is not my father! Where is he? I’ll beat him up for you!”

Zhuang Yi’s mother rushed to pacify him: “It’s okay ah, Yiyi. Don’t get mad. That uncle already beat him up for mom.”

Zhuang Yi was panting in anger: “Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? I’m angry at you too!” He turned and ran out of the ward, ignoring his mother’s cries from behind him.

He didn’t even get far before he ran straight into Xie Jun. Xie Jun saw that he didn’t look right and grabbed him, asking what was wrong.

Zhuang Yi lowered his head and didn’t respond.

Zhuang Yi’s mother was anxious. She quickly got out of bed and chased after him with great difficulty. She told Xie Jun: “Help me persuade Yiyi.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother told the whole story to Xie Jun. Xie Jun frowned but he was in no position to say whether Zhuang Yi’s mother was wrong. He couldn’t add fuel to the fire. After thinking it over, he said to Zhuang Yi: “Your mother loves you and doesn’t want you to be upset.”

Zhuang Yi gritted: “But she also can’t keep me in the dark.”

“Now you understand. Do you still have time to be angry?” Xie Jun gently cajoled, “What if that person comes to bully auntie again? We have to protect auntie together.”

Zhuang Yi won’t listen: “I’m still upset.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother softly said: “Can mommy apologize to you?”

Zhuang Yi grabbed his hair irritably, stood up, and hugged his mother: “I understand. Don’t apologize. I’m the only man in our house. So tell me if he wants to come.”

The author has something to say: No screentime for the slag dad ←_←

T/N: I’m sorry but Zhuang Yi thinking his dad came back as a ghost had me rolling.

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[1] 丈母娘- Zhang mu niang -> Wife’s mother

[2] Popo= husband’s mother

[3] in the raws

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