TBCDDM Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Maybe it was because too many things happened this semester that time seemed to just slip through fingers.

After finishing the final exam and at the start of winter vacation, Zhuang Yi said to Xie Jun, “Don’t miss me too much during winter vacation.”

However, only a few days into the holidays, he began thinking about Xie Jun. The game he always wanted to play could finally be played but he couldn’t clear it. If Xie Jun was here, he would have helped him clear this game.

Zhuang Yi was bored and took out his sketchbook to doodle.

It just so happened that the design for the characters– 11[1] and dada[2] — had long been in his thought. Previously they were drawn on the paper that he had passed to Xie Jun.

The relationship between 11 and dada was a step closer, so a lot of new things must have happened ah.

Zhuang Yi’s inspiration gushed out and “Shua, shua, shua”[3] went his brush.

The new story followed the plot of the last one.

11 taught Dada to use love to guide his violent little brothers. Dada praised 11’s talent and rolled around on the floor making 11 laugh.

11 snubbed him and said that he didn’t want to watch him rolling about, he wanted to see the stars in the heavens.

Dada was distressed. Although he was a former great devil king, he had never been to the heavens.

The time had come for their friendship to be tested.

Dada carried a basin full of water and pointed at the image of stars in the water. He said to 11, Quickly look. It’s the heavenly stars.

11 shook his head.

Dada racked his brains and was suddenly struck by an idea. He ran to the place where he had buried his treasures and dug up all the gold.

Dada excitedly led 11 to come see it saying, These piles of gold are as bright and dazzling as the color of the heavenly stars.

11 shook his head.

Dada was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do.

11 sighed. He pulled Dada in front of him and let him gaze into his eyes.

11 asked, What do you see in my eyes?

Dada took a long look and realized, There are stars in your eyes.

11 thought to himself, This time you should know that what I wanted to ask you was for you to look at me with all your heart and soul.

Who would have thought that Dada would grab 11’s hand and place it on his chest where his heart was thumping and exclaimed, What a coincidence, I have stars here too.

Zhuang Yi was so focused on drawing that he completely ignored his surroundings. When he finally looked up after completing his drawing, the messages on his phone were flashing like crazy.

“What are you doing?”

“Still sleeping?”

“It’s time to get up Zhuang Yiyi.”

“Are you playing games?”

“Don’t stare at the screen all the time.”


“You haven’t replied for so long….I’m coming to see you.”

Zhuang Yi wanted to hurriedly reply to the messages when he received a call from Xie Jun.

The corners of Zhuang Yi’s mouth dropped as he whispered: “I’m sorry. I was just drawing.”

Xie Jun’s voice sounded a little stiff: “What were you drawing?”

Zhang Yi’s voice became even softer: “It’s 11 and Dada’s comic. Let’s video chat and I’ll show them to you.”

Xie Jun: “No need.”

Zhuang Yi’s head hung low: “Oh.”

Xie Jun: “Come and open the door. Hurry up! It’s cold today.”

Zhuang Yi: “!”

He abruptly stood up.

Xie Jun: “What happened? Don’t you want to show me the comic? I’m currently at your door. It’s too cold. My face is frozen stiff. Can you understand me? I might be a bit unclear.”

Zhuang Yi jumped out of bed and ran to the door, excitement contained in the thuds of his steps. He frantically opened the door and as expected, Xie Jun was at the door!

Xie Jun was wearing a long black coat and a gray scarf around his neck. It should be because it was too cold that he had specially put his collar up and obscured half of his face to block the wind.

But Zhuang Yi still recognized him at a glance!

He quickly pulled Xie Jun into the house and slammed the door shut. He then rushed into the kitchen to pour him some hot water while shouting: “Why are you really here? It’s 10 degrees below zero today ah!”

Xie Jun changed into slippers, and undid his scarf. He rubbed both his hands and then rubbed his face. He relaxed a little, slowly saying: “Didn’t I say it on WeChat?”

Zhuang Yi shoved the cup of hot water towards him and watched him drink, holding his shoulder in shame: “It’s all my fault. I was too engrossed and made you suffer. Be good, me me da,” he apologized, planting a kiss on Xie Jun’s face.

Xie Jun put down the cup at once, turned his head and faced him.

Zhuang Yi still felt bad: “Your face is frozen.” He then kneaded Xie Jun’s face. He had been staying indoors. His hands were warm.

Xie Jun seriously spoke: “My mouth is also frozen.”

Zhuang Yi was stunned but quickly recovered: “Thanks for reminding me.” He said, kissing Xie Jun’s lips.

Xie Jun wrapped his arms around his back and exchanged a warm, wet kiss with him.

After they kissed, Zhuang Yi continued to ask: “Where else is it frozen?”

Xie Jun thought for a moment and pointed to many places all over his body: “Here, here and here.”

Zhuang Yi kicked him in the chest and fiercely spat: “That’s enough from you!”

Xie Jun caught his foot that was as light as a feather: “Where’s the comic you drew?”

“I’d have almost forgotten if you didn’t say it.” Zhuang Yi ran back into his room at once to get the sketchbook.

Xie Jun carried his slippers behind him and told him: “Put on your slippers. The floor is cold.”

“It’s okay!” Zhuang Yi shrugged him off. He held the sketchbook for Xie Jun to see and exclaimed triumphantly, “The new generations’ next big thing is me.”

Xie Jun finished reading it over and aptly commented: “It’s very suitable for three year old babies. It’s a nice comforting bedtime story.”

Zhuang Yi was indignant: “Are you saying it’s childish?”

Xie Jun decisively diverted the topic: “Do you want to see the real life version of ‘Dada’s roll’?”

Zhuang Yi truly fell for it: “Want!”

Xie Jun complied. He pounced on him and rolled around together on the bed with him.

The author has something to say: I wish you all a happy new year! New Year presents are ready! It’s a collection of 11 and Dada’s little stories.

But sadly, before sending it to you, Great Xie confiscated it ⊙▽⊙

T/N: Xie-dada why did you confiscate it T^T but really wasn’t that scene so sweet? I swear, my teeth are rotting from this.

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[1] 1 is yi in chinese so Yiyi and dada is the dada used in Great Xie/Xie -dada

[2] The previous translator translated it as Great big

[3] brush stroke sounds

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