TBCDDM Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Zhuang Yi wasn’t fooled by him. A wily smile plastered on his face: “I’m going to check what’s in your computer while you’re showering.”

Xie Jun didn’t mind: “The password is your birthday.”

Zhuang Yi found Xie Jun’s computer, entered the password, clicked the E drive, and saw a locked folder. He snickered and entered the password. He was notified that the password was wrong. Stumped, he tried to enter the pinyin of his name. This time, he was right.

Unexpectedly, the folder didn’t contain his favorite little videos[1].  Instead, it contained a full 2.8Gb worth of photos.

Zhuang Yi rummaged through it, his movements gradually becoming slower.

The photos featured Xie Jun and him. All the photos of the same date were arranged next to each other but none of them had the both of them together in the same frame—except the latest one.

He scrolled to the bottom. He hadn’t expected to see a photo from a year ago. At that time he was sitting on the bleachers doing a peace sign. Next to him, Xie Jun was standing on a platform smiling as he held the High School XX Cup Basketball League trophy.

Zhuang Yi instantly remembered. A year ago, the school’s basketball team joined the inter-city basketball league tournament. He overheard at the time that the team made an exception and had a first year senior high student lead the team. He had been very worried and was really nervous while watching the game, afraid that the school would lose too badly.

But when their school’s newly appointed basketball captain appeared, he had been shocked. At that time, he thought that if that person’s skills with the ball was as powerful as his aura, he would concede.

Xie Jun didn’t let him down and led the basketball team to invincibility. He was stunned by his handsomeness at first, but later when he regained his senses he began to cheer Xie Jun on. His entire face was flushed red and he yelled till he became hoarse. After a long time, his originally bright and clear voice rashly turned into an old smoky rasp.

Those students from other schools sitting beside him gave him sidelong glances. He looked at them: “That is our Great Xie! Either concede or refuse!”

His schoolmates shouted cooperatively: “Concede!”

Dozens of people followed and roared it out simultaneously. It became as loud as a deafening roar.

Everyone went crazy with joy. The basketball team was too awesome today!

Since then, the nickname Great Xie had circulated.[2]

But Zhuang Yi truly didn’t expect that Xie Jun had already noticed him at that time.

Footsteps sounded behind him and Xie Jun came over, his body still fresh from the shower.

Zhuang Yi looked back and saw that Xie Jun was half-naked, wearing only a pair of gym shorts. His hair hadn’t been dried and droplets of water dripped from the ends to cascade down his chest.

He unnaturally averted his eyes and looked back at the photo on screen: “You already had a crush on me back then?”

Xie Jun braced his arms on both sides of the table and looked down, “How did you get to these photos?”

Zhuang Yi: “Don’t change the subject.”

Xie Jun smiled and explained: “You came to watch every single match that time.  And every afternoon you would always go back with a hoarse voice. I remember when I got the trophy, you immediately jumped up from the bleachers. At that moment, a thought flashed through my head.” He paused. Zhuang Yi turned to look at him and he touched the tip of Zhuang Yi’s nose, “If this fool could watch me play in the bleachers all the time, I definitely won’t lose.”

He had no choice but to finally admit it: “Yes ah. I had a crush on you back then.”

Xie Jun was right. During the next basketball league tournament, with Zhuang Yi watching, he never lost a game.

“No regrets.” This was what Xie Jun said when he handed down the position of basketball captain to the next one.

The new basketball captain shouted with the players: You will always be our captain! Great! Xie!”

The author has something to say: There is another plot coming. Closet reveal~

(Why are these chapters getting longer? – Cherry)
(for the reader’s enjoyment of course 🙂 – Lynn)

T/N: Chapter brought to you by the lifeguards of Bondi beach. Seriously…i fell into a Youtube hole.

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[1] *Cough* *cough* you know what he’s talking about

[2] So Zhuang Yi started it sksksksk

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