TBCDDM Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

In the next few days, rehearsals were mandatory after classes but the third act of the play told the story of the mermaid princess’ sister growing up and her meeting the prince. The mermaid princess didn’t need to appear.

Instead, it was the witch who had the scene of luring the young princess to fall in love with the prince. 

Zhuang Yi leisurely watched them rehearse from the sidelines. While watching them, he discovered one thing.

“The witch is the most handsome.” He told Fang Shucheng.

Fang Shucheng whispered: “You should restrain yourself ba. These days your eyes have continuously glued to Xie Jun.”

Zhuang Yi was serious: “After all, he is the only one I admit to be more handsome than myself.”

But he couldn’t deny that he really had been a little excited lately.

And that his excitement was starting to get out of hand.

The fourth act was where the mermaid princess learned that her younger sister took the witch’s potion, transformed her tail into legs and went ashore to find the prince. In a rage, she stormed in, looking for the witch and asked her why she did it.

The class monitor advised Zhuang Yi: “You’re supposed to be burning with anger, not excitement ah.”

Zhuang Yi was honest: “I am acting angry.”

The class monitor: “But your eyes are shining as if you are going to rush into the witch’s arms in the next second.” 

Xie Jun: “I’ll help him brew his anger.” He then leaned closer into Zhuang Yi’s ear and whispered, “If you don’t act well, we’ll have no time to kiss today.”

Zhuang Yi : “!”

His eyes immediately burned with fury.

The class monitor smiled in relief.

After smoothly finishing the fourth act, it was now time for the final act. The mermaid princess traded her hair for the witch’s scissors and asked the little princess to stab the prince in the heart with it.

The little princess was deeply in love with the prince. Even if he had already married the neighboring country’s princess, she was still unwilling to hurt him.

When the sun rose, she threw away the scissors and jumped into the sea, turning into seafoam under the light of the rising sun.

The mermaid princess was grievously heartbroken that she dove into the sea to retrieve the discarded scissors and threw them at the prince.

The prince’s loyal guard protected him and hoisted their longswords to stab the mermaid princess.

As the mermaid princess was about to get stabbed, someone threw themselves in front of the mermaid princess to block the fatal blow with their body. The familiar figure actually belonged to the witch.

The mermaid princess trembled as she embraced the dying witch. She took off the witch’s hood. She saw a face that was exactly like the dolphin prince and couldn’t stop herself from weeping bitterly.

The class monitor asked: “Can you cry? How about some eye drops?”

Zhuang Yi refused: “I’m sure that there won’t be enough time to apply eye drops when we perform on friday.”

He then adjusted his emotions and tears rolled down his face.

Xie Jun was stunned and looked away.

When evening came, Zhuang Yi, in retrospect, was a little depressed: “Am I very ugly when I cry?”

Xie Jun was also in a bad mood: “No, but my heart hurts when I saw you cry.”

Zhuang Yi smiled: “That was acting. I, however, am a strong little sun[1].”

Xie Jun: “En, Yiyi is my little sun.”

Before Thursday, the costumes of the supporting actors had already been prepared but the costume for the lead mermaid princess has not yet been arranged.

And it wasn’t until Thursday evening that the props team brought it over.

“Quickly, try it on.” The class monitor said urgently, “So that we still have time to make adjustments if it doesn’t fit.”

Zhuang Yi had already prepped himself psychologically. It was just wearing a skirt. What could they say? He was doing this for art.

However, after truly seeing the skirt, he still froze— It was a tube top and a long hip skirt. The skirt was very long, resembling a fishtail, and also pink.

Zhuang Yi retorted defiantly: “No, a tube top won’t work. I don’t have any breasts. There’s nothing to support it!”

“No problem, no problem” The class monitor shoved a pair of silicon pads into his arms and took out a wig, “Quickly, put it on!”

Zhuang Yi’s face morphed into 囧 as he awkwardly took the fake breasts, wig and skirt into the restroom.

Xie Jun went with him, helping him hold up the skirt so it won’t get dirty.

After waiting for quite a while, they still didn’t see any sign of Zhuang Yi. The class monitor was restless and ran towards the door of the men’s lavatory. She yelled, “Everything okay? Still not ready yet?!”

“Coming!” Zhuang Yi shouted back and took his time walking out.

As soon as he appeared, the class monitor froze.

Zhuang Yi was embarrassed: “Do I look like a ladyboy[2]?”

The monitor was dumbstruck.

The students who were rehearsing with them got impatient and also rushed over. They were equally shocked and stunned.

The next moment, everyone unanimously screamed: “Tissue! Tissue! Quickly give me a tissue! I can’t control my nosebleed!”

Xie Jun quietly searched for a coat to put on Zhuang Yi.

With the help of the fake breasts, the costume simply fit perfectly.

“Big chest, thin waist, long legs, and a perky butt”

“Pale skin, beautiful features, truly a princess”

These were the comments from the students.

The result was so good, there was naturally no need to alter anything.

Still on Friday, while waiting in the backstage, Zhuang Yi found that his body was a little itchy.

It’s not allergies is it?

He glanced at Xie Jun.

Xie Jun asked: “What’s wrong?”

Zhuang Yi: “My back feels itchy. Take a look at it for me.”

Xie Jun went behind him and discovered that the patch of skin that was in contact with the zipper was red.

“It’s allergies.” Xie Jun spoke, “Change your clothes.”

Zhuang Yi shook his head: “I’ll endure it. Just until the play is done.”

He struggled until the end of the show. The itch had been unbearable on stage.  He rushed to the dressing room backstage to change clothes as soon as  he stepped down.

Xie Jun, who came in to take a look, saying that it didn’t look good and had become swollen: “I’ll buy you some medicine first. Apply it immediately when you get home.” He said and went to the school infirmary.

He quickly bought the medicine, informed the teacher, and left the school early with Zhuang Yi.

Fortunately, Xie Jun’s house was nearby and they arrived after a few minutes.

As soon they entered the door, Xie Jun took off Zhuang Yi’s clothes and applied the medicine.

“It’s itchy. Help me scratch it.” Zhuang Yi reached behind his back wanting to scratch.

Xie Jun stopped his hand: “I’ll rub it for you with my fingertips. Don’t scratch it with your nails.”

Because Xie Jun had been playing basketball for years, he had calluses on his fingers. So when he exerted some effort to rub the skin repeatedly, it was really effective. 

Zhuang Yi sighed: “Much more comfortable. It doesn’t itch anymore.”

Xie Jun stopped.

Zhuang Yi turned to pout at him: “Here and here. Rub it for me again.”

Xie Jun contemplated then stood up, body covered with the smell of medicine: “I’ll take a shower first.”

Zhuang Yi: “?”

Zhuang Yi wanted to say ‘Are you kidding me? Can’t you do it later?’

The outcome was that Xie Jun really did take a shower.

Zhuang Yi was baffled and asked through the glass door: “What’s going on with you? Mysophobia?”

Xie Jun’s voice was deep and low: “It’s hard.”

Zhuang Yi also reacted a little. A few seconds later, he muttered ‘Fuck’ in shock.

“Why is it suddenly…hard?”

“Hearing that voice of yours…I couldn’t hold back.”

Zhuang Yi: “Why didn’t I see it?” He then teased, “Is it too small?”

Xie Jun: “Come in and see for yourself.”

T/N: Aiyaa… we gettin steamy now..

P.S. Thank Lynn for fixing up this chapter…the amount of mistakes in these made me feel like I did this in a fever dream.

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[1] Little sun — I think he meant that he is positive. Other definition I could find is an only child around whom all family members revolve on.

[2] Transvestite

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