TBCDDM Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

In the end, Zhuang Yi really couldn’t do anything about it. He tried with all his might to give hints using his eyes to Xie Jun, who was sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the crowd. Yet, Xie Jun looked as if he couldn’t understand his hints and didn’t come save him.

Zhuang Yi: “I’m not a girl. How can I be a mermaid?”

The class flower: “But you meet the requirements of playing a mermaid.”

Zhuang Yi: “What’s the requirement?”

The class flower: “Beauty ah~”

“…..” Zhuang Yi warned her, “I’m really going to get angry!”

The class flower calmly persuaded him: “Do you remember that there was a scene in The Little Mermaid where the little princess’ older sisters exchanged their hairs for the witch’s scissors? The girls in our class all have long hair. Do you want them to cut their hair for the play?”

Zhuang Yi was truly angry at first. He didn’t want to wear a skirt! But he didn’t expect that the class flower’s words would be so reasonable. When he heard it, no ah, would he really let the girls cut off their hair? The little princess’ older sisters can only be played by boys.

Zhuang Yi recalled that the little princess had several older sisters. There would certainly be other guys who would have the same fate as him.

Zhuang Yi readily agreed.

That afternoon after classes ended, the deputy monitor and the other screenwriter girl stayed at school to write the play. The efficiency of their two hands was so high that they accomplished the story’s outline in the evening and had proceeded to write the beginning/introduction.

The next day, the two script writers continued to write the script so the other students could begin rehearsing.

(Narrator) Down the deep, deep sea, lay a magnificent palace. Inside, lived a mermaid princess. The princess was very beautiful. She had a pink tail and long hair that was as thick as seaweed. She was loved by all the inhabitants of the seabed. Her jewel-like dazzling eyes were hailed as the fairest pearls of the sea. Every morning after she rose, everyone would passionately sing towards the palace in praise of her beauty. — Excerpt from 《Daughter of the Sea》[1]

“Wait a minute!” The costumes still weren’t in place so Mermaid Zhuang, who didn’t have a tail, protested in critique. “Can you respect the original work? There are six princesses living together in the palace. The little princess has five mermaid sisters, why is there only one left now?”

The class monitor was the director. Hearing the protest from the lead actor, she earnestly said: “We are doing a new adaptation of the mermaid. Keyword: new.”

Zhuang Yi continued to question: “In that case, why were there so many descriptions about the appearance? Such details on a supporting character, is that really okay? The little princess is the main character.”

The class monitor thought that what he said was reasonable, so she went to the next room to ask the scriptwriters who were concentrating on their work. When she returned, she informed everyone: “In our 《Mermaid–Reimagined》, the leading role is the mermaid’s sister.” Then she inquired, “Does anyone have any problem with the adaptation?”

They all collectively laughed out ‘hahaha’, indicating that there were no objections. Anyways, this play wasn’t such a big deal.

Zhuang Yi looking for support, called out the class flower: “The deputy monitor and the others are too much. The class flower did not only not play the leading role, but she also became a Maomao[2] ah.”

The class flower smiled: “I’m willing to play a supporting role.”


Zhuang Yi was helpless. 

The rehearsal continued.

(Narrator) Among the sea dwellers who wholeheartedly adored the mermaid princess, it was the witch who had the most passionate feelings. One day, when she was wandering around the seafloor, by a chance encounter, she met the mermaid princess and couldn’t help but fall for her. The love that came sudden but intense, tirelessly burned her poor heart in sweet agony.

(Witch appears)

Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war,

How to divide the conquest of thy sight;

Mine eye my heart thy picture’s sight would bar,

My heart mine eye the freedom of that right.

My heart doth plead that thou in him dost lie,

A closet never pierced with crystal eyes,

But the defendant doth that plea deny,

And says in him thy fair appearance lies.

When Xie Jun opened the door to the rehearsal room, He steadily read Shakespeare’s sonnet in a deep voice. He slowly walked towards Zhuang Yi. Zhuang Yi’s face was flushed crimson as he stood rigidly in place, unable to move.

To ‘cide this title is impannelled

A quest of thoughts—- all tenants to the heart;

Xie Jun finally stood in front of Zhuang Yi. He knelt on one knee and pressed his palm against his chest. His deep eyes filled to the brimmed with fanatical devotion.

And by their verdict is determined

The clear eye’s moiety, and the dear heart’s part:

As thus: mine eye’s due is thine outward part,

And my heart’s right, thine inward love of heart.

The tall boy bent his knee and knelt on the floor. He raised his head to gaze at the object of his affection and told the tale of his unrequited love. His eyes were like the embodiment of the sea: Vast, as if it contained the river of love enough for the entire world, and narrow, as if the enchanting figure of the mermaid princess alone was enough to fill it.

Zhuang Yi was unaware that the role of the witch was played by Xie Jun. He had assumed that Xie Jun didn’t need to participate in the program due to the upcoming basketball match. He never expected the class monitor to secretly discuss with Xie Jun, resulting in him hurriedly finishing up and rushing over to join the rehearsal.

It was truly a coincidence that he arrived just in time.

Xie Jun was acting too well, he thought.

Zhuang Yi desperately tried hard to ignore the inopportune excitement in his heart. In accordance with the script, he arrogantly raised his chin and held out her hand: “Pitiful one, I permit you to kiss the back of my hand and talk to console your insignificant love.”

A gleam flashed through the witch’s eyes. She trembled as she held the mermaid princess’ delicate fingertips and solemnly pressed a kiss filled with emotions unto the back of her hand.

At that moment, she thought about renouncing witchcraft and offering her life to the mermaid princess in loyal servitude.

But the mermaid princess cruelly stated the facts: “You are a wicked creature of darkness, treasured by the underwater bogs, a degenerate akin to dust and mud. Your love is beneath me and is only worth my disdain. Were it not for the need to pray for blessings for the approaching birth of my beautiful sister, I would have never permitted you the chance to graze my skin.”

All the light in the eyes of the witch withered away into darkness. Her eyes finally became as dark as she was wicked.

Xie Jun showed a pained sinister smile: “Then please accept my blessings.” He released the mermaid princess’ hand. He watched as the slender fair hands fell to her side and said, “I will pray day and night for your sister, hoping she would grow up smoothly and never suffer the torment of love.”

T/N: I both loved and hated this chapter. The scene was so romantic that I got jealous hmph! Pei! Kudos to Shakespeare for making my work easier. If anyone is wondering it’s sonnet 46.

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[1] Chinese Version of little mermaid

[2] means small… context wise the presence of her character was lowered to nothingness

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