Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 7


SS 7: The Girlfriend Who Wants Her Boyfriend to Be Jealous

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

“Today, I got invited to a ‘goukon’1.” Yuzu joyfully reported to me in the usual literature club room (occupied without authorization).

“Is that so? Then today let’s finish the game early so you can make it in time.” When I said to her with full consideration while preparing the game console, Yuzu inexplicably puffed up her cheeks, looking discontent.

“Hey you, my boyfriend, what are you doing happily sending me out there. Your cutey-cute girlfriend is about to go to a goukon, you gotta be jealous and stop her from going.”

“Even if you say that we’re a fake couple after all. First of all, does it make you happy to have someone feel jealous over you?”

It might be considered if we’re in public, but now we were away from their eyes with only the two of us, was there even a meaning to put up such an act? Disregarding me who was having those doubts, Yuzu proudly threw out her chest.

“Of course I’ll be happy! When I’m liked by others, it fills me with the desire to be acknowledged, and it gives the best feeling!”

“Hey, if you say it that far, it feels invigorating.” 

This already went beyond astonishment and reached the level where I should admire her. However, Yuzu seemed to be dissatisfied with my reaction, and she sulked further.

“This is normal, you know. Yamato-kun, you just don’t care about how people evaluate you. At least, I believe you should pay some mind to what your girlfriend is thinking about you.”

“To hear that from someone who says she’s going to a ‘goukon’ despite having a boyfriend…. By the way, we are dating following our circumstances, so is it okay for you to go to ‘goukon’? If rumours spread, won’t it be troublesome?”

“Urkgh…” Yuzu didn’t seem to find any words of rebuttal, she groaned and then stayed silent.

“B-but, if by any chance, I found a real boyfriend this time, I will no longer need Yamato-kun then!”

“If you can do that in the first place, you didn’t even need to come to ask me to be your fake boyfriend, right?”

“Grrrr…!” Yuzu clenched her teeth in frustration.

Generally speaking, as implied from her words before, she was a girl who possessed a strong desire to be liked by others. So she wouldn’t possibly lower her self value into a bitch by doing something like easily dumping her current boyfriend to date a new one. 

Thus, it could be said she had no intention to go to that ‘goukon’ from the start and only wanted to tease me by saying that. Quod erat demonstrandum. Q.E.D.

“What’s with you, just be jealous even a bit. Aren’t I important in your eyes?” Yuzu poked my abdomen from the sides and pouted her lips.

“Of course you are. I also have my own circumstance, so that’s why I’m dating you. Therefore I’ll be very glad if you don’t cheat on me with some other boys.”

“Whoa, that kind of display of jealousy really made the beneficial interests between us so obvious. It’s like there’s zero love in there.” As I laid out my complaint, Yuzu heaved a sigh and looked elsewhere.

“You don’t have to care anymore. It was stupid of me to expect Yamato-kun to be jealous. Yeah, we’re a fake couple, after all, I can’t expect something like that, can I? Yamato-kun, you stupid.” 

Ah, she completely sulked. This is troublesome…. Maybe it was better for me to give in.

“No, that was my bad. I went too far with my reasoning.”

“……………………” No response. She sulked for real this time.

“Yuzu-chan~? It was really my fault. I’m your boyfriend anyway, so I really should get jealous then.”

“……………………” No response again. 

That unknowingly made me try to poke her cheek. My finger sunk into her cheek that was soft like a daifuku2, yet she didn’t change the slightest bit of her expression.

“Heyyy, won’t you come round already?


‘I’m in trouble now.’ I was out of things I could do, so tried to think up other ways, and it was in that instant. Yuzu’s smartphone suddenly rang.

“……Hello?” Yuzu, who had been ignoring me, answered the phone courteously.

“Ah yes, it’s okay now. Yea…… Yes.” Yuzu glanced at me.

“Urm, today at 6 o’clock at the karaoke place, right?”

Ah, this might be the goukon thing. The organizer just called Yuzu to confirm as she hadn’t decided whether to go or not. Well, as it went before, there was barely any merits for Yuzu to go, so she probably would refuse-

“EH….” At that moment, Yuzu cried out in surprise.

“Aah…” At the same time, even my eyes opened wide. 

Both our gazes were focused in the same direction; at Yuzu’s left hand that was holding the smartphone and….. The other hand that was grabbing her hand as if blocking her call–my right hand.

“Ehh….Ahh…” That was totally an impulsive and semi-conscious action. Hence, I was shocked by my own action and I was at a loss of what to do.

“Owh?” Despite her bad mood just now, she interjected with an elated voice.

“O-oops…..!” I only noticed my failure with a moment delay. I rushed to release Yuzu’s hand, but it was already too late.

“Hello? Ah, yes. I’m sorry, but I have to give it a pass. I didn’t tell you, but now I have a boyfriend, yeah… Alright, see you again.” Yuzu ended the phone call.

And then, she kept her smartphone while facing here.

“So,” In response to Yuzu’s cue for the start of my execution, I subconsciously jolted my shoulders.

“Yamato-kun, what did that action mean?”

“I wonder what it was…” I just muddled it as I couldn’t think of any excuse, and Yuzu joyously smiled at me with all her heart.

“You don’t know that yourself, is that so? Then, I shall tell you! Yamato-kun, you were worried that I’d say yes to that goukon invitation out of spite when I sulked! That’s why without thinking, you reached out your hand to block me from talking on the phone! Q.E.D!”

“Ugkh….!” I was at a loss for words, then Yuzu patted my head while smiling like a Buddhist’s saint.

“Oh no, Yamato-kun, you’re so cute. I thought of myself as a very cute girlfriend, but I would’ve never thought that my boyfriend would be much cuter. Yeah really, you’re the cutest in the world, Yamato-kun.”

“So annoying!” 

Yuzu’s shortcoming is exactly how she kept attacking at one’s weak spot once she discovered them.

“Could it be that you were being so cold before because you were jealous and got into a bad mood from the beginning? I’m sowwy, I didn’t realize that. I thought I was the perfect girlfriend, yet I still have a long way to go.”

“Argh! You’re noisy, so noisy! You, go reflect on other things too!”

“Yeah. I’ll reflect on the fact that I fail to realize that Yamato-kun likes me this much.”

“Nothing like that! I don’t care anymore! You’re only being annoying here, just go to that goukon!”

“You know I’m not going. See, I’m only loyal to Yamato-kun, am I not? And I can’t possibly leave behind my boyfriend who loves me so much, I’ll fail as a human being.”

“Urgh…. Thank you for that.” I knew I won’t win against her no matter what I say at this point, so I just hung my head low listlessly.

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  1. 合コン a mixer party usually with the equal numbers of guys and girls, with the objective of finding a lover
  2. Japanese sweets, made from mochi

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