Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 6


SS 6: The Couple Exploring New Ways to Spend Time

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

“Hey, once in a while, how about we do something that Yuzu likes to do?”

In the corridor on the way to the literature club room we always went to. I suddenly thought of that and suggested that to Yuzu.

“Wow, that’s rare. What’s wrong, for you to say that so suddenly?” Yuzu also found it unexpected, she looked upwards at me with wide eyes.

“Hmm, I’ve always had you going along with my hobbies, and it doesn’t feel right with me. Well, we’re dating after all.” I swallowed the word ‘although just for show’.

There were still people in the corridor after school hours, so I couldn’t carelessly say things here.

“Is that so! Finally, Yamato-kun gained his awareness as a boyfriend! Yup, yup, what a good thing this is!” Yuzu gleefully nodded despite knowing my unvoiced words back there.

“However, I am basically the type that follows whatever my friends are doing. So, even if you suddenly ask me that, I can’t think of anything now.” Yuzu folded her arms and started thinking.

“Yuzu, even though you’re an egocentric narcissist, you actually don’t have your own initiative, that’s very unexpected.”

“Umm…. I can’t deny that. But, once you say it like that, I have to think of something now since this involves my dignity.” Maybe out of spite from what I said, Yuzu knitted her brows and started to think.

“You don’t have to think that hard, just pick something that just pops up in your mind, isn’t that good enough?” I tried to help her out, but Yuzu’s face didn’t loosen up at all.

“Hmm, I know but it’s hard to find something that Yamato-kun can enjoy too. Things like window shopping, certainly boys don’t like that, or do you?”

“Not necessarily. I can quite understand that, actually.”

“Eh, I’d never expected that from you.” Yuzu was surprised as she listened to me.

“With RPGs, it’s the most exciting when you go to the store and choose which one to buy. I also like those moments.”

Something like pondering whether the box with minimal information is actually interesting or not, and surfing the web on the spot to check the official site. Just like that, those moments spent on thinking hard are a part of the game itself, I believe.

“Wow… that’s really surprising. I’d never imagined an indoor-type Yamato-kun can actually understand that feeling. I honestly thought we have no similarities at all.”

“I felt this every time, but just why would you ‘date’ a guy like that…..?” I returned Yuzu’s surprised gaze, looking somewhat sick and tired with her. She then put a smile on her face as if trying to comfort me.

“Well, well, Yamato-kun, your strong points are not in those parts. No matter how you don’t have the same hobbies as mine, nor have communication abilities, nor a hottie…. Nor can you read the mood…. Eh? Where are Yamato-kun’s strong points?”

“Don’t you get lost in my shortcomings! If you’re saying it from that line, you should finish it with my strong point! How did you get lost when listing my shortcomings!”

“I think that was your fault, Yamato-kun.”

“I can’t deny that though!” Instead of defending herself, it suddenly became her disapproving of my character.

“Ehem…. Well, Yamato-kun is like that, but it’s such a good thing to discover we have a common interest. Therefore, today we’ll go out!”

“I’m still not reconciled with that, but…. Alright.” Yuzu forcefully went back to the topic, so I agreed to her suggestion. 

She then smiled in joy. “How to say this, I’m a bit happy with something like this.”

“Going out?”

“Nope. The fact that I found a thing in common with Yamato-kun. It’s kinda like we got to know something about each other, this makes me happy.” Yuzu said that and she nonchalantly grabbed my hand.

“Re-really?” Her sudden honest reaction made me somewhat shy in return. 

Darn, this made me feel like she caught me by surprise again. Of course, that didn’t slip Yuzu’s notice, so she glanced at me while still holding my hand.

“Oh? Yamato-kun, you’re blushing, are you possibly shy?”

“I’m not.”



“But aren’t your ears red? Should I take a photo of that with my smartphone?”

“……….Sorry, I lied.” I knew I couldn’t get away with this, so I plainly surrendered.

“Ahaha! Yamato-kun, you’re so cute.” She might be so happy to get me this time, Yuzu started patting my head in a great mood.

“Ugh, just you wait…”

‘Sometimes, somewhere I’ll surely make you feel shy to death!’

“Oh yes, Yamato-kun. While we’re at it, not only window-shopping, why don’t we buy something for real? Clothes or something.”

“Well, it’s about time where the seasons’ change, might as well do so.” As soon as I nodded, Yuzu had her spirits lifted up.

“Then, let me choose for you. Something like dyeing my boyfriend with my colours, I want to try that at least once.”

“I don’t mind that…. Just don’t make it too expensive.”

“I know that. I won’t do something like that. But really, I’m looking forward to this. Dressing up Yamato-kun.”

‘There’ll be nothing interesting in making a gloomy person like me as a dressing up doll.’ I thought that but Yuzu was already excited.

“I wonder which will suit you. ‘Pleats’? Mmm, no. Or ‘flare’… By the way, we should also give ‘mini’ a try.”

“….Hmn? I think I just heard some unfamiliar terms there. Hey, aren’t those skirt types?”

“Nope, you’re hearing things.”

“Re-really?” Oh, so that was only my imagination… I was relieved.

“But we’ll just buy one ‘bottom’ I guess.”

“‘Bottom’… Hey, we’re looking for men’s clothing, right? Not skirts or anything like that, right?”

“Err, who knows? That’s not important, let’s go faster!”

“Not going there, okay!? Wa-wait, don’t pull me!” Yuzu pulled my arms and forcefully tagged me along.

Regarding the clothing that I was made to wear afterwards, I beg to shut my mouth tightly.

chocolala: Yamato-kun got shy again! And more shy combo when trying on the skirts I guess. BTW, check out the latest ch1p5 I also uploaded at the same time of this SS!

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