Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 5


SS 5: The Couple Studying for Exam

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

“Hey, Yamato-kun. Today, how about we study instead of playing games? The exams are near.” 

As always we were in the literature club room after school hours, and Yuzu suddenly blurted out such a suggestion.

“Oh yes, it’ll be mid-term exams soon. Alright, let’s do that.”

It certainly was not a time to play games anymore. I put back the game console that I was about to connect to the TV, and I took out notes and textbooks from my bag, then I sat facing Yuzu at the table.

“All right! Let’s get high scores together. Firstly, let’s start with the Japanese Language. I’ll make sure to train you well, so do your best!”

“……Nnh? Hey, why am I the one being taught by you here?” I noticed the conversation was going in a weird direction, so I questioned her but she only tilted her head back at me, looking puzzled.

“Eh? But Yamato-kun, aren’t you the type of person who cannot perceive others’ feelings? So I assumed you must be bad in languages.”

“You’re insulting me so naturally there! I wonder how you could even date that kind of person you just said.” 

“Um, so you’re good at it?”

“Well….. Not that good I suppose.”

“See!” Yuzu acted cockily somehow.

“Anyway, Yamato-kun is that kind of person, so I’ll be teaching you for your sake!”

“…….Thanks for the thoughts.” I already gave up to make her retract such an evaluation on me, so I simply nodded against my will.

Yuzu took it as my consent, and she opened a question set and recited a phrase written there to ask me. “Then, answer the meaning of the following proverb. ‘To have the scales falls from one’s eyes’1

“Scales…. Ah! Is it a metaphor for contact lenses? If that thing falls, this should mean that everything that could be seen clearly, all seemed blurry all of a sudden.” I answered.

“Wrong! How could you even answer it wrong in a very pinpointed way!?”

“Um, really? Then next.” I was smacked in my face.

“Next, ‘ Even dry trees make a mountain cheerful’2

“Dry trees are suitable to make firewoods, so they are recommended during a cheerful camping in the mountains”

“Wrong! This is no proverb to describe tips for such outdoor activities! Next, ‘Rock from another mountain’!”

“If you build a cooking stove from natural rocks in the mountain, camping will be more enjoyable!”

“Would you please stay away from the camping topic!? This proverb means you can use other people’s experience as a lesson for you to improve yourself!”

“Ooo, is that so? Scales fell from my eyes.”

“Just now, didn’t you just use the phrase ‘Scale fell from my eyes’ correctly!?”

“Who knows. That’s not important, go to the next one.” I just smoothly ignored what she said and urged her for the next question; I gazed down at the question set while Yuzu tilted her head looking unreconciled.

“This doesn’t really sit well with me but…… Alright, ‘To use a shrimp to catch a sea bream’.”

“When camping out in the sea-“

“NO! It’s totally different from that point on! I know you totally were going to say you want to use the shrimp for a barbecue to catch a sea bream and eat it!”

“Somehow, I felt like going camping. Why don’t we go after the exam is over, Yuzu-“

“We’re not, okay!? Just how did your mind wander off to the camp keyword you, yourself pointed out! First of all, Yamato-kun, even if you, who is an indoor person, go camping, you’ll be useless as you can’t really do any work!” Yuzu spat some rude words there, so I shrugged my shoulders as I sighed.

“What, don’t you know? Even if I’m useless, it’s better than being absent.”

“I know that! That’s the exact meaning of ‘Even dry trees make a mountain cheerful’!”

“Furthermore, if there’s the popular girl, Yuzu, other people who are used to camping will naturally come along. Just by me simply inviting Yuzu, I can make a haul.”

“That’s also the meaning of ‘To use a shrimp to catch a sea bream’! What is it with all these delayed correct answers!” Yuzu’s lambasting made me unconsciously grimace.

“As I thought, Japanese is difficult…. I couldn’t even get any of them right.”

“It’s 100 marks! It’s only that I think you’re a person who cannot perceive others’ feelings after all!”

Disregarding my marks in Japanese, I was acknowledged to fail as a human.

chocolala: When I first read this, I was confused coz I didn’t expect Yuzu to do the tsukkomi, so it was actually Yamato who’s the bokeh here…. I still suspect whether those were intentional on his part….

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  1. To be awakened to the truth / To see the light
  2. I directly translated the proverb so the following lines make sense.

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