Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 4


SS 4: The Couple Enjoying the Punishment Game

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

——In front of us, a huge opponent was standing in our way. A giant skeleton knight was holding swords in its four hands. This thing was currently baring its fangs towards us adventurers.

“Whoa, scary! Yamato-kun, this opponent is freaking scary!” As she shrank away from the TV as if running away, Yuzu pressed the button repeatedly.

Without realizing it, I also grimaced.

“Oh no, this guy is so strong…..!” 

After school hours, in the literature club room.

Just like always, we gathered here as we pleased, and like always, we’re advancing the RPG game that was left by the alumni.

“I’m dead!? Yamato-kun, revive me please!”

“No, I can’t, I don’t have any time to do tha—whoa!? I got killed too….” 

Triggered by Yuzu’s death, our battlefront was ruined, and the party was annihilated.

“So we lost…? For something that strong to suddenly appear, I was so surprised….” Yuzu let go of the controller and got off the chair listlessly.

“That guy seems like a hidden boss. This opponent was not like he’s a part of the story, so what do you want to do?” In response to my question, she straightened her back again.

“Of course, we’ll have our revenge! ….Well, from the situation just now, it doesn’t seem like we can win. At a time like this, what should be done?” Yuzu was a beginner, so she was clueless what to do in times like these.

“Hmm, either we buy lots of recovery items or level up”

“Items….. are impossible now. We just bought the equipment so there’s no money left. So….”

“We can only level up.”

Like this, we began the real charm—in the same time, the most hassling thing—of RPG, leveling up. We had to build up experience points by defeating small fries opponents repeatedly. I was not exactly the type of person who found this kind of work troublesome, while Yuzu next to me already grimaced like she was already at her limit just after leveling up by one level.

“Yamato-kun, this is so boring.”

“Levelling up is like this, you know.”

“Why don’t you make small talks to liven up the atmosphere?”

“Don’t demand the impossible from a gloomy person.”  When I refused her ridiculous request, Yuzu pouted her lips.

“Hey, Yamato-kun, do you know? Couples who have their first dates at amusement parks, their relationships wouldn’t work out.”

“Yeah. If I’m not mistaken, the waiting time for each ride is too long, and this causes the couple that is not yet close to being out of topics to talk about and it becomes awkward, right? For the same reason, first dates in the cafe also is a no.” I recited what I had in my memories, and Yuzu nodded with a wry face.

“Yes. And right now I’m having the exact same feeling as couples in those situations. A boy who cannot talk well during leveling up will make his girlfriend fall out of love, you know, Yamato-kun.” 

“That’s the first time I heard of that love theory…..” 

So leveling up in RPG could be considered the same as amusement parks and cafes. Nevertheless, it was a fact that Yuzu went along with my hobby, which was RPG, so I tried to figure out what to do in this situation.

“…….Hmmm, then how about we challenge each other, and the one who loses has to do the leveling up as the punishment?”

“Oh, that sounds interesting. If it’s a punishment from losing a game, there’s no choice but to accept it because it’s a loss!” 

It was only an idea on the spur of the moment, but Yuzu was pleasantly surprised more than I expected her to be. Her cloudy eyes that seemed like she was dying, lit up in an instant.

“It seems like you’re up to it. So what should the challenge be? Yuzu, you can decide it.” I passed the deciding right to Yuzu, and she answered after a moment of thinking.

“Hmmnn…. We’ve been playing games for too long, now I kinda want to move my body”.”

“Even if you say that… There are sports clubs in the fields, and the things we can do in this room are limited to moving up and down the step-ladder.”

When this room was actively used as a literature club room, they used the step-ladder to reach books on higher parts of the bookshelves. Other than that, there was nothing that could be of use.

“That’s so lame too…. Ah, I know. How about we do this?” Yuzu was low-spirited in one moment, but in the next moment, she took out her smartphone; she must’ve thought up something.

“After we step up and down the step-ladder, we use the app to count the heart rate, and it’s a challenge to see who has a lower heart rate. The one with a higher heart rate after the exercise loses.”

“So, the one who lost will have to do the leveling up, is that it? I’m okay with that. However, won’t I have the advantage then?”

Despite being a gloomy person, I was still a guy. I have the confidence to not lose to a girl when we compete on our physical abilities. 

However, Yuzu had a smile on her face like she already won it.

“It’s okay. Don’t look down on me, Yamato-kun. This Yuzu-chan with a clever mind and proficient in all types of sports already figured out how to win this game.” 

What amazing confidence. Did she practice any exercise methods that prevented her from getting tired?

“Well, if you say so… Then, who’ll start?” There was only one step-ladder, so we had to take turns.

“Then, I’ll go first! How about we make it a one-minute duration?”

“Make sure not to lag your pace, and do it in a constant rhythm.” Just in case, I warned her not to cheat.

“I know that. If you’re not reassured, you may also use a metronome app to specify a rhythm if you want?” She abided with no fuss. This was getting more suspicious.

“Then, get ready…. Start!” While still in doubt, I cued her the start of the game.

“Here I go. This is quite tiring, isn’t it?” Yuzu stepped up and down the step-ladder in a good tempo, and in no time a minute was over.

“Phew~ What a good exercise. Now, let’s measure my heart rate.” Yuzu measured her heart rate without stalling for more time.

“It says here 130. Quite high. Then, it’s Yamato-kun’s turn. Can an indoor-type who lacks exercises win against me?” 

Ah, was this girl simply looking down at me? I thought she might do some tricks to win this, but did she think that I was so lacking in exercises that she could win without cheating? If that was the case, I would make her pay for her arrogance….!

“All right, ready and start!” With a cue from Yuzu, I began stepping up and down the step-ladder.

As a male and a former sports club member in middle school, I didn’t find this sort of exercise to be that tiring. I continued to step up and down in an even tempo enough to not make me have laboured breaths and I finished the one-minute exercise.

All right, my breathing was even better than Yuzu just now, this was a sure-win for me.

“Then, let’s measure.”


I turned on the app, and put my finger on the camera part of the smartphone. It seemed like it could be measured this way. The meter display that was like an ECG monitor was showing that it was measuring the pulse, and it was stopping at around 120 beats/min.

As I thought, the victory is min….

“Ya~mato-kun.” In that instant, I was defenseless and Yuzu clasped my arm around hers.

“Wh….” the scent of a girl wafted about, and I felt the soft flesh. Yuzu’s face drew close and this zoomed-in view unknowingly made my heartbeat—Eh, no way!?

“Yes, Yamato-kun’s pulse peaked at 160! It’s my win!” 

When I looked at the phone’s display, just like she said, my pulse that was around 120 before had jumped to 150.

“What a foul means….! Does this even count!” I shifted my gaze from the display to Yuzu, and there I saw the girl who just did her trick had her face flushed red.

“Carelessness is the greatest enemy! Yamato-kun lost because you couldn’t keep your composure!”

“No, isn’t it you who cannot keep your composure!?” Hearing my rebuttal, Yuzu turned away with her face still blushing.

“Wh-what are you talking about? I’m a super popular girl, this is nothing to me, okay.”

“Liar! Come here and measure your pulse now!”

“No way! No matter what, it’s your loss, Yamato-kun!”

In the end, I was the one doing all the leveling up.

chocolala: Yuzu blushing again~~ When she mentioned about measuring the pulse rate, I already could figure out what she wanted to do though 😆

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