Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 3


SS 3: The Couple Debating About the Sense of Distance of a Couple

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

At an intersection on the way to school. Every morning, Yuzu and I agreed to meet here.

“Good morning, Yamato-kun. Today is very cold~” Yuzu scuttled over here five minutes after I arrived at our meeting spot.

“Good morning. Autumn is about to be in full swing too.”

I started dating Yuzu when the heat of summer still lingered, somehow I felt the passing of time.

“By the way, our classmates are still doubting our relationship, like ‘are we really dating’?”

“Again…? It has been a while since we started dating, do we really look mismatched that much?”

Yuzu and I were dating due to certain circumstances, a fake couple. However, the truth of this matter could never be exposed to people around us.

“Well, with such a perfect girl like me, anyone could never be a good match. Therefore, you don’t have to be bothered about it, okay? Yamato-kun’s affection properly reaches me, so there’s no problem.” Yuzu patted his hand on my shoulder as if consoling me.

She was saying that with all smiles, yet none of its content was agreeable to me.

“Is that so…. The affection that I, myself couldn’t even discern actually reaches you. As expected of my girlfriend, you’re different from the girls out there.”

“Right?” Yuzu nodded with full confidence. It was normal for my sarcasm to not get through her, so I was not bothered.

“However, it seems like everyone else couldn’t perceive Yamato-kun’s love. You have to show off more so that it’s easier for them to understand.”

“Yeah, normal people can’t possibly understand it now. So, what should we do?”

When I looked around me, there were some students here and there also on the way to school. We were talking in lowered voices to not be heard by people in our surroundings, but the longer we talked, the risks were higher. We had to decide promptly.


When I conversely thought about it, wasn’t it now our chance to show off our affections to people around us. When it came to this, it should be something that was visually noticeable in this situation.

“Hm….” I nonchalantly grabbed Yuzu’s hand without warning.

Snugly wrapped inside my palm, was a small and soft palm fitting for a girl.

“Ya-Yamato-kun!?” In that instant, Yuzu’s voice raised in falsetto.

“You see, if we do this, doesn’t it look like we are a couple?”

“Yea-yeah of course, but….. It caught me by surprise if you just do it so suddenly.” Despite her blushing face, she didn’t let go of my hand as there were eyes watching around us.

“If I oddly asked for your permission then, we would look awkward from their perspectives. Just act naturally.”


Nevertheless, Yuzu was a girl with nearly no defense despite being a narcissist. Perhaps, me holding her hand was too impactful to her, that she remained blushed as she gazed downwards.

“Aaa… Oh, Yuzu, your hand is cold.” I dreaded the silence so I squeezed out any topic I could on the spot, then Yuzu glimpsed over here for an instant.

“Mhmn… Today, it’s cold.” 

‘Wh-what’s with this meekness? I can’t! She looks quite cute now! Even though she is a troublesome narcissist! Like, super troublesome narcissist!’

“Oh, oh yes. It is. By the way, don’t you think our showing off is enough already? I think I can already let go soon.” I was getting shy by then, so I relaxed my hold.

However, as if trying to stop that, Yuzu gripped my hand tighter.


“Oh, you see Yamato-kun, your hand is warm. My hand is cold.” A reply came that sounded like a sulk and somewhat tinged with excuses.

“Oh really…. Um, well if your hand is that cold, there’s no choice then.” 

At times like these, when the boyfriend holds his girlfriend’s hand until they become warm, it’ll show his compassion. Inwardly, I justified this situation and gripped Yuzu’s hand again.

“Urm, how to describe this. To feel this unrest just by holding hands, we really look like a fake couple after all.”

“Um….yeah. All couples in the world could just do this like normal. What more, they even lock arms.” I just thoughtlessly commented, it resulted in Yuzu’s face blushing to the utmost.

“Wa-walking in public while locking arms….!? Im-impossible! You might be implying it in a roundabout way, but that’s impossible, okay!”

“No, I’m not expecting that either! I didn’t say it in that way!” I rushed to defend myself, but Yuzu already pouted her lips.

“When you say it that way, I’m disappointed as well! You already obtained such a cute girlfriend like me, you should have the desire to walk while locking arms!”

“Which one is it!”

“To be desired, but I’m not really keen on it, that’s the ideal situation! Yamato-kun, you have to always desire me! But when I refuse, you have to restrain yourself!”

“Wow, you really could demand such a request so blatantly!? The only people who are this selfish are you and Kaguya-hime1, you know!”

“Don’t talk about another girl when you’re with me!”

“Are you jealous of Kaguya-hime? If even that is off-limit, we can hardly have any conversation about anything in this world!” As I shuddered in awe, Yuzu calmed down after spouting everything as she pleased; finally all the blushings had faded from her face and she returned to our original topic.

“At any rate, we have to be able to hold hands naturally. To bicker and turn stiff each time just by this, this is way too awkward.”

“Yeah. It’ll be nice if we can eventually lock arms without getting panicked?” I teased her like that, and Yuzu then lightly glared upwards at me.

“…….Yamato-kun, you’re so lewd.” Yuzu used her nails to mildly bite into my hands that she was still holding.

“Yes, yes. That was my bad.” I shrugged my shoulders as I surrendered.

Geez, at this rate, just when would people around us acknowledge us as an intimate couple? I chuckled as I worried about our uncertain future.

——Afterwards, people around Yamato-kun and Yuzu: (What’s with that dumb couple….!)

All the passers-by had the same mind, but the couple was oblivious to it.

chocolala: Looking forward to the next time Yuzu makes Yamato blush instead!

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  1. A character from Japanese folklore

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