Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 2


SS 2: The Couple Whose True Natures Were Revealed by Psychology Tests

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

“Hey, today I kinda want to play some games as a couple.” One day in the literature club room, Yuzu blurted out as if she just came up with an interesting idea.

I was preparing a retro console left by some alumni, to connect it to a cathode-ray tube television1 at the time. Hearing what she said, I glanced up at her.

“What is it, suddenly?”

“You see, Yamato-kun and I had been dating for a while, but we’re sort of low on topics about our moments together that we can tell our friends, don’t you think?

“Owh, then?”

This concerned the reason for our dating relationship…. or more accurately the ‘contract’. So, I decided to seriously listen to her.

“We’re originally a very unlikely couple consisting of a super cute me and a gloomy Yamato-kun, so to avoid being doubted as a fake couple, I figured we should have some moments together just like a real couple.”

“Hmm, if that’s why, then I have no choice but to oblige. Then, what should we do?”

“When it comes to a couple, it should be this!” As she said that, Yuzu took out her smartphone and showed me the display.

“What… Psychology test?”

“YES! It’s a psychology test to discover the couple’s compatibility and how much they like each other! I’ve wanted to do this at least once!”

“Nah, I guess even if we, a fake couple do something like that…. It’ll just be a kill-joy to find we both have zero affection towards each other.” 

I showed disapproval towards Yuzu’s idea. Alas, she was already in the mood for it and she wouldn’t stop just by my words just now.

“Well, well, let’s just give it a try. Then, I’ll give out the question first and Yamato-kun, you answer, okay?”

“There’s no helping it…” Having no other choice, I just obeyed.

“Hmmm, ‘You’re given a drug that makes you unable to resist the other person’s order. Among the following, which is the one that was drugged? Soup, water, meat, dessert’.”

It made me a bit anxious to just answer an unknown test…. Well, let’s just answer this quickly.

“Hmm, the soup I guess.” I just answered by instinct.

In response, a playful grin appeared on Yuzu’s face.

“Ho, hohoho~”

“What is it?” I had a slight foreboding feeling, Yuzu explained it to me with a cheerful face.

“What can be known from this test is, ‘What’ll happen to you once you fall in love’!”

“Wh, what!?”

“And you, who chose the soup! You are ‘The type that put up a poker-face as your facade! It’s a syndrome where you cannot be honest about your feelings. Even when you’re exhilarated inside, you pretend to be cool on the surface’!”

“So, so dumb…!” Unknowingly I was flustered at the inconceivable result.

There, Yuzu drew her excited face closer to me with an expression like she just found the best toy ever.

“I see. I’ve thought you always have that caustic manner, so it turns out that you actually have the syndrome of not being honest to your feelings. Then, it really can’t be helped, isn’t it? You really like me to death, but you just can’t be honest to that, right?”

“Th, that should be a mistake! I request for a redo!”

“Rejected. Urm, what was it you said before? ‘Even if we, a fake couple do something like that…. It’ll just be a kill-joy to find we both have zero affection towards each other’? Yeah, surely it’s a kill-joy if there’s really zero affection, right?” Yuzu mimicked me like she was mocking me. 

‘What’s with her, does her peskiness now reach the high sky?’

“Time out! I request a change of turn! This time I’ll ask and you’ll answer!” I sensed that I couldn’t escape the awkward situation there, so I forcefully changed the topic.

“Of course, we can. For Yamato-kun who can hardly be honest to his feelings to actually request something. As an accomplished girlfriend, I can’t refuse it.” She smugly grinned like nothing could stir her as she passed the position as the person who does the asking to me. 

She was the one who rejected my request to redo my test, what a double standard.

“Well, even if it’s made known that I love Yamato-kun so much, it won’t bother me at all! I’ve always said it to you, haven’t I?” Yuzu puffed up her chest as she boasted her fearlessness. 

‘Just you wait!’ I also used my smartphone to find any similar psychology test. 

“Then here we go, ‘You’re about to buy a drink from a vending machine. However, the drinks are not labeled, so you don’t know what drinks they are. But you’re so thirsty so you still want to buy any of them. Here, drink of what colour would you choose?’ “

“I’ll just pick brown? I sort of want to drink tea now.” Yuzu had no wavering, as she just answered by reflex.

When I heard that, I scrolled down the display of the smartphone to figure out the meaning of that answer.

“The answer is…. Ah, I’m sorry. That was not a psychology test for couples, but a psychopath test.”

“Just what did you make me do!?”

“By the way, for the one just now…. Ooo, I see…. Hmmnn.”

“What!? What did you discover about me!” 

Oops, I drifted from the main topic. That was unintentional.

“Then, let’s collect ourselves again, and proceed to the next one.”

“How can we!? I won’t go anywhere until I know about the answer just now!” 

Yuzu couldn’t withstand her curiosity, and she started searching for the answer on her own smartphone. At the same time, this time for real, I also searched for psychology tests aimed at couples.

“Heyyy, we’re getting to the real test now, okay?” 

“Phew… That was okay.. Alright! This time I ask you to give out the right one!” Maybe she figured out that she was not a psychopath or something, but Yuzu was relieved as she faced back at me.

I confirmed that she was ready before I gazed down at my smartphone.

” ‘You’re making a flower bouquet using bright red roses and pure white roses to give it to your lover as a present. You want the bouquet to have both types of flowers with a total of 20 flowers. How many flowers for each type would you use in that bouquet?’.” When I recited the question, Yuzu seemed to think for a bit before answering.

“19 red roses, and 1 white rose I think? Surely by having only one different coloured rose will make it stand out among the rest, don’t you think?” 

Her answer slightly caught me by surprise, it was unexpected.

“Oooh… It says here ‘Red roses represent a heart of devotion towards the lover. White roses represent a heart seeking to be rewarded by the lover’. You, despite being a narcissist, are the type who is devoted to your lover. I would’ve never thought.”

“Wh, what’s that you’re talking about?” 

I was just normally surprised, but to Yuzu, it seemed to be something embarrassing; her face rapidly flushed red. Seeing how it turned like that, my desire to tease her sprang forth.

“Hey, hey, you don’t have to hide, you know. Oh, I see, it was my bad to not realize it. It never occurred to me that you wanted to devote yourself that much to me.”

“No, nothing like that at all! I have only me inside my mind! It’s because I just love myself very much!”

“You don’t have to force yourself, 19-red-roses-girl. Wow really, even your suggestion to do the psychology test must’ve been the result of you racking your brains in order to make me happy. I should thank you, Yuzu-chan. I’m truly a happy guy to have such an accomplished girlfriend.”

“Can please stop pecking at my hidden side!? That can never be mentioned! My hidden efforts!” Yuzu’s palms were already covering her face.

All right, I was so pleased to be able to push her this far.

“Haha, with this, we already have some interesting moments together that we can tell others. For today, I think this should be enough.” I said to her and closed the psychology test, then my hands reached towards the game console that I was in the middle of setting up.

However, my shirt’s hem was tugged all of a sudden. When I looked behind me, Yuzu was still huffing up there.

“Hey, there was one white rose in there, you see.” She casually muttered with an unknown purpose.

“Hm, you mean?”

“………………..” Yuzu was silent even when I asked. 

Somehow this meant that I had to think about it by myself. 

‘White rose–a heart seeking to be rewarded by the lover.’

Ah! I see. I heaved out a sigh, stopped with setting up the console and turned to face Yuzu again.

“Thank you for the thing you came up with to let both of us have fun. To thank you, I’ll listen to whatever Yuzu wants for today.”

“For real?” Yuzu’s expression brightened at once. What an easy to understand brat.

“Really, really.”

“Perfect timing, I have this cafe that I want to go to. I thought it’s not exactly the type that Yamato-kun would like, so I didn’t ask you.”

“No problem, I’ll accompany you today.”

“Yes! Let’s go now!”

With that, Yuzu grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the literature club room.

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