Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 1


SS 1: The Couple Having Self-Introduction Days After They Started Dating

Translated by: chocolala
Edited by: Seiryuu

“When I think about it, both of us know nothing about each other.”

One day in the literature club room (used without authorization), Yuzu uttered something like it just crossed her mind. Her hair was dyed just to an extent not to be reprimanded by teachers, and her face had very fine features. At one glance, she gave out an impression of a gorgeous girl.

“Well, we didn’t have any contacts before we started dating.” 

Just like I answered, she and I were currently dating due to certain circumstances. Although we were dating, as implied from what she said that we knew nothing about each other, we were actually a fake couple.

“That’s right. Especially because you, Yamato-kun, have no friends in the class, talk with no one, a gloomy person, so there’s nowhere I could hear any information about you from.”

“Sorry about that.1” She said so many things mercilessly, but none of them I could deny; those words described me, a boy named Izumi Yamato.

“Therefore, let’s start a self-introduction corner from now!”

“I don’t think this is the thing you do AFTER you start dating… but well let’s do it.” I nodded reluctantly at Yuzu’s suggestion.

We sat facing each other with a table between us, somehow it looked like we’re holding an interview session.

“Then first, I’ll start! Nanamine Yuzu, high school first year! My specialties are studying and sports and making friends and…. Urm, too much I can’t count! My strong points cannot be fully described in words I suppose!” 

Just listening to this kind of self-introduction, it was obvious that she was extremely narcissistic. Unfortunately, she really possessed those abilities she boasted, so there was not much I could retort.

“If you have any questions, I’m open to it you know?”

“Nothing in particular.” I honestly said no, and Yuzu puffed up her face in dissatisfaction.

“What’s that, you should have more interest in me~”

“Even if you tell me that… Then, what do you like?”

“Of course, myself!” An expected answer came. At this rate, I didn’t even need to ask…

“Ah, and also, I also like Yamato-kun?” 

—That took me by surprise.


Yuzu glanced upwards to stare at me flirtatiously, so I unknowingly shifted my gaze.

“Ah, you’re being shy. Yamato-kun is so cute. Hey, hey, were you happy? Were you happy to the point you get shy when I told you that I like you?”

“An, annoying….!” Ah, d*mn. I knew my ears turned red there.

“Then, next is Yamato-kun’s turn. Please start your self-introduction.”

“…….Yamato Izumi. High school first year. My specialties are… basketball and origami I guess.” I tried doing my self-introduction using Yuzu’s as the reference, and all of a sudden the girl opposite me raised a hand.

“Yes, a question from me too! What are the things you like?”

“Um, RPG I guess. Role-Playing Games.”

This could also be called my biggest and only hobby. Whenever I had free time, my energy would be used for RPG, a daily routine for a boy.

“Oops, sorry. I didn’t hear that.” 

….Eh, she was the one asking, yet she didn’t listen. There was no helping it so I repeated it.

“As I said, I like RP..”

“I can’t hear you~~”

“…..The one I like the most is Yuzu-chan, and the next is RPG.”

“Aww, if you suddenly confess like that, I’ll turn shy! Do you like me that much? Which part of me do you like?”

Haha, what a thick-skinned2 woman.

“The part of you that properly listens to other people, and doesn’t cut in when other people are speaking, and also accept other people’s opinion regardless if they’re against you.”

“Really? I really am full of good points.” It seemed like the sarcasm didn’t reach her at all, Yuzu appeared shy while clasping both her palms on her cheeks.

“Other than that, I also admire your absolute brazen mentality….”

“If I don’t have it that much, how could I afford to become Yamato-kun’s girlfriend!” with poise, she turned on me.

“Oh really… So to be my girlfriend, one must have such a strong mentality. If that’s truly the case, it’ll be difficult for me to find a girlfriend after this.”

“Heyyy? Would you please stop talking with the intention to break up with me?” Yuzu complained as she pouted when she heard my murmurs.

To just stir that away, I changed the topic to the next one.

“Well, now we know what we’re good at and things we both like, next how about we talk about things we’re bad at?”

“Things I’m bad at? None! As you know, I am the perfect human with no weak points!” Yuzu puffed up her chest with pride.

‘People who know no shame are really strong!’

“Really? Anyone would have at least one or two things they’re bad at.”

“Because I have none that I’m so awesome. Rather than that, how about you Yamato-kun, do you have things you’re bad at?”

“I do… but I don’t want to tell you. You could use it to do bad things.” I grimaced as I refused her, and in turn, she made a dissatisfied face.

“You were the one who started the topic and then you refuse to answer, what are you thinking? Well, even if I don’t ask you, Yamato-kun’s weak points are communicating with others and how he doesn’t cherish interpersonal relationships.”

“Mind your own business.” I could say nothing towards the weak points she pointed out to me, there were no words of rebuttal that I could think of.

“Yamato-kun, you should brush it up. Communication skills are a weapon too.”

“I’m okay with it, you don’t have to mind. And I still properly cherish Yuzu-chan anyway.” Anyhow, she was my indispensable partner to achieve my goal. 

‘Like this, I cherish the relationships that were beneficial to me, so you should pay no heed to me having very few friends.’ The things that I said was imbued with this meaning, yet,

“Whoa? Re, really? So you really cherish me? Hmmm.” Somehow, Yuzu’s face blushed.

“What is it Yuzu, did you turn shy?”

“No, I didn’t! Just a bit!” When I pointed that out, Yuzu further blushed. Even her ears were red.

Oh yeah, what I said then could be interpreted the other way, but I would never imagine just one shot could make her receive such damage.

“Wh, what’s with that face?”

“Nothing? Just that I found Yuzu-chan’s cuteness a bit pleasant.”

“I could feel you mean something else there!” I grinned by myself and Yuzu gave me a light punch on my gut.

“I didn’t mean anything else. Yuzu-chan who doesn’t have any weakness is not possibly a paper tiger who easily gets shy when she is suddenly praised, right?”

“You’re so loud!” Again, I was hit by a mild body blow.

Despite being a narcissist, Yuzu had an unexpected weakness; she was weak when she received someone’s liking by surprise!

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