Super Cute Vol 1 Ch 1 (part 7)


I Like ‘Me’ That You Like(7)

Translated by: Seiryuu
Revised by: Chocolala

‘——After all, I think the quickest way to get Sota to give up is to show him of us flirting.’

After spending a lot of time discussing during the lunch break, our policy was concluded by Yuzu’s words as above.

Then, after school.

In order to get a shot at Sakuraba, who was out practicing for the basketball team, the two of us waited in the classroom after school and killed time in a daze.

“……I want to go home and play games.” It had already been an hour after school. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh as I was forced to spend my time in a completely futile wait.

“Hey, hey, hey. I’m all alone with you, yet you’re bluntly complaining. You’re alone with your cute girlfriend in a classroom after school. You should enjoy this youthful situation more.” She specifically chose me because I was not interested in that kind of thing, but Yuzu still put forward such selfish demands.

The two of us were sitting side by side in a narrow space by the window so as to be in the blind spot of the teachers passing by in the corridor, and we were so close that our shoulders were slightly bumping into each other. 

Well, it would be a lie to say that I was not conscious of her at all, but I felt more frustrated when my heart thumped due to Yuzu, and I felt strangely tired and tense. With that burdening my mind, I couldn’t help but to grumble, but my beloved girlfriend seemed annoyed by it.

“Yes, yes. I’m happy to be with the lovely Yuzu. I’m as happy as I am in my classical literature class.”

“You mean you’re getting bored and sleepy, how dare you!?”

“Rather than that, is Sakuraba really coming back to class?”

When I asked the core detail of our plan, Yuzu nodded confidently.

“Yeah. Look inside Sota’s desk. He left his phone in his desk, didn’t he? Therefore, he’ll definitely come back for it.”

When I turned my eyes towards the direction Yuzhu pointed, I saw that there was indeed a phone in Sakuraba’s desk.

I could guess that Sota must have been playing with his phone during homeroom at the end of the schoolhour, but when the teacher was coming, he just snuck it inside his desk and it was left there since.

“So, we’ll catch the timing when Sota is returning to the classroom and act like we’re flirting for him to see, then it’s perfect.”

“Well, that’s good.” As I cut the story short, I pulled out my phone and launched the e-book app.

“Ah, it’s not nice to be on your phone while we’re talking. Yamato-kun, you’ll never be popular with girls like that.”

“I’m sorry, but I already have the most adorable girlfriend, so it doesn’t matter if I’m not popular with other girls.”

I started to read the manga on my e-book, passing on Yuzu’s complaint. It was a shonen manga that had just been released yesterday.

“Hey, what are you looking at?”

“A manga that came out yesterday.”

When I showed her a glimpse of the screen, Yuzu intensely peeked at it as if she was interested.

“Oh, I didn’t know that the new volume was already out.”

“You know about it?

She didn’t look like the type of person who enjoyed shounen manga, which was surprising, but Yuzu nodded, keeping her eyes on the screen.

“I borrowed it from Keigo and read it once.”

‘Keigo…. An unknown character has appeared. Who’s that?’ I thought to myself

“I’ll tell you what, it’s Namase, okay?” As if she could sense my perplexity, Yuzu stared at me with uncertain eyes.

“Even if you don’t say that, there’s now way I’ll forget the names of my important classmates.”

“Is it okay to assume that not to speak of forgetting, you don’t even remember his name in the first place?”

“……Yes.” She saw right through me, I could say nothing else.

“Yamato-kun, you really are… geez. Well, let’s not mind that. For now, show me the manga, quick.” We were originally sitting so close, yet Yuzu came to stick even closer.

Her body parts that were touching me—her shoulder or her upper arm—were so soft that I doubted she was the same human being as me. It made me frustrated, and at the same time my heart thumped without warning. To cover it up, I focused on reading the manga.

I turned the pages at Yuzu’s pace and we were gradually drawn into the story.

At first, Yuzu next to me would talk every now and then, but when the story was getting so exciting that she was no longer talking to me, we both exhaled at the same time when we saw the words ‘Continues to the next volume’.

“Well, that ended where things get interesting.”

“Yeah. When’s the next volume coming out?”

While I was making up my mind to check it out later, Yuzu was still staring at the phone.

“By the way, what other books are in there?”

“Nothing much, just manga and novels.” I said as I was about to put my phone away, but Yuzu strongly grabbed my wrist.

“I’m curious. Let me see.”


I was slightly embarrassed to show the contents of my bookshelf to others. I dreaded it because it felt like exposing all my hobbies. It was quite embarrassing, especially when the other person was someone of the opposite sex.

Alas, it was unknown what she had in mind, but Yuzu’s eyes lit up.

“Hmm? Could it be you have porn mangas in there?”

“No way.” I was not the kind of guy with bad risk management who brings such a dangerous item to school.

However, Yuzu didn’t seem to be convinced and tried to take my phone.

“Then you can show me. I’m taking it!”

“Whoa, I won’t let you!” I managed to escape from Yuzu, who was trying to snatch my phone.

“Come on, give it to me!”

“Who will give it to you!”

As I sat on the floor, I raised my hand and resisted, but Yuzu shrouded me from above and tried to take my phone.

“Mmmm……you’re stubborn!”

“Heavy! Get off!”

“Don’t tell a girl she’s heavy!”

While I was leaning back and using my left arm as a bar to support my body, Yuzu put her hand on my shoulder from next to me and put all her weight on me.

In effect, I was supporting the weight of two people with my left arm.

“No, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t… Aaaah, it’s over”

“What the …… hell?”

I suddenly lost my balance and fell on my back, and Yuzu was caught up in it and fell face down on me. Naturally, the degree of closeness between us increases to the ultimate. It was almost like we were hugging—well, in reality one could only say that we were indeed hugging.

Yuzu, who was completely on my chest, was stiff as if she couldn’t keep up with the sudden situation.

On the other hand, I, who had a good grasp of the situation, stiffened for another reason—Yuzu’s slender shoulders, sweet smell, and body temperature that was a little lower than mine, all fit perfectly in my arms.

What’s more, due to the close contact, the sensation of two soft bulges which turned out to be surprisingly ‘there’ was making me…

“What the hell……?! You’re sticking to me too tight! You can’t fall down all of a sudden!”

Yuzu finally came to her senses, her face flushed bright red while her body was still lying on me.

“Oh, it’s because you were putting your weight on me! Rather than that, get down, you’re heavy!”

I was probably turning bright red, too.

‘Damn, this girl is so cute when you see her at a close range. Urm, I already knew she was cute from the start, right? That aside, she’s got a more erotic body than I thought!’

I ordered her to leave my body while I was at the peak of my confusion, but for some reason Yuzu didn’t comply and continued to stay in close contact with me.

“Hey, Yuzu?”

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