Singles’ Day Prank Chapter

The Princess kept crying out.

Demon King: Go ahead and shout, shout until your throat turns hoarse. No one will come to save you.

Princess: Until your throat turns hoarse, until your throat turns hoarse.

No one: Princess, I’m here to save you. 

Demon King: Talk about Cao Cao, and Cao Cao will arrive.

Cao Cao: Why did you call me, Demon King?

Demon King: Wow! I’ve seen a ghost. 

Ghost: Damn! I’ve been found. 

Damn: Ghost, you can see me? 

Demon King: Oh, my God! 

God: Who called me? 

Who: No one called you. 

No one: When did I? You’re pretending to be garlic.1.

Garlic: Who’s trying to impersonate me?

Who: Talking about me again?! Are you guys looking for trouble?

Trouble: Which of you is looking for me?

Which of you: Looking for you? Not me, there’s quite a few people here too.

Quite a few people: I just got here tsk… You’re Who?

Which of you: I’m not Who.

Who: He can’t be me.

Princess: Everyone is here to save me?

Everyone is: I’m not here to save you, I’m here for a look at mayhem.

Mayhem: What have I got that’s worth looking at?

God: It’s none of my business, I’ll be on my way.

Demon King: Answer one more question before you go, why are there so many people trying to save the Princess? As the Demon King, how am I supposed to continue to act like this?

This: Instead of being a proper Demon King, why are you trying to act like me?

Princess: If no one’s going to be playing as the Demon King, then I will leave.

No One: If I am playing as the Demon King, how could I let you leave?

How Could: I wouldn’t let the princess leave, I want to watch the mayhem.

Mayhem: Watch me do what?

What: You actually want to do me? Scoundrel!

You actually: When did I have those intentions?

I: What’s that got to do with me?

Demon King: Frick! I’m going to go crazy!

Frick: What are you calling me for!

Gone Crazy: What do you want me for?

You Want Me: I don’t know anything!

Everything I’m not: How should I know!

How Should I Know: I’m here! Did someone call me?

Someone: I didn’t call you!

I didn’t: Who called him?

Who: Stop blaming me I didn’t.

I didn’t: I didn’t blame you.

You: I knew you didn’t have the courage.

I knew you: Who said I didn’t have the courage!?

Who: Please, I said nothing!

I said nothing: What do you want me to say?

Everything I’m not: Aren’t you my long lost brother!

My long lost brother: Frick, how was I called when my name is so long?

Who: I need to leave this place of danger.

Danger: So this was my place!

Everything I’m not & Don’t: You guys be quiet ala2 is talking ah. 

You guys be quiet ala: I wasn’t talking!

I wasn’t: I wasn’t even talking!

I said nothing: -_-” Come on, let’s go outside and talk there.

Come on: People are embarrassed (bashful)

Everything I’m not: It’s none of your goddamn business, go away! (two brothers went out in anger) 

It’s none of your goddamn business: *whimper* Why chase me away?

Why: I didn’t want to chase you away. Be good, don’t cry. 

I didn’t: Oi, what does it have to do with me?

What does it have to do with me: What? Did someone call me? 

Someone: Who wants to call you ah

Who: I really need to go T.T 

Go: Aiya, I’m really embarrassed la *V.V* (‘Who’ couldn’t endure it anymore and fell down) 

It’s none of your goddamn business: Aren’t you my cousin? 

What’s that got to do with me: Older cousin, long time no see.

Long time: Aren’t I here?

Demon King: Do you guys have no end?

Have no end: Oh, he does not have me.

Them: I really do not have him.

I really: Who said that?

Who: What did you call me for?

Ma: You actually want to do me?

You: I won’t do him!

I really:  Who says I won’t?

Who: Injustice! I did not say that……

Say: What did you call me for?

Me: Both of you really don’t want to give me face!

Both of you: I want! I want some!

Face: Who wants me?

Who: I don’t want ah

Demon King: Faster, continue speaking and I will oust all of you people

People: Oust me? You’re looking for a beating.

A beating: Who’s looking for me?

Who: Aaaaaaa! Don’t mention my name again, or I’ll beat him!

Him: Don’t beat me.

Me: Who wants to beat me?

Who: I finally caught one, charge…

One: Don’t catch me.

Me: I had enough too. Whoever mentions my name again, I definitely won’t let you go.

Who(Whoever): Look at my 18 Dragon Subduing Palms!

Me: Look at my Jiu Yin White Bone Claw!

18 Dragon Subduing Palms: What’s there to look in me?

Jiu Yin White Bone Claw: What’s there to look in me?

What’s there to look: Brother, I finally found you!

What’s there to look: Bro, let’s go out to chat.

Demon King: What a family reunion.

Since then, the Demon King has gone crazy.


Happy Singles Day (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



Translators:  Alien, Luna, Daed, John, Zuzu, Winteria and Chan  

Editor: Jacey 

Proofreader: Vex 


  1. pretend to be garlic means to play dumb in chinese
  2. ala means we/us in a chinese dialect

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