Shan He Biao Li Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – You Are Mine

When a person approaches the ground, the most intuitive reaction is fear.

This kind of fear is unreasonable and illogical. Like animals facing their natural enemies, they may not really know the fate of their natural enemies, and they don’t have time to think about it. The fear is naturally born to save their lives. As they approached the gate of the mountain, they couldn’t help but want to escape.

Even Ruger’s footsteps couldn’t help having a meal in front of the mountain gate.

I saw the haze boundary outside the mountain gate tumbling endlessly like thick clouds, like a greedy tongue, several attempts to break into the door, but were blocked by the fluorescence of the holy spring.

Nanshan patted Luge, motioned him to step aside, stepped forward, and tentatively handed out the burning patriarch’s scepter.

The patriarch’s scepter has been carrying the title of “saint from the world” for many years, and it hasn’t grown out of patina like a small walnut of its peers. In addition to being burned, it seems to be able to ward off evil spirits.

The fire on the scepter was like a wedge, separating the haze that could almost swallow everything.

It is like a trivial miracle, but it shocks people who have witnessed it.

Watching the firelight, Chu Huan quickly passed a sentence: “The wind rises at the end of Qingping.”

A cold fire enveloped a small area around the scepter, and only a few people could see that it turned out that it was not only stones and trees that were left in the fall-other things still exist, but they are selectively covered by something. Up.

Only in the place illuminated by the fire, the truth covered by the haze was suddenly revealed. I saw that the gate of the mountain was still full of the carcasses of the gatekeepers. The blood of different animals glowed strangely under the light of the scepter fire, and it was mottled. of.

But the monsters and animals that were originally alive all maintained a certain struggling and frightened posture and were set in place. At first glance, they seemed to be a group of bizarre statues.

Chu Huan finally saw the look of the eye-eater. There was one in front of him—the shape and appearance was like a large beetle. It was entwined with its front paws high, and each eye was opened to the largest extent, like a back. A lot of scary faces.

Nanshan: “We are tied together with a rope. From now on, no one will leave me.”

The four people pulled each other with ropes, and under the protection of the patriarch’s scepter, they walked slowly into the ground.

The surroundings gradually dimmed, and with the light of the scepter, they seemed to have walked into a long and dark museum. The wax statues on both sides were not aesthetically beautiful, and they were all scary.

Yuan Ping was the last to walk in. When he was submerged in the haze, he looked back again and found that the mountains and grasses on the other side of the gate were all invisible.

This section of the road made people feel up and down. At first, even the most noisy Yuan Ping did not say anything. Several people seemed to be bugs on a road of no return. The future is long but long, I don’t know how far it is. I don’t know where to go.

The last time he approached the landing, Chu Huan listened to the whispers full of ears, but this time, he reached out and pressed the walnut on his chest, but he felt like it was dumb. He hadn’t said a word for so long.

There was no movement around, and the few people under the light of the scepter could only hear their own footsteps, as if they had formed a world of their own, extremely lonely.

Yuan Ping finally couldn’t stand it any longer and whistled.

Yuan Ping didn’t get used to it anymore, and he didn’t say hello to others in a convulsive manner. This first scream really shocked the other people. He said yes, but his sense of music was not good, and his tune was so eccentric. In this situation, not only did he fail to relieve the darkness, but instead brought a sense of childlike horror.

Chu Huan kicked his foot: “Shut up, we are in trouble.”

Yuan Ping refused: “I am trying to activate the atmosphere.”

Chu Huan: “You are trying to create the background sound of a horror movie-I think this place is special… how do you say it? Especially idealistic.”

Nanshan: “What is’ one ideal heart’?”

“I don’t know much about philosophy. I have read a bit of popular science. For example,’materialism’ means something exists in itself, so you will think it exists, and’idealism’ means something. Only if you think it exists, it exists.” Chu Huan said, slowly raising a hand, as if trying to reach out of the scepter’s aperture, “It feels very ideal for me here. I suspect that these things exist because we see them. If we can’t see them, I’m afraid they will…”

Nan Shan grabbed his wrist and drew it back before he stretched out his hand boldly, “What are you doing!”

Chu Huan: “Just give it a try, but I think I’ll get it empty.”

Nan Shan said sharply, “You don’t need your hands?”

Chu Huan: “…”

Get trained?

Chu Huan froze for a moment, and for the first time he felt as if he had tasted the taste of a married man.

After a while, Chu Huan shook Nanshan’s hand carefully: “Report to the leader, can I ask you something?”

Nan Shan glanced at him, Chu Huan bent down and picked up a stone, and smiled flatteringly at Nan Shan.

Several people stopped, preparing to see what he was going to do, Chu Huan put the stone in his hand and threw it back in the direction of the road.

They all knew that there was a large group of monsters in the place they had just passed through. Although the monsters were “invisible” after the fire was far away-but they should still exist.

In other words, the flying rocks will hit many invisible obstacles.

But the stone flew straight out, without encountering the slightest obstruction along the way, drawing a round and natural parabola until it hit the ground.

The places where the fire can’t find, the places they can’t see, the monsters that originally piled up like a mountain, just “do not exist”.

This terrifying experiment caused Chu Huan to get goose bumps himself. Yuan Ping murmured next to him, “This is unscientific…”

Chu Huan turned his head and asked Nan Shan: “Leader, in response to this unscientific environment, what should we do next? Where do we go? Do you have any other instructions?”

Nanshan didn’t let him down. Maybe it was because he didn’t have so much half-knowledge in his heart. He was just lost for a moment, and soon recovered his composure: “Let’s go find the holy book.”

No one has seen the holy book, but it appears to be extremely magical in the legend, as if it has predicted five hundred years before and after, and in people’s word of mouth, it is almost like a fallen manual—or, The key to all this.

Nanshan’s thinking is very clear. The only problem is that it is not in any library in the world. It is a legend, and it is also a legend to fall to the ground. The legend is just unreliable.

The most difficult part of this group of them is not the boundless haze, but they need to collect various legends from various channels, and then try to piece together a boundless life path in these fragmentary legends.

Of course, now that he has come, Chu Huan is ready to face this situation. He nodded in a very stable state of mind: “Where is this so-called holy book, do you have a clue now?”

This time, Yuan Ping took the conversation.

“The most widely spread saying is’at the end of the world’.” Yuan Ping opened his mouth and came, “I personally think that this is very irresponsible. As we all know, the earth is round…”

Chu Huan really didn’t want to listen to this kind of nonsense remarks, and cut him off: “Let me remind you, you may no longer be a person on earth-are there other more valuable legends?”

Ruger, who had been silent beside him, suddenly opened Chrysostom, and he said, “I have an impression.”

Ruger has been the patriarch of the gatekeeper since the first day he appeared in this world. His memory is complex and vague. It is an encyclopedia of countless generations. He touched his shoulder. The snake, the viper Xiaolu has been tightly clinging to him, since they walked in and fell to the ground, it seemed to have no energy.

Luge stared at the patriarch’s scepter of the mountain guard and narrowed his eyes. His eyes seemed to drift far away. When he tried to remember, his eyes showed some unspeakable oldness.

“I remember it was like this,” Ruger sang a song softly for a long time, “at the end of the mountain, at the top of the holy water, at the heart of the boulder.”

The lyrics of this passage sound quite strange, even if “Stone Heart” is enough, it can barely be understood, but which world’s strange rhetoric is “End of Mountain” and “Top of Water”?

Yuan Ping said bluntly: “Patriarch, you have been too long to remember, right? Shouldn’t it be the end of the water, the top of the mountain?”

Yuan Ping, who dared to imply that their clan elder was confused, was probably the first in history, but fortunately, Lu Ge raised him as a son and did not care.

“It’s true.” Ruger said frankly, “I only remembered it for so many years because it sounded wrong, otherwise it is so old and I would have forgotten it.”

A few people fell silent unanimously, feeling that this line of thought was unworkable.

Chu Huan pressed a button on the temples of the glasses. At this time, this high-tech gadget has more limited functions. Basically, only the basic functions of timing and telescope remain, and it has almost become an electronic watch.

Time showed that they had been walking on the ground for nearly ten hours, but Chu Huan found that he was neither thirsty nor hungry. His metabolism seemed to stop, but his body did not feel weak, as if he had become a human body. Perpetual motion machine.

How can one move without eating or drinking?

If someone walks in and falls to the ground after them, if they also hold an external artifact like the scepter of the patriarch of the mountain guard, then those who walk in later will look at them like they look at the eye-eaters… Are they already statues?

“Don’t talk about it, come with me,” Nanshan said suddenly, “Let’s go to Chenxing Island.”

Just as the words “Shen Xingdao” were being uttered, Chu Huan’s ears suddenly itched, and he couldn’t help turning his head, as if someone was saying something in his ear. It sounded like a laugh again, and then again. sigh.

Chu Huan’s hand squeezed the small walnut on his chest, and once again felt it warm slightly.

“Shen Xing Island was a forbidden place many years ago,” Nanshan walked along, whispering, “I heard that we were full of people here at that time. If the merchants in the past had things on Chen Xing Island, even if it was a small piece The stones will also be sold at high prices-it is said that it is because the way to the island is full of reefs or something, anyway, human resources can not be reached, it is very mysterious.”

“Earlier, there were still many boring people who thought they were warriors and visited Chen Xing Island, but no one could come back.” Ruger interrupted, “Gradually no one will go to die. Chen Xing Island is here. As it became more mysterious, it started to become scary.”

After speaking, Ruger thought for a moment: “But… if you don’t mention it, I forgot. I remember that when the earliest legends fell into the dust, there were rumors that it was from Chen Xingdao.”

The trip of the group was very urgent. At first, a few people discussed it. Every night, the vigil was on a shift. The vigil was responsible for ensuring that the patriarch’s scepter was always burning. But they soon discovered that the person was in a trap and all fatigue was psychological. , If Chu Huan did not report the time, they would never feel tired or not, how many roads they had walked.

Time has become something unnecessary.

Several people are not short of field experience, and it is not difficult to distinguish the direction without the sun.

After passing through the forest of steles where the guardians patrolled the mountain, the record of the last time that Nanshan took people to patrol the mountain seemed to have been engraved yesterday-after passing the forest of steles, a few people fumbled for nearly two months, and ended up in this ghost place for the first time. I saw people in it.

The experience of seeing people was not pleasant at all. At that time, Chu Huan was tolerating Yuan Ping’s whistle like a magic sound, and suddenly heard a little noise.

This time, the auditory hallucinations sounded in his ears very clearly, almost as if it were real. It was a woman, with a slight milky voice, she should be young, she was called by someone’s name .

Chu Huan couldn’t help standing still, and repeated it lowly. It seemed that he was involuntarily affected by the master of the voice. When he called out the name, his tone was almost full of affection.

Yuan Ping stopped and rubbed his cheeks, and asked Nan Shan, “Is this your nickname?”

Chu Huan put a finger on his lips, and then looked around. The four of them were tied together. If one moves, the others must follow.

Yuan Ping: “You are looking for…ah!”

He suddenly stepped on something under his feet. Yuan Ping lowered his head and saw that his whole person was not good. He quickly stepped back and ran into Ruger. The spiritless little green ducked for a while, and then slumped forward. After licking him droopingly, Yuan Ping suddenly got worse, and let out a scream that changed his tone.

The fire on the scepter swept away the haze, and only a few people could see clearly. Yuan Ping stepped on a young girl. She was crawling on the ground, looking terrified and desperate, with one hand on the ground and the other stretched forward. He opened his palms, as if he was pushing something.

Her body is still soft, with the warmth of a living person.

Countless specimens of animals and plants in the dark have a different psychological impact from a person with body temperature.

Chu Huan circled her a few times: “Nanshan, do you think she is a bit like those veterans in your cave?”

He hadn’t seen other people in this world before. He just listened to the mountain guards and gatekeepers saying that there was no sense of reality, until he saw the little girl with his own eyes, Chu Huan suddenly discovered something particularly illogical.

Suppose, for some reason, some places suddenly become no longer suitable for human habitation, then the most natural reaction of the survivors must be collective migration. Of course, the destination of migration is the place that has not had time to fall. Keep going like this, Moriyama Shouldn’t their sacred mountain be crowded with refugees from all over the world?

Even monsters know how to enter the mountain gate, why don’t people know?

How come there are only two clans of mountain guards and gatekeepers from beginning to end?

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