Shan He Biao Li Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: This Mountain Seems to Live

Just before Chu Huan had washed his hands clean, before he could stand up, he was suddenly pulled up by Nan Shan grabbing his shirt.

Chu Huan: “I won’t replace this one if it breaks!”

But no one cares whether he has the problem of changing his clothes. Chu Huan was dragged by the prodigal Nanshan and ran all the way, and found that everyone seemed to have forgotten the precarious mountain gate. They looked in one direction together, passing each other far away. Whistle.

Chu Huan didn’t shake the drops of water with one hand, and asked inexplicably, “What are you doing?”

“The mountain gate is closed.” Nanshan said.

Chu Huan was stunned for a moment, and finally figured out what the concept of “mountain gate closed” was: “That means no one is guarding the big stone gate and the little monsters can’t get in, right? Isn’t that good?”

Nan Shan looked back at him and said softly, “When the mountain gate is closed, the inner door leading to the other side may open, understand?”

Chu Huan remembered the time and place when he first saw Ruger and almost fought, and he was silent for a few seconds and understood.

However, he didn’t know if it was good or bad. He couldn’t help but glanced back at the closed rock, only to see that the rock was aligned with a strangely crafted perfection, the blue stone was tight, and even though the corpse of the mountain gate was everywhere, it would not move— —What is the mountain gate? Isn’t it just a big rock?

Why is it so smart?

Chu Huan suddenly felt that this mountain seemed to be alive.

As soon as this thought came out, he was taken aback, and then he found that it made sense for him to think this way. Chu Huan remembered Yuan Ping saying that, in a sense, the gatekeeper is the mountain itself, since the sacred mountain Holy water can give birth to people, so the view that “mountains have life” absolutely makes sense.

Chu Huan was mechanically dragged away by Nanshan, and his mind had already floated far away. As soon as he opened his mind, he suddenly thought that he was born with cold all over his body-if the mountain had life, could the world also have life?

Will the so-called “fallen land” and “dead land” also be a kind of life?

Chu Huan’s thoughts were flying, and suddenly, dragging his footsteps, they had already reached the cave near the mountain gate.

Ruger kept walking inside, and quickly passed through the holy spring. The fluorescence of the holy spring was still the same. Chu Huan always felt that it seemed to be different. But what was it, he only had time to glance at it, and immediately Being dragged away by Nanshan, he didn’t observe clearly.

Further inside, it is the place where Chu Huan has not been. The cave here is long and winding. Although it is not narrow, it seems to be unable to walk, giving people a sense of psychological depression.

The initial confusion, surprise, or tension has passed by this time. The two patriarchs quickly recovered their calm. Nanshan took Chu Huan and the crowd to Luge’s side, and suddenly asked: “If it opens over there, what do you plan to do? ?”

Ruger restored his cold watery grimace: “Don’t do anything, send away your group of old, weak, sick and disabled, we will continue to stay here.”

Nan Shan’s face sank: “What are you talking about?”

“No other meaning.” This Ruger was probably really affected by the drop of Nanshan’s blood. Although he was still stunned, he knew a few words abruptly. “The landing must have been close to the foot of the mountain. The gate closes abnormally, and no one knows what will happen in the future. If the door on the inside really opens, you should leave as soon as possible—maybe it will never open again. But our gatekeeper cannot leave the mountain. Yes, do you understand?”

Nanshan did not answer, and Ruger did not look back.

After a long while, Lu Ge sighed: “You mountain guards dragged your family, I actually know your difficulties.”

Nanshan’s throat moved, as if a little bit of soreness in his heart was caught off guard. After a while, he whispered: “It’s not time to say this, let’s go.”

The two patriarchs were in front, they were familiar with the road, and walked fast. Suddenly, the slender path like a tunnel came to an end, and the vision suddenly became clear. A beam of light broke into the eyes of people. Chu Huan stretched out his hand to block it, and at the same time he pumped. Click on the nose-there is a smell.

In fact, the smell is nothing unusual. When you distinguish it carefully, it seems to be the smell of the damp mud in the cave for years.

Some dampness makes people feel musty, and some dampness is rotten, but here it gives him the illusion of…the front is full of young shoots.

But in fact there is nothing in front, just a cave.

A beam of light penetrated from somewhere in the cave that should have been dark, illuminating that area like a natural patio, surrounded by bare rocks, but the ground material was very strange, as if it were a piece of land. The surprisingly large natural crystal, like the solid version of the holy spring next door, also exudes the milky white fluorescence.

People standing on it, looking down, can see their own shadows—the dermabrasion version, no matter how rough, it looks like the nose is the nose and the eyes are the eyes.

Chu Huan asked in a low voice, “This is…”

Nanshan: “Hush.”

I saw Ruger take a step forward and stepped onto the big crystal. Following his steps, water waves appeared on the surface of the hard crystal. At this time, Chu Huan had no surprises with all kinds of wonders. The patriarch Narug walked to the center of the big crystal, and his body was shining brightly by the fluorescent light, like a dummy dancing on a music box.

Ruger took a deep breath, knelt down, murmured in his mouth, and hummed a distant sacrifice like singing.

Everyone could not help but hold their breath with his voice, but five minutes, ten minutes… or even longer time passed, the ripples on the surface of the “crystal” had dispersed, but nothing happened.

Lu Ge’s expression changed, he opened his eyes and stood up, shook his head towards Nanshan from a distance.

Nanshan: “So the side of the mountain gate is not open.”

That end is closed, but this end is not open, that is to say, they are now completely trapped on this mountain.

At that moment, Nanshan’s expression was not so much “disappointment” as “relaxed”. He turned around calmly, waved his hand calmly to the person behind him, and said, “All go back, one for ten. Team, from now on, everyone will work half a day, don’t leave the gate.”

Ruger walked over from the huge crystal surface: “Go, follow me up the mountain, I’m going to see the elder.”

Before they went up the mountain, the elders probably felt the abnormal movement of the mountain gate through some unknown method of feudal superstition. When they came out of the cave, they found that the old goat-faced thing had been waiting there. I don’t know. How did he climb down from the top of the mountain step by step at such an age?

The elder also took a guard with him-a small bald head not as high as his cane.

A group of people formed a circle at the entrance of the cave. The elder was hoarsely hitting the ground with his crutches to make people around him: “Quick, quick! Hey, let me get out of the way, don’t get in the way… What about medicine? No, not enough! Increase the amount!”

Nanshan they pushed aside the crowd and strode over: “What’s the matter?”

There was a person lying on the ground. It was Dashan. Chu Huan didn’t want to count Dashan for a few days throughout the year. There were no injuries on his body. The young man’s eyes were gurgling with black blood. No need to ask, it was obviously injured by an eye-eater. . In the matter of injury, Da Shan reborn once, and cooked twice. This time the injury medicine is already familiar, and he is still gasping while pointing others.

Hearing Nanshan’s voice, Dashan immediately reached out and fumbled for a few times, then stood up and grabbed Nanshan’s trouser legs: “Patriarch!”

Ruger leaned over to take a look at his eye injury: “Aren’t all the gates closed? What did you do just now?”

Dashan: “I went to a high place to look around, Patriarch Luge, I saw the fall.”

This young man actually kept his eyes away, and he came up once and looked into the distance. Everyone didn’t know whether to praise him or curse him.

Chu Huan squatted down and said, “Did you see? Then the border may not be at the foot of the mountain.”

Dashan: “Not at the foot of the mountain, it’s too close.”

The elder slapped his shoulders without weight: “Where? How far is it?”

Dashan: “Less than ten miles.”

Everyone fell silent for a while, but Ruger, who had only one eye left, suddenly said: “When I caught the eye-eater, I hadn’t seen the sign of the fall outside the mountain gate.”

It is moving at high speed.

Is it because of this that the mountain gate is closed?

At this moment, the viper Xiaolu, who was idly circling around Chu Huan, suddenly straightened his upper body and made an attack and fear-like action in the direction of the sky. Chu Huan looked up in that direction. I saw the big eagles kept by the gatekeeper on the hillside originally circling around the foot of the mountain. Suddenly, one of them made a very stern murmur, bends unnaturally, and fell straight beyond the gate.

It was as if… something was sucked in.

These sky-killer-like birds of prey slouch and fall on the hilly ground, and the eagle’s claws gnaw on the ground restlessly, and the trembling appearance has become a flock of quail.

I don’t know who murmured: “Here… it’s coming!”

Everyone turned their heads in a rush, the sky was completely gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye, and all the people standing in the mountain gate saw it, and the boundless gloom was approaching, like the light of the sky and the shadow of the sky.

All living creatures…people, poisonous snakes, pythons, and eagles faced the unknown shadow, all of them had fear from their bones, and the whole hill was silent for a moment.

“We are going to be swallowed!” Such a thought came to everyone’s heart, but under this lofty shadow, no one could speak.

At this moment, a bright light burst out behind people.

Chu Huan couldn’t help closing his eyes, and it took him a long time to come back. He looked back and saw that a certain corner of the mountain was centered, emitting a white light like the sun in the sky. It was so strong that it burned the entire seat. The mountain is shrouded in it.

Is that… Holy Spring?

The white light emitted by the holy spring was like a sharp knife with a stubborn resistance, and it firmly carried the shadow outside the mountain gate. The people who didn’t dare to get out of the atmosphere came back to their senses. They were terrified to find that they were standing at the junction of light and shadow. Where to go.

The first person to speak was Nanshan. Nanshan’s voice was unnaturally suppressed, as if he was afraid of something, he said hurriedly: “With the elder and Ankaraye on his back, everyone, now immediately retreat to the cave. , Hurry up! Don’t stay here.”

A mountain guardian seemed to have not recovered yet. While instinctively following the patriarch’s order to withdraw, he asked puzzledly: “Didn’t the patriarch just let us inspect the gate in groups of ten?”

Ruger: “What else are you patrolling, haven’t you noticed that there is no sound outside?”

All the people who heard these words had goose bumps in the same place-just now, countless beasts and monsters attempting to climb into the gate kept hitting the rocks at the gate with their bodies. Due to the large number, even if they were separated by heavy rocks, The muffled crash and roar can also be heard here.

But now there is nothing.

The enemies who had fought bloody battles with them all day and night seemed to have disappeared in an instant, and there was dead silence at the gate.

No, the whole world is dead. This mountain is like Noah’s Ark in the flood of the last days, precariously carrying the only living thing in the world.

I am afraid that everyone present would rather face a group of deadly eye-eaters than be in such a “peace”.

Soon, the two tribes quickly withdrew back to the gatekeeper’s daily resting place. It was close to the sacred spring of the mountain core. The white light seemed to be stronger. Even though they were in the cave, they seemed to be in the sun, which made people feel a little safer. sense.

The crowd gathered together around the two patriarchs and the elders. Chu Huan thought he was an outsider with little say, so he picked up the little bald head, picked up the poisonous snake little green, and consciously found a corner to sit down and row himself. Set in the mascot area.

The elder didn’t care about the tribe’s six gods and no masters, and opened his mouth straight to the subject, saying, “I heard that the gate was closed but it did not turn upside down. Everyone, this is not a good sign—the reason why the sacred mountain became the sacred mountain was based on the gate. Relying on the flesh and blood of our people as a medium to communicate with both ends-now that the door is dead, the sacred mountain and holy spring will eventually become a source of water, which can at most prevent a temporary fall. I am afraid that we will not have much time left. .”

Ruger: “You mean that there is not much time left for us to die.”

The elder seemed to think that the patriarch of the gatekeeper was a bit too simple and rude. He clicked his mouth and looked at the panic expressions of the people. He was about to round his mouth and heard Yuan Ping say next to him: “What can I do? Broken or exploded? Can I go back there if broken?”

Senior citizens:”……”

The simplicity and rudeness of the daring gatekeeper is the same.

“Fart,” the elder said, took the crutches and knocked Yuan Ping’s head, coughed a few times in an old manner, and said hoarsely, “The holy book had anticipated this day, and we were heading for an irreversible decline. At that time, only those who cross the river are the only turning point…”

These words successfully shifted everyone’s attention to Chu Huan.

Chu Huan crossed his legs, put the little bald head on his knees, and sat upright, coughing a bit cramped under the eyes of everyone, thinking that he should say something.

But he didn’t actually come back to his senses. All this happened too quickly. Chu Huan didn’t know at all in his heart. Too dry words can easily aggravate group anxiety. If you talk too much, just in case…the greater the hope The greater the disappointment?

This degree is quite unpredictable, but before Chu Huan had time to speak, Nan Shan suddenly said, “If someone can only find the gleam of life when someone enters the ground, then I will go with him.”

Nanshan said as if hot water splashed into the oil pan, and everyone present was in an uproar. After a long while, Xiaofang, who was the first to react, looked at him blankly: “Patriarch, what did you say?”

Nanshan’s expression was calm: “I’m going with him. If there is anything here, you can listen to the elder and Patriarch Luge.”

Ruger glanced at him, tapped the ground with the tip of his knife, without making a sound.


Nan Shan glanced around, smiled, and blocked the other person’s “but” back in his stomach. He walked over under the eyes of everyone and pulled Chu Huan from the ground: “Take a rest for the whole night, and we will leave tomorrow. “


“Patriarch wait!”

Nanshan did not wait or hesitate.

When he said that sentence, he almost felt a sense of freedom that he had broken free.

Nanshan picked up the poisonous snake entangled with Chu Huan, raised his hand and threw the dull snake to the side to Ruger, and then pulled away Chu Huan, who had also failed to react.

Chu Huan: “Wait…”

He also wants to discuss with the elders about “108 conjectures about the fall”, and he hasn’t had time to ask the middle-aged man who gave him his dream that day is sacred!

Lu Ge looked at the big snake that was nearly a hundred catties thrown by Nanshan, and did not hesitate to move away from the side. No matter how little green slammed on the ground, he fell a lot of meat, making an angry hiss. “sound.

Everyone nearby was yelling Nanshan at a loss. Only Yuan Ping stayed for a while, then jumped three feet high and stood up: “Then I will go too!”

Ruger quickly stumbled under his feet with the hilt of the knife, and Yuan Ping stumbled, so that he could slam and fall on a big horse. Before he could stand up, his patriarch pressed his shoulder with the back of the knife.

Ruger said with carelessness: “Sit down, it’s none of your business.”

Yuan Ping: “But…”

Ruger lowered his head and said to the poisonous snake: “Let him not run around.”

Xiao Lu quickly forgot the foe of the previous fall, and immediately climbed up to Yuan Ping with kindness, bound his legs in two twists and turns, raised his triangular head flatly, and looked at the gatekeeper with a face full of childishness. , Successfully painted him a prison.

Nanshan dragged Chu Huan all the way to the mountain, walking in an unusual way. If it hadn’t been for Chu Huan to stage a forest hunt with Yuan Ping every morning, he would have dizzy long ago.

Before he could even breathe his breath all the way, Nanshan took him straight to a natural cave halfway up the mountain.

It’s off the beaten track here. There are a few deformed big willow trees growing by the entrance of the cave. The soft branches hang on the sides like curtains, and there seems to be a faint light inside.

Chu Huan took a probe and raised his foot to walk in: “What is glowing?”

Nanshan pulled him back.

“Do you know what place this is?” Nanshan’s eyes flashed with an indescribable look.

Chu Huan glanced at the mysterious halo in the deep cave, then looked at Nanshan, he suddenly had some guesses in his heart, and his throat suddenly dried.

“This is the place where our people made the marriage contract.” Nan Shan cupped his face with one hand and twisted his fingers through Chu Huan’s hair, as if he couldn’t put it down for a long time.

The thin callus on his palm made Chu Huan a little itchy, but he didn’t hide it, because the itch on the skin was far less than the itch in his heart.

“The agreement of the guardian is a life and death agreement,” Nan Shan said. “It may be different from yours. As long as it is set, you will never be able to repent for life and never violate it.”

He suddenly took a step, knelt down on one knee, grabbed Chu Huan’s hand, and turned his palm up.

“Please,” Nan Shan raised his head, looking at Chu Huan without blinking, “Give it to me.”

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