Shan He Biao Li Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Our People!

Chu Huan: “Did you jump down from the big rock on the top of the mountain, did you not see a dazzling white light?”

Yuan Ping looked at him almost bizarrely: “Dazzling? Isn’t that the sun?”

The two looked at each other.

That white light can never be sunlight. Chu Huan felt that even if he was mentally insane, he was still in such a state that he could not separate the sun-either Yuan Ping was wrong, or… it was that weird light and Those whispers are the same, only he can feel it.

But why?

Chu Huan has grown up to this age and has never found anything different from ordinary people. He may have been a bit depressed for a while, but he thinks that it is not serious and has recently returned to normal.

So what exactly is that white light and those voices that are auditory?

Chu Huan thought while picking up a small pebble from the side, squeezing his hands in his palm, absently waved at Yuan Ping.

Chu Huan took two blood caves and entered the site of the Lishan tribe of the guardians of the blood. He hadn’t had time to trim his hair. Even though his hair grew slower than the average person, he couldn’t stand the accumulation of time. Silk almost covered half of her face. After several days of escape, Chu Huan’s original clothes and accessories have gone bad all the way, and now he has completely returned from the clothes and beasts to the original.

His inscrutable appearance, thoughtful expression, and inexplicable questioning of Fang Cai all caused Yuan Ping to be frightened. Yuan Ping looked at the situation and thought that Chu Huan showed a whole person from inside to outside. Insanely, and then related to the fact that this person is falling in love, I can’t help but want to be crooked.

“Hey, are you really okay?” Yuan Ping couldn’t help walking back again, stopped a few steps away, and hesitantly asked.

In fact, Yuan Pingshun could say a bunch of words such as “Where is there no fragrant grass” as comfort, but when he remembered that the other person was the patriarch of the Shoushan, he couldn’t say it again.

I don’t know why, Yuan Ping can laugh at Chu Huan without any psychological pressure, but when faced with Nanshan, he always behaves solemnly involuntarily.

Once solemn, Yuan Ping became poor, and he rarely gave a little sympathy to Chu Huan.

Soon, Nanshan shouted at the front, and they were about to set off.

The sound of the water in the cold pool of the mountain stream is far and near, and Lingling is like a song. There are mountains on three sides and dense forest on one side.

Yuan Pingyuan walked ahead, but after a few words of conversation with Chu Huan, he suddenly felt a little worried.

It seemed that he was afraid that Chu Huan couldn’t think about it for a while, and he threw a water into it without knowing it. Yuan Ping turned back and hung at the end with him not far away.

The thin branch in Natan was close at his feet, and Nanshan suddenly waved his hand, blocking everyone’s path: “Slow down.”

After he finished speaking, he squatted down and pulled away the grass in front of him, and saw a row of hidden and messy footprints in the wet mud.

“This is Mutai.” Xiao Fang looked up, and his face changed suddenly. “This is not right. Why is Mutai here?”

Xiao Fang was the lead person. He swore his chest and said with swearing that flat people can’t go into the water. There will be no groups of mutai in this kind of mountain pond that needs to be wading. The words he said now hit his face. Xiao Fang went round and round behind Nanshan, explaining anxiously and facelessly: “Patriarch, do you think it will be the few orders?”

Nanshan shook his head solemnly, stood up first, shook the bushes in front of him, and walked into the woods.

The woods in the wild are a place that is easy to make people nervous. Several people did not speak, subconsciously lightened their footsteps together, crouching in search of clues around them.

Soon, they found a very thin, whip-like trace on the dirt, with a wooden stick that was cut in half and thrown there, and Chu Huan also picked up an unknown fish scale.

“What is this?” Chu Huan pinched the scales and asked Yuan Ping.

Yuan Ping is an asshole who can’t speak well. Asking him something, he has to seize the time to show the racial superiority of the Gate keeper, so Chu Huan is not a last resort and will never ask him.

As soon as he heard his voice, Nanshan turned back instinctively to answer. However, the words had reached his mouth, and Nanshan’s gaze was dim. He found that Chu Huan was not asking himself. He swallowed the words back. .

“Fish scales with large silver fins.” Yuan Ping said, “large silver fins are a particularly long fish here, the skin is very tough-those flat trumpets that trumpet trumpets are not produced, only pinch, perennial Drifting around, burning and looting everywhere, there is no time to stop and weave clothing, so this fish skin is equivalent to the cloth they use.”

“Wood, thin vines, big fish skin… so this group of legendary flat swimmers who did not swim, made some kind of simple stretcher to let the mad dogs they raised carry over?” Chu Huan said this, Realizing that he underestimated the enemy’s intelligence, he couldn’t help but ask, “How smart is this thing?”

After thinking for a while, Yuan Ping replied cautiously: “Close to people, but also physically and mentally sturdy, with strong folk customs.”

Chu Huan said: “That’s trouble.”

In fact, in terms of combat effectiveness, both the sound beast and the eye eater are significantly higher than the flat people and their mutai, but the eye eater group is already a stumped brain, and the sound beast’s IQ is obviously not out of the stomach than the brain. The reptile races, even if they grab ground, they are all instinctive migration.

No one has the long-planned ambitions of the flat people.

“Yeah,” Yuan Pinglu glanced at Chu Huan with compassion. “On the level of intelligence, they are probably stronger than you.”

Chu Huan ignored him, Quan Dang did not hear.

Chu Huan was not a particularly lively person. When he was in a particularly splendid mood, he was willing to tease Yuan Ping with noble dignity. At present, he is worried about internal and external troubles. So he just stated with a blank expression: “They walked here is like copying a short path, so deliberately so… so they still stare at the mountain gate?”

Yuan Ping’s face suddenly changed. The gatekeeper was born for the mountain gate. Guarding the mountain gate was an instinct in his bones. Hearing the idea of ​​who hit the mountain gate, he seemed to be wearing a green hat.

Yuan Ping stood up and said: “Shanmen? Grandma, I want to kill them all!”

Instincts could not be violated. Yuan Ping crossed the Nanshan without looking back, and went straight to the open position. The more he urged the people to walk quickly-fortunately, as long as it was not for Chu Huan, Nanshan was not like him. General knowledge.

The group could no longer be cautious and cautious. They all got their weapons and got into the chilling cave.

At the beginning, the shore was still able to walk away. When it gradually entered the hinterland of the mountain, the space on the shore became more and more narrow, and it quickly fell to a height that adults could not pass through.

Xiaofang, who was instructed, said: “There is no way ahead, let’s go into the water.”

The water seemed to be frozen by something natural. When it was touched, it caused people to tremble fiercely. Several people jumped one after another. Nanshan turned back and said to Chu Huan: “Come in the middle, you can’t see , I take you.”

This is the first sentence Nanshan told Chu Huan since he stayed overnight.

Originally, after sleeping, Chu Huan’s unilateral anger had disappeared. It was only because Nanshan’s temper was so stinky and hard. Chu Huan didn’t want to cause unnecessary direct conflicts, so he just basked in the other side temporarily.

Who knows that Nanshan is really silent, it has been a blockbuster, he has not reached a certain level of speech, and the level of rubbing is close to God, and he can accurately tell Chu Huan’s anger as soon as he opens his mouth.

It was just such an understatement that reminded Chu Huan of Yuan Ping’s “crispy dog” and the dignity of his vaguely stabbed male.

Chu Huanxin said: “When Lao Tzu was born and died, you couldn’t even speak clearly.”

He didn’t want to take care of Nanshan in his heart, so he ignored it.

Yuan Ping heard it in front, but turned back out of time, and said to Nanshan: “It’s okay for the patriarch to be completely invisible, as long as his ears are not deaf enough, rest assured.”

The emotional quotient of this product is even worse than that of Nanshan. It is always a perfect interpretation of what it means to be “to catch up with the smoke”. Yuan Ping does not speak better. This self-explained explanation is to stabilize the hatred. Steady

In fact, in the eyes of outsiders, the relationship between Chu Huan and Yuan Ping is inextricably intimate. The two of them don’t care about anyone most of the time. A small part of the time is arguing. If there are ten sentences in a day of serious exchanges, it is already considered. Good performance.

But Nanshan was not in his heart. He found that he could not even see those two people talking alone.

The feeling of jealousy was unclear and unclear, and Nanshan felt abominable, so he was even more tormented. However, since he has already made a decision, it is impossible to regret it. There is no more taste in his heart-even if the internal organs are all soaked in the vinegar, there is no part of him putting his beak.

He couldn’t help being “like a cloud, a heart like a flying catkin, and a spirit like a gossamer”, suffering miserably.

Nanshan squeezed his belt involuntarily. There was an inner pocket on his belt. At this time, through the soft leather belt, he could clearly touch the small metal ring inside. The small prime ring was secretly stolen from the ashes. The digged out and stayed in the burning fire for a whole night, but it was still immobile, and the circulation in the Guanghua still was rock-solid and indestructible.

Nanshan let Xiaofang and Dashan pass, with a stubborn protective attitude, silently keeping two steps away from Chu Huan.

In the darker and darker river, Chu Huan gradually could only see the vague figure of Nanshan, and he finally lost his temper completely.

Tan Shui is getting colder and colder, eliminating the irritability and anxiety in people’s hearts. Chu Huan gradually calmed down, and he understood one thing-Nanshan’s attitude towards himself is actually not directly related to himself, even if he is It was Transformers, and maybe Nanshan would also be on the side with great anxiety, waiting to add oil to his rust at any time.

In his twenties, the man assumed the life and death of an entire race in this world of cracks. He was probably used to this omnipotent and meticulous protector role.

Chu Huan divided half of his mind on Nanshan, but he did not ignore the surroundings. The more invisible the place, the sharper his senses became. Every time he turned around the pool water, Chu Huan would be alert.

They walked through the narrowest part between the pool water and the rock above the mountain. Even if it was soaked in the water, they must bend down under the pressure of the rock above the head at the height of a normal adult man. M, there is only a small gap between the cliff and the water surface, barely forcing people to expose their noses, choking a sip of water when they are not paying attention.

After finally passing through this area, Chu Huan hadn’t had time to lift his sore neck and move around, and he felt the pool of water behind him surging strangely.

Chu Huan immediately reminded: “Pay attention to the direction of five o’clock!”

Almost at the same time, Chu Huanping’s short knife had touched something, and there was a brittle sound. Then, when Chu Huan heard something lightly wading through the water, he turned his wrist without hesitation and followed The voice sent the dagger down, only to hear the sound of “poo”, the dagger that cut the wind cut into the body of something like a melon and cut vegetables, and it died without a word.

At this moment, the sound of a long horn suddenly sounded among the long and narrow mountains and deep pools.

There are more than one flat person here, waiting to ambush them!

The mountain shot an arrow and killed the trumpet sounder, but the trumpet sound had already been heard and it was too late.

The flats have a very delicate choice of the guard node. Chu Huan and they walked here and it was impossible to return. However, if they get stuck here or go further, they are likely to be pinched by a wide range of crazy dogs and flats. To catch the turtle in the urn in the cave!

Nanshan: “Go! Hurry, go forward! Don’t stop!”

A familiar roar from Mutai was heard directly in front of him, Nanshan grabbed Yuan Ping’s shoulder, which was originally open, and thrown him behind him with little politeness: “Follow me, don’t go away Dashan, blood medicine Is there anything else?”

Dashan immediately patted his chest, indicating that he had fulfilled his duties completely, without losing the dry food and medicine.

Nanshan’s first knife had been hacked out, and Mutai’s wind blade was oncoming, as if in the narrow passage, it became more and more fierce. Several people all felt the killing intent from the face, Nanshan swept across, the blade and one Crosswind Blades meet shortly.

The voice of Jin Shi was one after another, and Nanshan snorted: “What about the arrow?”

His voice did not fall, and the three arrows had come out of the string in unison. You don’t have to look and know who this is. Yuan Ping did not have such a tacit understanding, and Xiaofang and Dashan did not have such many arrows at once, and the arrows did not fall. ability.

In this environment, Chu Huan’s eyes can only see the outline of the enemy. However, as Guo Ping said, this does not delay his case. Chu Huan’s three arrows are sent out from the quiver. Three new ones were drawn, and the strings were pulled and stood firmly in place.

He was half-blind at this time, he automatically assumed the remote, his voice and feeling were his sharp weapons, Chu Huan just swept the distance, and a Mutai flew at him from top to bottom, almost biting his neck, And Chu Huan, under the big mouth of the blood basin, didn’t even tremble.

The mountain on one side had already rushed up, pierced the brain of the Mutai, and pushed it out laterally.

The roaring sounds throughout the cave became a film.

The mountain rocks were drooping, and several people were soaked in the cold water below their chests. Mutai passed by the sinister wind and poison. Nanshan refused to slow down. The longer he stayed in such a place, the more unfavorable to them.

Suddenly, Nanshan groaned, and the next moment, the thick bloody smell choked into Chu Huan’s nose.


Nanshan’s arm was hit by Mutai’s fierce wind and poison. He bowed his head in a hurry and sucked a bite, vomiting the poisonous blood aside at random, even more detailed treatment was too late, the second wave of The attack has come.

The rock above the head is getting higher and higher, which means they are about to leave the cave. Just then, a distant trumpet came to mind, coming from outside the cave.

The sound of the trumpet sounded and the flow of the entire mountain pool suddenly became chaotic. It seemed that countless mad dogs jumped into the water in batches. Xiaofang screamed at Nanshan and said, “Patriarch! There are a large number… a large number of Mu Tai is going to fold back into the cave…no, they are already in! Patriarch, patriarch!”

The whole person of Nanshan shook twice, the toxin spread on his arm, and he had quickly paralyzed half of his body.

At this moment, a cold hand with water supported his shoulder, and then Nanshan felt Chu Huan’s lips touch his wound, Nanshan was startled: “No, don’t you…”

Chu Huan clasped his wounds tightly, sucking out the blood as much as possible, and said quickly: “Can you find a way to rush them out?”

As Nanshan gritted his teeth, he pressed Chu Huan’s shoulder: “Help me, all back!”

A huge airflow suddenly rose for no reason, and the narrow passage between the mountains and the water became a natural blower. The entire cold lake was stirred up, a huge vortex rose into the sky, and a passage was pressed out by the living surface.

Such a hand is tantamount to making waves, and the big waves rolled up fiercely shot the flat people on Mutai into the water. The silly big and stubborn mad dogs suddenly cluttered in a mess, and the pigs rushed around the ground in the water. , Occasionally hitting them in front of them, was immediately killed by Yuan Ping and several of them neatly.

The big water was whitened by the sudden eruption of Nanshan, and several people were hurriedly pulled out of the cave. On both sides of the bank were densely flatteners riding mad dogs, yelling at them.

Chu Huan thrust a knife into the shore, and hanged himself and Nanshan up with one arm: “Dashan, medicine!”

Dashan threw a small bottle over, Chu Huan put it in his hand, and at the same time he held Nanshan’s wind arrow rolling over the roar.

Yuan Ping and Xiao Fang immediately followed up, struggling to cover up, Chu Huan pinched Nanshan’s chin, rudely poured a detox blood.

Yuan Ping left and right, embarrassed: “This fucking too much! Why don’t these ugly ghosts squeeze here?”

His voice fell, and a sharp whistle came suddenly between the mountains and rocks. Yuan Ping’s eyes lit up: “Our people!”

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