Shan He Biao Li Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Chapter 50 I’m here with you, OK?

Chu Huan pinched the ring with body temperature, the whole person seemed to be frozen in the firelight, and there was no sound for a minute.

He clearly knew what Nanshan was for and moved around. Chu Huan felt that he would make the same decision, but his heart was in flames and he couldn’t hold it down.

If you don’t care, of course, you have a broad mind and a broad heart, and he can of course be aloof and generous. However, the seven emotions are connected with the six tricks, and if you are not careful, you can’t help but make trouble.

At this time in the middle of the night, a few awake people were asleep not far away, it was not a good time to rush to the crown, so Chu Huan silently brought the jug over, poured two sips of cold water, and waited for the scorched liver to cool naturally.

But it was useless. It burned in his stomach as if it were a real fire of Samadhi.

Chu Huan has been conscious of self-cultivation for many years, and can already be counted among those with a mild temper, and he can’t count how many years he hasn’t had such a big temperament.

For a moment, Chu Huan couldn’t hold it back, almost whispering: “Come on again, please.”

Nanshan’s throat moved slightly and replied in a mute voice: “I will send you away, don’t come back.”

“This,” Chu Huan’s eyes kept piercing Nanshan’s eyes, and raised the ring in front of him. “You don’t want it, do you?”

There was an uncontrollable look of pain on Nanshan’s face. He stared straight at the fire, and the forehead showed a sliding green bar. For a long time, he responded: “…um.”

“Okay.” Chu Huan nodded, seeming to smile a little. He couldn’t express his cruelty in his smile. He raised his hand and threw the ring into the fire, and the fire was splashed by Mars.

Nanshan was taken aback, trying to dive his hand into the fire to catch it, Chu Huan clasped his wrist.

His hands were like eagle claws, his hard joints sharpened Nanshan’s wrist bones, the two stalemate for a while, Chu Huan gently picked up Nanshan’s long hair with the other hand, leaned under his nose and whispered, “You not say you are my person?”

Nanshan was speechless, and the expression of pretending to be calm on his face was almost unsustainable.

Chu Huan rubbed Nanshan’s wrist with his thumb. His palm was like iron, almost crushing Nanshan’s wrist, but his finger movement was extremely light, as if a feather swept gently, bringing a cold and trembling 

Chu Huan twitched his lips, sneered and said almost word by word: “Don’t you say, can your mountain guards promise a lot of money?”

Nanshan: “Chu Huan…”

Chu Huan’s hand shook slightly, making Nanshan’s chest hurt.

He was pale and powerless in his heart trying to persuade himself-the two of them should sit down, and each should reasonably shed some pros and cons, talk about each other’s concerns, and then negotiate with reason and emotion to reach Some kind of consensus, and then calmly discuss how to advance the various issues of the next step-this is the way adults solve problems.

But he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t say a word.

Chu Huan held Nanshan’s wrist and took a deep breath. The clear air came in and out of his lungs in the cool night. Chu Huan closed his eyes and adjusted his emotions with difficulty.

But next to it, Nanshan didn’t add a glance to the fire.

“Yes, I’m sorry for you.” Nanshan was silent for a moment, even admitting without any hesitation, “Anything you want.”

The words “I’m sorry” are definitely one of the most eloquent words in the world. Nanshan simply throws a kilogram of explosive into Chu Huan’s body, and the fire suddenly explodes.

“I can do whatever I want?” Chu Huan smiled angrily. He suddenly grabbed Nanshan’s neck and forced the other party to raise his head in a cramped posture. Chu Huan lowered his voice to almost whisper, almost hidden. In the chaotic burning wood of “Bee”, he leaned close to Nanshan’s ear and asked coldly, “Patriarch, then I’m here with you, is it okay?”

Nanshan’s carotid artery jumped frantically at Chu Huan’s fingertips, and his eyes were bloodshot, and he was really motionless.

Chu Huan was holding his neck, and he wanted to bite him to death. He bit the collarbone of Nanshan, leaving a clear tooth mark on it, and squeezed rudely across Nanshan’s chest, pulling him hard. The trousers subconsciously avoided the bruises on the opponent’s waist.

Chu Huan stared indifferently at Nanshan’s body and said blankly: “Lie or lie, you can choose one yourself.”

Nanshan’s fists on the side of his body were as tight as an extreme bowstring. He could almost hear the sound of his muscles and bones tightening and rubbing. His thin lips curled into a line, and his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes.

The two froze together again silently and briefly, very close together and as if far away. Chu Huan could touch Nan Shan’s pinna with his face on his side, and his patriarch’s spine stood straight, whether it was a wound or a pain Sitting on the spot, with a side face like a knife, looking at a distant place, stubborn to the extreme, it became a silent, unshakable toughness.

Chu Huan could feel that every inch of Nanshan’s muscles were tight as a stone that could not be poked.

He sighed silently and suddenly, and finally did nothing, but touched Nanshan’s face lightly and casually, like a gentle goodnight kiss.

Then Chu Huan loosened the restraint given to the other party, and his hand was pulled back from Nanshan’s clothes. He carefully flattened the folds on his pants and stepped back half a foot, lying on his back on the ground.

Xinghe was slightly dazzled, and Chu Huan closed his eyes altogether, and said nothing for a long time, as if he was asleep.

It wasn’t until he was quiet that Nanshan turned his head slowly, staring at him nicely across a fire.

At this moment, Chu Huan suddenly said like a whisper: “Three words and two words on the road will be able to meet someone, and the preface of the sweet words has not been finished. As soon as things change, they will pat on the butt and leave…”

He seemed a little tired. When he lay flat, his collarbone was sunken, and what he ran into Nanshan’s eyes was his sharp jaw and sharpened neck tendon for many days.

Chu Huan asked him quietly: “In your heart, what do you think of me?”

Nanshan was speechless, even if Chu Huan beat him, or insulted him, as if there was no such sentence in his heart.

Chu Huan didn’t open his eyes. He raised an arm, turned his face slightly, and leaned his forehead on his arm: “You are like the elder of your goat’s head. Believe it?”

Nanshan hissed, “I don’t have one.”

Chu Huan turned a deaf ear, and suddenly turned over, facing Nanshan with his back, the spine was slightly curved, and the curve fell into the recessed waist. He kept his back to Nanshan and said: “It’s not a moral model, but it’s not scum — at least not scum to you.”

Chu Huan’s remarks originally meant a little bit of weakness, but he said that he really aggrieved himself, so he had to stop his voice immediately.

The ground in the wild is cold and hard. Even if there is a fire on the side, that little warmth is also a lot of money.

The uncleaned stones rubbed Chu Huan’s arms roughly. His arms were wrapped around his chest in a defensive posture before fighting.

Chu Huan decided not to say it. His three-inch tongue did not hurt his enemy. He hurt himself by 10,000, and said that he was very sad.

If there is temperature in his eyes, it is estimated that Chu Huan has been burned by Nanshan’s eyes. Nanshan hates to have to pounce on him and hug him. He can’t wait to put his hand directly into the fire and take back the ring that was still in the fire .

Nanshan bit too tightly, unconsciously, full of bloody smell.

“Do you know what a fall is?” Nanshan asked dumbly.

Chu Huan didn’t move, but slightly opened his eyes.

“The sinking ground is the dead ground. There is no consciousness, no moving things in it. It is not death or vitality. Haven’t you seen the living dead in my cave?”

The fire has begun to weaken, but no one has taken care of it. Nanshan said: “A long time ago, there was not only one of us here. At that time, there were many people in this world. There were various tribes on the plains and the mountains. The merchants who exchanged goods with each other from the north. Our ancestors lived on the Holy Mountain for generations. Because of their special relationship with the gatekeepers, they were especially respected. Over time, we got the name ‘Shoushanren’.”

“The holy book says that one day the world will be black.” Nan Shan said, “Nobody understood the meaning of this sentence at that time, but later, some tribes who had fled came to the neighborhood and claimed that their settlement was swallowed by a shadow. Now.”

Chu Huan finally gave him a little response and asked, “What does it mean to devour?”

“Just gone.” Nanshan said, “The friends in our cave who have become motionless have at least a complete body, but what they said of the’swallowed’ person has nothing left, that is It disappeared out of thin air.”

Chu Huan put Fang Cai’s sadness and entanglement aside, and sat up from the spot: “No body…remains? Still broken into something.”

“Nothing,” Nanshan said, “as if those people never existed.”

Chu Huan hesitated for a moment and asked again: “Wait, the holy book you said… what is it?”

“It is said that it is a big stone.” Nanshan said, “The content has been widely spread. Before, all ethnic groups had a similar version, but no one knew how it was at first. Later, the content saved by each ethnic group was also broken. It became word of mouth.”

According to word of mouth, this kind of thing has never been accurate. Chu Huan couldn’t help but ask: “Have no one ever pursued the true holy book?”

“Yes.” Nanshan turned his head and looked in the direction of the sinking ground. “But the legendary Heavenly Stone Holy Book is already in the sinking ground. No one can find it.”

Chu Huan frowned: “But I saw mountains and water and trees on the mountain. If any life will disappear in the sinking ground, why would the tree exist?”

Nanshan glanced at him: “The tree is unconscious.”

Chu Huan suddenly remembered that when he was at the top of the mountain, Nanshan shouted at him, “Don’t look, don’t listen, don’t think”, he suddenly flashed, and blurted out and asked: “You mean… The so-called ‘falling ground’ devours is ‘awareness’?”

Nanshan shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Chu Huan struggled with his thoughts: “These veterans strayed into your site during the shock period, which is equivalent to obliterating their presence on the other side of the river, so time stopped, is that the same reason, The so-called ‘falling ground’ is on your side…not one…”

He didn’t know how to say it, and after a while, he found the closest word: “Dimension?”

Nanshan tore his eyes off him hard: “I don’t know.”

“The elder said that it is alive. For so many years, it has been devouring and expanding its territory. The movement has been particularly obvious in the past few years, but I thought there will be at least a few decades. I didn’t expect…”

Nanshan said here, he paused and continued his voice after a while: “Shanmen is connected to another world and is the only way to live here. If we go on like this, we will have only two endings in the past two years. ——Either the mountain gate was crushed by monsters that couldn’t survive, and we died in battle, or the mountain gate was closed before it fell to the ground. Like everyone else, we were swallowed into it and disappeared together.”

Chu Huan: “So you decided not to want me.”

His words were like the water falling into the rolling oil, and Nanshan’s heart was blown up in a mess. Nanshan’s chest undulated violently several times, his fingers clutching the innocent grass, and his fingertips were almost covered by the tough grass. The stems bleed.

Chu Huan glanced at him, then climbed up without a word, found the furthest corner, and lay down.

Nanshan’s back was stiff as if it would break when touched, but he lowered his head and did not look back.

Early the next morning, everyone felt that the atmosphere was vaguely wrong, but what was wrong was always unclear. Xiaofang looked at this with fear, and then looked at that, trying to find a source, until he followed the original plan. When they all led to the hidden cave near the cold lake, they discovered that the original source came from their bitch king.

Chu Huan walked silently in the broken position. Since the morning, he hasn’t said a word-there is always a case where the patriarch opened the road after he broke, but Chu Huan didn’t just go blindly and alert, he would sometimes call Yuan Ping a few words, sometimes whistling at Nanshan’s back, attracting the patriarch to look back at him compulsively, and smirked.

Even if he was nervous, as long as Chu Huan still had the strength, he looked like a “no big deal” look, and never had such a low blood pressure on the floor.

Near the pool water, a few people stopped to rest, and cautiously explored the mountain pool for other dangers.

Chu Huan still bears the stinky face of collecting debts from his grave, holding a grass stalk far behind, holding his hands to his chest, not knowing what to look at.

Xiaofang shouted at him: “Are you hungry?”

Chu Huan shook his head perfunctoryly at him, and ignored him again.

Xiaofang was very unknown, so she turned to look at the patriarch, but the patriarch looked away from her face.

Xiaofang went to see Dashan again, and saw that the silly boy was as confused as him. So in the end, Xiaofang had to poke Yuan Ping and gestured in the direction of Chu Huan with his eyes.

Yuan Ping: “Why?”

Xiaofang quickly dragged him to the side with a wagging tail, and whispered to Yuan Ping, biting his ear, “What’s wrong with a good b**ch?”

Yuan Ping glanced along his eyes, very unclear. So: “I don’t know, if it’s ill, is the big aunt coming?”

Xiao Fang begged and said, “Brother, the gatekeeper, go check it out.”

Yuan Ping: “Why should I watch him? I…”

Xiaofang stomped on him hard and put on a stern Li Kui face, becoming an angry woolly monkey.

“Huh.” Yuan Ping Bai Xiaofang glanced, and then dragged towards Chu Huan, kicking him in the past, “Hey, they asked me to ask, what are you looking for melancholy here?”

Chu Huan lifted his lips without lifting his eyelids: “Go away.”

He did not speak badly, but Yuan Ping was not in a hurry. He bent down and looked at Chu Huan’s expression, saw a little interest, and looked back at Nanshan. Nanshan’s eyes had always been lingering on Chu Huan. , Quickly turned away in a hurry.

Yuan Ping gave birth to a strange gossip, he poked Chu Huan’s arm, squatted next to him, probed his head and said: “What’s the matter? What’s unhappy, hurry to the uncle, loneliness, I This is a joke.”

Chu Huan became a saw-mouthed gourd, letting Yuan Ping scratch his ear and scratch his cheek, but he said nothing.

Just when Yuan Ping had lost patience and was about to leave him away, Chu Huan suddenly said to himself, “I want to go to that sinking ground.”

This sentence cut Yuan Ping in place.

Yuan Ping turned his head violently, and looked at Chu Huan in surprise: “What do you say? Say it again.”

“I plan to go to the sinking ground.” Chu Huan repeated clearly.

Yuan Ping has known him for so many years, and of course knows when Chu Huan was joking and when he was serious. His surprised eyes swept around Chu Huan, lowering his voice and asking, “Are you crazy?”

Chu Huan: “No.”

Yuan Ping found out that Chu Huan had been looking at the direction of the sinking ground, and his straight-eyed eyes saw him frightened. Yuan Ping lifted his trouser legs and squatted down, and forced to ask: “What’s wrong with you? Chu Huan, do you want to find the dead, do your family leaders know?”

Chu Huan remained silent for a long time, and said almost unheardly: “…He intends to tear it down with me.”

Yuan Ping didn’t react for a while, then he stared at Chu Huan inexplicably, saying one by one: “You mean, because of this matter, you are going to cry and hang and hang, seek death and live alive?”

Chu Huan: “…”

Yuan Ping nodded in amazement and patted his shoulder: “It’s too much for me to see, so go ahead, I support you.”

Chu Huan was swayed by him. Although Yuan Ping couldn’t carelessly look at people’s faces, he still didn’t care about that kind of situation. On hearing this, he roughly wanted to understand the meaning of Nanshan, so he looked at Chu Huan, ask: “Are you serious?”

Chu Huan nodded.

Yuan Ping frowned, and remained silent for a while. He said: “Then you should go back with us anyway. Regarding the fall, I think you’d better ask the elders and the Ruger elders more questions first. “

Chu Huan finally withdrew his gaze and said to Yuan Ping: “I know, I didn’t plan to sneak away in the middle of the night.”

Yuan Ping sighed: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s falling, or whatever, but it’s really nothing to do with you, you know?”

Chu Huan ignored him.

Yuan Ping glanced at Chu Huan’s expression, and knew that his mind was decided, saying nothing was useless, so he closed his mouth, stood up, and returned to the side.

At this moment, Chu Huan suddenly seemed to remember something, turned his head and asked: “Oh, right, on the top of the mountain that day, have you seen a white light?”

Yuan Ping turned his head to raise an eyebrow, his face puzzled: “What white light?”

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