Shan He Biao Li Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

The dead flower was completely wiped out, and the migrating sound beasts and eye-eating beasts hadn’t had time to return. The downstream area at this time was a rare and quiet place.

Several people washed the blood on the mallet, sorted out his appearance, and buried him in place.

The Shoushan people probably think that the shell is also something outside the body, and their attitude towards the corpse is amazing. They are not very particular about the mausoleum and graveyard. Where can the loess be buried? Probably, if the guardian’s body has the medicinal value of life and death like the gatekeeper, the mallet may be taken away in another form in their grief.

Dashan is young, has racial advantages, and has amazing resilience. When Chu Huan was inconvenient to bend over because of a wound on his lower back, his eyes had basically recovered.

The young man who saw the sun burst into tears in front of the mallet, and then cut off a small section of his hair, pressed it with stones, put it on the mud by the river, and teared hard, and said to the mallet: “You, I will be your brother in the future, your daughter-in-law will be my sister-in-law, your son will be my son, and I owe you a lifetime, as long as I still have a breath, no one can hurt them!”

After he finished talking, he knelt on the ground and knocked a bunch of loud heads solidly. He gave no effort to knock his forehead into a large area. As far as the image is concerned, it seemed to be a stunned head.

Nanshan walked over, pressed his shoulders, and whispered, “Okay, he heard it, get up.”

Dashan has been the most outstanding among his peers since he was a child. When he was sixteen years old, he was personally selected by the elders. He and Xiaofang have been following the patriarch. The patriarch’s hands are warm and hard, and he has been handed to him in various dangerous situations numerous times. Pulled up again, and never once dismissed his young and reckless.

Dashan came from a time of sorrow, feeling embarrassed, like a child who was wronged, grabbed Nanshan’s wrist, hugged Nanshan’s leg, and burst into tears.

Nanshan raised his arms around his shoulders and patted his back, but looked involuntarily at Chu Huan a few steps away.

Chu Huan hugged his chest in front of his chest, leaning against a boulder on his side. His two legs with different lengths were cold, and he changed it into a pair of shorts with a knife. There were only a few rags left in his eyes.

However, without a dress, he can still be like a beast.

In fact, they did not mention it later-that day, Chu Huan’s breathing and heartbeat stopped for a while.

At that time, it was as if Yuan Ping had been yelling in Nanshan’s ear, and he was just like a walking dead, following what he had done to do “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. Afterwards, Nanshan found that he didn’t remember anything at all. At that time, my mind was completely blank.

What if Chu Huan is gone?

Nanshan was a few steps away, staring straight at Chu Huan, thinking with his soul indifferent. Even if Chu Huan was gone, he could not follow him, because as the chief of the guardian, he had to carry the hope of the clan all the time. Alive.

If there was such a day, Nanshan felt that he would probably do something very extreme, he would burn Chu Huan to ash, take it with him, take it with him for meals, take him to bed, take him to his dreams, take him to himself, and take him to Dead bones, go to him again-a few days later, every time Nanshan thinks about these things, he still can’t breathe like a knife.

In such a silent place, he tortured himself with thousands of arrows, and did not notice when Dashan was picked up by Xiaofang and when Chu Huan came to him.

Chu Huan attached to his ear and whispered, “Let’s watch, and then I’ll take the tickets again.”

When Nanshan was agitated, Chu Huan deliberately blew into the warmth of his ears, causing his three souls and seven souls to rush back into place, and gathered all over him to turn upside down, unable to speak for a while.

Chu Huan hugged his waist and gently pushed him forward: “Go.”

Several people rested for a few days in the same place, and it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time. Next to the fire, Nanshan announced his decision after some consideration. He planned to end this mountain tour early.

Xiaofang asked with some anxiety: “Don’t you go to the Stele Forest? Patriarch, I heard from the elders, the dying flowers generally don’t grow in the north of the mountain, there must be something in the south.”

“I know,” Nanshan said. “We will leave early tomorrow morning and go to the highest place on the top of the mountain. If something happens that makes the dead flower have to migrate, it should be visible from a high place.”

In the second half of the sentence, Nanshan had a good idea in his heart, but he didn’t mention it in front of the crowd—if he couldn’t see it, he planned to leave these people here and go down the mountain to investigate.

Both Dashan and Xiaofang were silent, because this might be the first time in the history of the mountain guards patrolling the mountain.

That night was Yuan Ping’s vigil, but apart from Xiaofang, several people were invariably asleep.

Chu Huan closed his eyes and nourished himself, feeling that the mountain had climbed up and walked past him crept by. He walked to the fire and sat down right beside Yuan Ping. He said softly, “Brother, the gatekeeper, you are amazing, Can you teach me and make me stronger?”

Yuan Ping was not a stable person, but he looked at the ten-year-old boy in front of him, and unconsciously, he became more stable. He gently touched the forehead of Dashan: “I can’t do it. , When I was as big as you, I still couldn’t find the north two hundred and five.

Dashan was stunned first, and then reacted that he was talking about the previous thing, so he didn’t intervene, just listened attentively.

“After so many years, I have summarized that there are generally two kinds of people who want to become strong and have the heaviest things,” Yuan Ping’s voice seemed a little distant in the night breeze, and Chu Huan opened his eyes to a gap. He said to Dashan as a man, “One is because of others, you have to compete with others, and you have to suppress others everywhere; the other is because of yourself, such as who you want to protect, who you want to achieve, what you want to do Career-little brother, what kind are you?”

Dashan replied without hesitation: “The mountain gate is getting harder and harder to guard. I don’t want to drag others down. Besides, I promised my elder brother to take care of his children. I need strength.”

Yuan Ping looked at him with a smile: “Yes, you have found the right way.”

After he finished speaking, he seemed to remember something. His eyes crossed the fire and stretched like a big cat. He added: “The first one will eventually find himself a fool.”

Chu Huan lay well, feeling that he was shot in the middle of the night when no one pointed at Sang and cursed Huai. He lazily turned over, convinced that he was not in conformity with Yuan Ping.

At this time, someone limped up, stretched out his hand tentatively, first probed on Chu Huan’s forehead, and then lifted his finger, and slowly moved down, seeming to want to explore His breath.

Chu Huan didn’t open his eyes and said softly with a nasal voice: “No fever, no death.”

Nanshan seemed to be burned and quickly withdrew his hand: “Are you not asleep?”

On one side is Xiaofang’s earth-shattering snoring sound, and on the other side, Yuan Ping filled the mountain with his soul chicken soup, which has not been discussed yet.

Chu Huan looked around at the darkness, feeling the atmosphere was just right, so he got up and sat down beside Nanshan.

He looked at his cracked hands everywhere, rolled the ring that Chu Aiguo gave him from his fingers, spread the palm of Nanshan, and put it in his palm: “This is for you.”

A long time ago, Nanshan thought that this ring was given to Chu Huan, and secretly drank a lot of dry vinegar. Later, when asked clearly, he found that there was no one who had nothing to do, and there were countless customs between them that he could not fully understand. Habit, so Nanshan has been a little confused about the origin of this thing.

He carefully observed the wide-edged plain circle. The appearance was simple and concise, and there was no extra pattern, but the inner circle seemed to have words. Fortunately, the guardian could see things at night. Nanshan fumbled and raised Su Yuan to his eyes: “Teasing you…playing?”

What are these strange customs?

Chu Huan laughed, and then he just took off his brain fever, and then he felt a little embarrassed. He took the ring back and put it on Nanshan’s finger.

This ring was originally played by Chu Aiguo for him, but I don’t know what went wrong. Which finger Chu Huan wore seems to be a little unsuitable, either tight or easy to fall. The tight thread fits together.

…I don’t know if Chu Aiguo had any foresight in his old man.

Nanshan is unknown so: “What is this?”

what is this?

This question can be answered with a long history-does it say to Nanshan that this ring is tied to a promise to live to be seventy or eighty, is it his life?

The words “deliver your life to your hands”, Chu Huan is hard to pronounce anyway. When he finds himself in a critical place, he will have a kind of attack called “three feet can’t kick a fart” Weird symptoms, I had to think in comfort: “This is normal, how can a serious man have so many words in his mouth all day long?”

So he coughed and pretended not to care, saying: “The ring, with fun… well, it’s my dad’s relic.”

Nanshan froze.

Chu Huan said: “We have to take people back to see their parents. My parents are all dead. You can’t see them anymore. The ring is suitable… It means that Chu Aiguo doesn’t have any opinion on you. You keep it, then The old man doesn’t have much money, just treat him as a gift.”

Suddenly, Nanshan’s hand trembled slightly.

The mallet is dead, Dashan and Xiaofang both look at his face, Nanshan knows in his heart, so he seems to have always been calm on the surface, and he dare not show anything at all in his heart.

He felt that he couldn’t keep Chu Huan, even if he stayed in the wrong place for a while now, it just kept him injured.

There are cars and planes across the river, no monsters, and no bloodshed.

They walked on the street with unclear people, and there were many unclear shops on the street. They wanted to eat whatever they wanted and wherever they wanted to go.

Chu Huan doesn’t owe him anything. What can he do to leave others?

Moreover, in any case, the border of the sinking land is getting closer and closer. Nanshan once told Chu Huan that he was going to find a ray of life in the dead ground, but now, he suddenly feels that he is outspoken, and the war for the mountain gate will only increase. Hardship, maybe one day, as Ruger said, the Shoushan people will accompany Dashan to die together.

What about Chu Huan?

In the past few days, Nanshan has not been able to fall asleep, he did not think about this day and night, and finally decided to let go, breaking his wrist, but at this time, he was smashed into a ring by Chu Huan. Eight petals.

Chu Huan did not dare to speculate in the past, but now he has broken through that layer of paper. There is no need to say a lot of things. He knows everything Nanshan thought. Chu Huan sighed. On the one hand, he was flattered, and on the other hand, he felt a little bit distressed, so he gently held Nanshan’s chin and kissed him with a little comfort.

He had no evil thoughts in his heart, but his nose was touching, and Chu Huan had some taste after he touched it. He decided to forget for a while and decided to temporarily forget that he was a “serious man”, and then grabbed Nanshan’s back and regrouped Go up.

This time, Chu Huan had a desire in his heart, and pryed Nanshan’s lips very skillfully, patiently but inexplicably from shallow to deep.

Nanshan has never kissed anyone like this, nor has he ever been kissed. At first, he was completely at a loss. When the tongues touched, he shrank in shock.

Chu Huan squeezed his neck gently, entangled him softly and sturdily, struggling with half-dazzling skills, gave Nanshan a good deal of sorrow, and then withdrew a little, gently touching The tip of Nanshan’s nose chuckled and said, “Close your eyes and relax.”

Nanshan’s interrupted breath slowly came up, his heart was about to explode, his blood was turbulent everywhere, and his body began to be hot. His mother tongue and half-familiar Chinese, he forgot to clean it, and he couldn’t say a word. .

Chu Huan: “Do you want it?”

Nanshan: “I…I…”

He was speechless and had to act directly. He clumsily moved Chu Huan into his arms, imitating the actions of his talents, and gnawed through, just like a cat with no rules and regulations. Knelt on one side of Nanshan with one knee, half pressed against Nanshan, but the salty pig hand passed through Nanshan’s hair, patrolled most of the body’s firm and smooth skin, and reluctantly patted around the waist of others, feeling that his lower abdomen seemed to rise A long-lost fire.

At this moment, a heavy cough suddenly came from behind, and someone unpleasantly stopped drinking: “Feng Ji check!”

It turned out to be a mountain vigil in the middle of the night, and Yuan Ping found a place to sleep.

Nanshan woke up dreamily and quickly grabbed Chu Huan’s hand and he flushed.

Chu Huan: “…”

This damn empty, lonely and cold single nuisance, Chu Huan never hoped that the surname Yuan would die back to the Holy Spring.

Chu Huan: “Dare you dare to be cheaper?”

Yuan Ping sat down side by side with a golden knife: “Where do you want to be shameless?”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Nanshan with his probe and shouted innocently, “Patriarch, you should be careful. He is a rogue. Be careful that he takes advantage of you.”

Even Dashan looked back curiously, and Nanshan was speechless.

Chu Huan picked up a stone from the ground and hit Yuan Ping—what shit friend, which one should shake hands with such a person?

To deal with this road scumbag, words are superfluous, and only scooping is the only correct way.

Nanshan hurriedly cut off the stone before it hit the gatekeeper’s head: “Don’t you…”

Yuan Ping was furious: “What are you doing when you lie on my face again when you lie down? I’m more handsome than you? You’re such a junk.”

Chu Huan still decided to be different from him.

Nanshan grabbed his waist and dragged the person back: “OK!”

When Yuan Ping saw him being suppressed, he immediately rejoiced: “Hey…”

Nanshan: “Shut up!”

Yuan Ping: “…”

“Lie down.” Nanshan frowned, avoiding Chu Huan’s wound, forcibly pressing him to the ground, and finally gave Yuan Ping a warning look, and changed his position, separating the pair of fighting by himself.

Anyway, it was a clean ear.

It’s just… Fang Cai’s irritability was diluted by the smoke.

Nanshan glanced down at the ring in his hand. After a while, he felt that Chu Huan should be asleep, and then secretly reached out a hand and carefully put it on the other side, as if holding a world.

The next day, they went on the last day and walked toward the top of the big mountain in front of them.

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