Regarding I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of Man

This is primarily a response towards the comments that other translator, lazyinu, made regarding the novel translation I [Imperial] Am Not This Type of Man. Thank you.

Hello there, lazyinu!

I’m Daed, the other translator of I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of Man. I want to have a conversation with you regarding this project. I am currently unable to comment on Wattpad itself (since I don’t have an account and don’t plan to), so I will comment here below my chapter first before I try Wattpad. Please read this and respond to me if/when you do.

TL;DR: Since you said you’ll gladly stop if I ask, I would like it if you stop translating this novel. Thank you. 

Questions and Thoughts

First, I want to ask: have you experienced any issues in contacting me? If you have, I would like to know so that I can rectify that. I thought it was sufficient enough to have the message at the bottom of the chapters, but please let me know if I could make contacting me easier in any way. You can contact me through Discord (preferred!), the Foxaholic email, the Foxaholic google contact form, etc. 

Second, thank you for liking the novel! I’m glad that there is someone else who enjoys the story enough to be willing to translate it for everyone else. However, you started translating and posting this before a month had passed since I released chapter 8, which is a violation of NU rules about poaching novel projects.

To be totally transparent with you, I thought that I still had time to work on chapter 9 since 1) it hadn’t been picked up before during the temporary hiatus I went through (so yes, I thought it was pretty safe), and 2) Ch8 was released on NU on October 12th. So I figured I could take my time with the translation especially since no one seemed to have any major issues (that I knew of) with the translation speed or the quality so far. Imagine my surprise when someone notified me about my project getting stolen…

About Translation Speed/Frequency of Updates and a Reader’s Novel Experience

From your comment under your translation of ch9, it seems that your main issue is the frequency of updates for this novel. More specifically, the two week interval in between chapters? You mentioned that “translation speed could ruin the novel”. How so?

Personally, I prefer quality over quantity. I’ve never encountered a novel translation where the translation speed ruined the series for me.

About Translating This Novel

Honestly, when I first learned that you had picked up translating the project, I debated over whether I should drop this novel or persist. If readers would prefer your translations and update frequency over mine, then so be it. I have plenty of other projects to pick up or focus on. 

But I would personally like to continue translating this novel since 1) it is one of my all-time favorite novels, 2) I was the first person to begin translating this and would like to continue translating this to the end, and 3) I have confidence in my quality of translation as I am fluent in both English and Chinese. 

Nevertheless, I can see that you have also put in effort to explain terms and translate with your own schedule. I do not want to disregard your hard work translating and editing the chapters, nor the time you’ve invested, or even the amount of research you have done. But, since you offered, I would like to take up your offer and ask you to stop.

About the Translation of the Novel Title

I also saw your comments regarding the translation of the novel title. I would beg to differ. What you suggested (e.g. “This <Kind of Man> Zhen am not”, “This Kind of Man I [Imperial] Am Not”, or “I Am Not This Kind [of Man]”) are indeed ways to rephrase the title, but they all sound very awkward. Additionally, the word “Man” has been excluded and added afterwards with the use of the brackets. 

In any case, I find it hard to understand what problem you have with the title–is it its similarity to the BL novel? There are plenty of novels with the same name or similar names and different plots.

To explain why I translated the title the way that I did, please allow me to break apart the characters for you in the way that I interpreted them:


朕 (Zhen) – form of self-address reserved for the emperor; equivalent to the royal We; I [Imperial]

不是 (bu shi) – no; Am Not

这样 (zhe yang)- like this; This Kind

的 (de) – denotes the possessive ([sth]’s); the; Of

汉子(han zi) – another way of saying Man (specifically a Han man)

I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of Man.

Admittedly, I could have translated it as I [Imperial] Am Not This Type of Man, or even as I [Imperial] Am Not Such a Man. But as you said, the translated title is similar to the BL novel I [Imperial] Am This Type of Man [QT]. The Chinese titles are actually similar too! This novel is 朕不是这样的汉子, and the BL novel is 朕就是这样的汉子[快穿]. (An alternative translation for the BL title is I [Imperial] Am Precisely This Kind of Man [QT], if that will also make the difference clearer.) So I opted to translate it with a similar phrasing (since the titles use almost all the same characters), but still different. 

By the way, these two titles are different by two words, not just one. They also have completely different novel covers, synopses, and tags. I think it’s fairly easy to tell the difference once you get to the page. The novel covers also show up when you search in the search bar, but who really checks them anyway?

Anyways, you can actually request NovelUpdates to change the title by reporting it as a problem in your user profile or emailing them ([email protected]) if there is an actual mistranslation/error in the title or any bugs with NU. I do understand how you feel about translated novel titles bugging you. I have had my fair share of novels of which I know their titles are mistranslated, and which have bugged me afterwards. They still haven’t been fixed nor have I said anything to their face but I just don’t go look at them. So I do get it. Nevertheless, I maintain my position on the matter. While I am grateful for your suggestions, I will continue using my own phrasing as I am more than confident in my English grammar, having grown up and continuing to live in an English-speaking country (the U.S.).

TL;DR: I would appreciate it if you stopped translating this novel. Thank you.

– Daed 

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