Chapter 4

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Shen Shujie prepared a few of Jiang Haofeng’s favourite dishes and packed them properly. Then, he informed the steward he was leaving, and drove the car to Jiang Haofeng’s company. When he exited from the private-use elevator, the little miss-secretary instantly saw him, and hurriedly came out from behind the desk to take the container boxes from him, “Little Shen, why have you come here today?”

Shen Shujie blinked a few times at the little miss-secretary, “CEO Jiang is here ma, I’m here to give him his lunch.”

The little miss-secretary helped to push open the office room’s doors for him, “CEO Jiang is still in a meeting, please, go and in and have a seat while you wait, he should finish very soon.”

Shen Shujie thanked her for her help, then he sat down on the sofa and began to waste away the time. He looked around, to his left and right, and finally settled on pulling out his mobile phone, when he suddenly caught sight of a small cake sitting on the desk in Jiang Haofeng’s office. He walked over to take a look, and soon let out a cheery laugh, I wonder when he had the time to secretly bring it to the company…

In order to prevent any awkward atmosphere upon the return of Young Master Jiang, he considerately returned the cake to its position behind the computer, pretending that he had not seen anything.

Jiang Haofeng’s aura seemed a little depressed when he exited from his meeting, and the little miss-secretary shook like a leaf as she walked toward him to inform him, “CEO Jiang, Mr Shen has arrived.”

Jiang Haofeng froze for a moment, then he nodded his head in acknowledgement, then pushed the door open as he stepped in. Shen Shujie was on the sofa, watching videos, and when he saw him enter, he smiled, “You don’t look so good, something wrong at work?”


“It’s a pity I can’t help you, how about having something to relax?” As he said this, he took out the dishes he had prepared earlier.

Jiang Haofeng had indeed gotten quite frustrated from some work matters, but upon seeing Shen Shujie, his mood had gotten a great deal better, “I thought you said you weren’t coming over?”

“I came here to give you your lunch, aren’t you even happier?”

Jiang Haofeng picked up a pair of chopsticks, not looking at him as he said, “Don’t be silly.”

Shen Shujie was used to this sort of answer from him, and didn’t mind at all, he took out a pair of bowls and chopsticks, Jiang Haofeng was actually quite a picky eater, and it had taken Shen Shujie quite a long time to identify his likes and dislikes. So he had brought two sets of what Jiang Haofeng liked, and for himself, he had prepared steamed broccoli. His next role was to act as a sick and weak young sir. Even though it was an acting role outside of the main-male-trio, but his professionalism still made him want to get a little thinner, so he could portray the character a little better. However, Jiang Haofeng was acting like a little primary school student, actively avoiding eating the steamed broccoli.

Just looking at the lusciously-green steamed broccoli made Jiang Haofeng feel quite distasteful, and seeing how Shen Shujie was eating bite after bite of it, enjoying it as well, he found it hard to wrap his head around this, “What do you plan to do in the afternoon?”

“I’m meeting up with Hu Shan.”

“Why are you meeting up with him?”

“He’s also on his break ah, and we haven’t seen each other for quite a while, so we just want to meet up.”

Jiang Haofeng placed his chopsticks down, and sternly looked at Shen Shujie, “I don’t like this Hu Shan fellow.”

“Hmm? Why not?”

“His character is lacking.”

“How’s that possible? Hu Shan was the first friend I made in the industry, he’s helped me out many times before.”

“The word out about him isn’t good, and his personal life is a mess. He’s always involved with a ton of female idols, you had better steer clear of him in the future.”

Shen Shujie nodded his head, and casually picked another piece of steamed broccoli up, placing it into Jiang Haofeng’s mouth, “You seem like you understand the entertainment industry quite well huh, I thought you never paid attention to these things.”

Expressionless, Jiang Haofeng shook his head, then he chewed a while on the broccoli in his mouth before swallowing it, “No, the Company has worked with him before, I don’t pay attention to matters of the entertainment industry.”

“Oh, truthfully, Hu Shan still isn’t that bad. His personal life is a mess yes, but he’s good enough to me.” As Shen Shujie said this, he picked up another piece of broccoli, intending to feed Jiang Haofeng again.

Jiang Haofeng resolutely closed his mouth, only opening it after a moment to say, “I never eat broccoli.”

Shen Shujie placed his chopsticks down as his face cracked into a great smile, “You just ate some ah~”

Young Master Jiang instantly recognised the after-taste in his mouth, and his face seemed to turn a little green.

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