Chapter 2

The next day, Shen Shujie got up early to prepare breakfast. The sticky-chewy small bowl of porridge simmered on the heat for about 40 minutes while he prepared some egg whites. He took extra care to make sure the yolks of each egg were extracted and refrigerated. Then he took out the pickled vegetables he had prepared prior to his last trip and placed them inside a small sauce dish.

After he got out of bed, Jiang Haofeng was met with the splendiferous sight of breakfast – prepared and all ready for him to dig in. He glanced about but could not find Shen Shujie. As for the small bowl of lukewarm porridge on the table, he finished it in two or three gulps. After he finished it, it was almost as if he had found the perfect reason to walk into the kitchen, but no one was there.

He was a bit vexed by this, and he plonked the bowl heavily onto the sideboard, but the moment he lifted up his head, he suddenly caught sight of the silhouette of someone outside the window! Quickly, he picked the bowl back up again, hurried out of the kitchen and sat back down in the dining area, making sure to pretend to peruse a newspaper as he did so.

When Shen Shujie came inside, he saw the empty bowl in Jiang Haofeng’s hand and asked him, “Would you like some more?”

Jiang Haofeng nodded as he continued to earnestly pore over the newspaper, while Shen Shujie picked up the bowl with a smile on his face. “How about half a bowl more? You ate too much last night… How old are you anyway, don’t you know to avoid overeating?”

Jiang Haofeng stoically rearranged his newspapers, claiming ignorance of this as he said, “There was no such thing!”

Shen Shujie himself did not really want to expose him, but he still only spooned out another half-bowl of porridge before asking, “Aren’t you going to work today?”

“I’m on leave.”

“But it isn’t the weekend yet ah~”

Young Master Jiang put his newspaper down as he sharply replied, “As a boss myself, do I not have the rights to control my own rest-time?”

His sudden earnest reply caused Shen Shujie to have the urge to laugh. “Could it be because you wanted to spend some time with me?”

Young Master Jiang stubbornly denied this, “Impossible.”

Shen Shujie recognized that look on his face, it was his ‘If-I-want-to-rest-then-I’m-going-to-rest-there’s-completely-no-other-reason’ face, and his laughter bubbled out as he comforted him, “Alright la~ If that’s the case, then let me accompany you, okay? Shall we stay at home and watch some videos?”

After that, the duo spent the rest of their morning slouched on their sofa, watching a few movies. This sort of carefree day was rare for them, and the two of them would occasionally discuss the plot. Shen Shujie and Jiang Haofeng had been married for five years now, and he had always felt that the two of them had already developed feelings for each other.

Of course, he did not dare to comment on whether or not this was love; but he was sure that at the very least, they did have some mutual respect for each other, and perhaps there was some affection in there.

The housekeeper had prepared lunch for them, but Jiang Haofeng hardly touched it. After glancing at the time, he instructed Shen Shujie, “Can you go and make some cakes? Like the ones you made yesterday.”

Shen Shujie was busy sipping egg flower soup and shot him a questioning look. “Didn’t you have a lot yesterday? You still want some more?”


“You’re going to be 30 soon, don’t you know that you shouldn’t have so many sugary things?”

“Go and make some for me now, and once they’re done, put them in the fridge for me.”

“Why don’t I just make it when you can eat it?”

Young Master Jiang stopped talking just then and wore an unhappy look as he stared at Shen Shujie, almost daring him to continue resisting his will. Shen Shujie was always afraid of this kind of Jiang Haofeng and he ultimately gave in, saying, “Alright alright~ I’ll go and make them now.”

Jiang Haofeng nodded, adding, “Make sure they’re exactly the same as yesterday’s! Don’t mess up the steps too!”

“Alright, alright, sure.”

Although he had no clue why Young Master Jiang was suddenly so fixated with this, Shen Shujie began to prepare the ingredients for the cake, all while Jiang Haofeng watched him from the middle of a doorway, just like one of those door gods. After nearly an afternoon’s worth of hustling, Shen Shujie finally plated the little cakes and brought them to Jiang Haofeng. “You can have one slice now, but only one. I’ll put the rest into the fridge for tomorrow.”

Young Master Jiang stared unmoving at the cakes, then pointed to the time on the wall, leaving Shen Shujie quite confused as to what he meant.

Jiang Haofeng noticed his confusion and cleared his throat before explaining, “You lied to me yesterday.”

Shen Shujie could only blink in daze. “What did I lie to you about?”

Young Master Jiang’s face was stone-like as he said, “Yesterday you told me that you had taken a nap before baking the cakes, but based on the amount of time you took today, it is impossible for you to have taken a nap yesterday.”

Shen Shujie finally understood what he had been miffed about yesterday, and with a laugh he sat down opposite Jiang Haofeng. “CEO Jiang, Young Master Jiang, Jiang Haofeng… How did you know which flight I took home? I only told you that I would be going home yesterday, but I did not mention the time. Were you secretly supervising my movements?”

Jiang Haofeng’s expression instantly changed. “Of course not!”

Shen Shujie could not help but feel overjoyed at Jiang Haofeng’s mixed feelings and he reached down to place one rosy-red strawberry inside his mouth. After chewing on it twice, he suddenly got on his tiptoes and sealed Jiang Haofeng’s mouth with a kiss. Using his tongue, he carefully nudged open Jiang Haofeng’s things, saying, “Thank you for leaving work early yesterday for me.”

Young Master Jiang gave the strawberry he had just been shared a couple of bites, but he found that he felt that he was losing ground. He had only wanted Shen Shujie to apologize for lying to him, but the current development of progress was completely off target. Currently, he had no spare brainpower left to think of a good comeback and could only entwine his own tongue with the other as they passionately locked lips over a strawberry.

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