Chapter 1

Shen Shujie was a C-list actor who lived off of his own good looks. His acting was wooden, his singing off-pitch, but for some reason, his fans just loved his looks.

Truth be told, Shen Shujie and Jiang Haofeng’s wedding could be considered a contract-marriage; when Shen Shujie had married Jiang Haofeng, he did not have any money to his name, and he had just lost his job.

After getting married, Shen Shujie had wanted to start working. Shen Shujie had been watching movies when Jiang Haofeng had asked him what he wanted to do, and he thoughtlessly replied, “Movies I guess…”

And this was how Shen Shujie became an actor.

Jiang Haofeng was usually quite busy, and ever since Shen Shujie had become an actor, he had very little free time to himself. Occasionally, when he saw himself on the television and how wooden his acting was, he would think to himself that he had better stop burning out the eyes of the audience.

Yet, he was reluctant to trouble Jiang Haofeng just so that he could find another job. Still, it was a relief that Jiang Haofeng had no idea how ‘well’ Shen Shujie was performing with the job that he had gotten for him. If he knew the comments netizens had made about him, he would definitely feel embarrassed.

Recently, they had just wrapped up the filming for a movie, and that meant that Shen Shujie could rest at home for a while. At home, only the caretaker and housekeeper were there; after putting down his luggage, Shen Shujie had planned on taking a nap, but a glance at the time told him that Jiang Haofeng would be back soon.

Instead, he decided to help prepare some food for him. It was normal for Shen Shujie to take the initiative in doing things for him, he viewed it as some sort of repayment, as Jiang Haofeng had helped him during hard times and had even gotten a job for him.

Jiang Haofeng had a sweet tooth, but this preference was in stark contrast with his icy-cold, unsmiling exterior. Meanwhile, even though Shen Shujie’s acting skills were sub-par, his dessert-making skills were still satisfactory. After all, when days had been hard, he had worked at a confectionery shop for a while.

“Xiao Shen, Young Master has returned.” The butler called out to him from outside the kitchen. Shen Shujie glanced down at the plate of just-baked cake slices and brought them out with him.

Jiang Haofeng was just taking off his jacket when Shen Shujie appeared, placing the plate of cakes down on the dining table before coming over to help him with his coat. “You’re home early today.”

“Mmm, there wasn’t much to do at work.”

Inside, Shen Shujie could not help but mutter to himself, how could that huge conglomerate have nothing for him to do? However, there truly were perks to being a boss, because you could leave whenever you liked!

After helping him to hang up his clothes, Shen Shujie walked with him to the dining table. Jiang Haofeng caught sight of the plate of small desserts, and his brow wrinkled. “Did you not get any rest after coming back?”

Shen Shujie had no idea why he was asking him this, but he could see that Jiang Haofeng did seem a little miffed, so he decided to lie to him, saying, “Before preparing these, I had a nap for a while when I came back.”

Jiang Haofeng did not say anything as he began to loosen his tie, and Shen Shujie went away to get him a glass of extremely sweet milk. He sat down opposite him, wanting to share the desserts with him, but to his surprise, without even a glance at him, Jiang Haofeng began to single-mindedly wolf down the cakes.

And that was how he finished all of them. Shen Shujie was quite shocked at this, it seemed like in the span of one month without seeing each other, Young Master Jiang’s appetite had grown quite a bit. He had obviously prepared a 2-person serving, so why hadn’t he let him have any?

When night fell, Shen Shujie spent some time flipping through the screenplay of his upcoming project. Jiang Haofeng was busy showering, and glancing at the time, Shen Shujie put away his script and began to prepare the things he needed for later. Alas, just at this moment, Jiang Haofeng stepped out from the bathroom.

With a bottle of lube in his hand and some condoms in the other, Shen Shujie stared at him in surprise. Jiang Haofeng on the other hand, did not say a word, but got into bed and drew out a newspaper, nonchalantly reading it as he leaned against the bed frame.

Shen Shujie could not help but go over his actions of the day, he had no idea how he had angered this guy. Even after running through his day again, he could not find any clue, so he put the lube and the condoms aside, then sat down on the bed and asked, “Are we not going to do it today?”

Jiang Haofeng stared unmoving at the newspaper in front of him, and one look at his expression made Shen Shujie swallow any questions he might have had. Thus, Shen Shujie meekly crawled under the covers and went to sleep. Just as he was falling asleep, he suddenly heard a loud belch from behind him…

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