Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 16.1

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They were both carrying their luggages and though Ye Jia Rou wore light makeup, her sweat still smudged her makeup. Her hair was stuck to the side of her face which made her look very pitiful. 

Yan Man Man hated being interrupted when she was talking. As it happened, Ye Jia Rou wasn’t very observant. She saw Yan Man Man standing in the middle and thought that she was waiting for her.

The people in the hall all had their eyes on Ye Jia Rou, and she shyly bowed her head. It seemed that there were still many people who were worried about her.

If everyone knew that her lateness was due to Ye Chu, then everyone would stand on her side and she could reveal the true colours of Ye Chu.

Ye Jia Rou carefully pulled her hair to the back of her ear with the intention of revealing her fair neck. Her other hand grabbed the the hem of her cloak to show her uneasiness.

“Is everyone waiting for me? My sister wasn’t willing to bring me along…so I could only carpool with others, and the car broke down along the way. We have made everyone worried.”

When Ye Jia Rou named Ye Chu, she also grievously looked in the direction of Ye Chu and criticising Ye Chu with her words. 

Due to the breakdown of the car, Ye Jia Rou’s friend Bai Min was also late. She originally wanted to go back to the room to tidy up, but Ye Jia Rou proposed strongly that they should go to the banquet hall first as everyone might be worried about them.

Bai Min wanted to refuse initially, but was dragged over by Ye Jia Rou. If she still didn’t understand Ye Jia Rou’s intentions by now, then she would be an idiot.

While they were on the way to the manor, Ye Jia Rou also suffered. They were so close to their destination but the car stalled.

Ye Jia Rou and her friend could only drag their luggages and walked for quite a distance on the mountainous terrain. When they pushed  open the door, the dinner had actually not begun yet.

Ye Jia Rou naturally thought that everyone was waiting for them.

After Ye Jia Rou spoke, everyone looked meaningfully at Ye Chu. They felt that they could witness a good show. 

Ye Chu coldly watched Ye Jia Rou’s self-directed performance. She did not let Ye Jia Rou to be proud of herself for long and acted surprised.

“Could it be that Jia Rou thinks that I deliberately not bring you along with me? I can’t bear this accusation. You clearly know that I am extremely allergic to peach blossoms, yet you still sprayed so much of it on yourself…”

Ye Chu hadn’t finished speaking and everyone was already starting to re-evaluate Ye Jia Rou while casting meaningful glances at her.

Ye Chu’s popularity had always been good and therefore everybody naturally believed in Ye Chu’s words.

This Ye Jia Rou was really scheming. She was both openly and secretly framing her sister which made one click one’s tongue in wonder (TL: a Chinese idiom)

Just after Ye Chu spoke, Ye Jia Rou became a  little anxious. She couldn’t wait to reveal all the misdeeds that Ye Chu did to her to everyone present. She didn’t want everyone to be cheated by Ye Chu.

Ye Jia Rou panicked: “Sister, I didn’t…”

As a result of anxiety, Ye Jia Rou’s fingers entangled with her clothes and seemed to suffer a lot of grievances.

Ye Chu was disgusted, but still pretended to look understanding: “Jia Rou doesn’t have to take it to heart. I know that Jia Rou doesn’t have that intention. Due to my allergy to peach blossoms, it has caused you to be late and for that I’m terribly sorry.”

Ye Chu played the role of a perfect good sister. It was clearly Ye Jia Rou’s fault, but she actually apologized to Ye Jia Rou.

There were quite a few people present who were jealous of Ye Chu but they couldn’t help but to praise Ye Chu at this point. 

Ye Chu not only had good looks, her elegant manner of dressing also didn’t steal the limelight of tonight’s protagonist. Furthermore,  even her words and deeds were very mature and generous.

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