Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 15.3

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As the gas pedal was stepped on, the car exhaust spewed out dirt in Ye Jia Rou’s direction. 

“Cough cough.” Ye Jia Rou breathed in mouthful of dust.

At this point, Ye Jia Rou knew that she was being played by Ye Chu.

She couldn’t help but to sigh with regret at the injustice of her fate. She was clearly living her life with a clear conscience and had never wronged Ye Chu. 

But there was a difference between Ye Chu and her where Ye Chu was the legitimate child with a good family background and the whole family pampered her. In other aspects though, Ye Chu was not as good as her. 

Ye Chu’s car had already gone far but Ye Jia Rou was still standing there wiping her tears. After a long time then she came back to her senses, she had to find someone to carpool with.

After much difficulty then did Ye Jia Rou find a person who was willing to take her to the manor. Ye Jia Rou once again sighed at how life was unfair. 

Ye Chu’s car was moving slowly towards the manor situated on the mountain and the road leading to the manor was pretty even. Ye Chu barely felt any bumps while sitting in the car.

The car stopped in front of the manor, and since the manor occupied a very wide area, the place seemed secluded within the layer upon layer of towering trees.

The maid from the manor led her in.

Before the maid led Ye Chu into the room, she deliberately made clear: “Second Miss Ye, there’s a VIP living in the small building in the south of the manor, it is best to stay clear.”

Ye Chu nodded. This was the manor of Yan Man Man’s father. The people who lived there must be familiar with the police chief and could be a high-ranking official.

Not long after, the sky outside the window was already dark. Ye Chu stood under the sweet-scented cassia tree in the center of the manor, and the golden cinnamon was fragrant.

“Ah Chu!” came an excited voice from behind. Following which, Ye Chu felt a fierce impact and was hugged by someone.

She smiled and looked at that person.

“Where’s that annoying Ye Jia Rou?” Fu Tian Tian clenched her fist in front of Ye Chu while wearing an eager expression. 

Ye Chu patted her and said: “She had something on and would be late. I will invite you to watch a good show tomorrow.”

“Heh heh heh.” Fu Tian Tian rubbed her hands together with expectation. “I like watching shows the most, is Ye Jia Rou going to lose face?”

Ye Chu hushed: “Confidential, it’s a surprise.”

“Then I will wait. Go go go, let’s go eat.” Fu Tian Tian’s strength was great; she pulled Ye Chu and walked towards the banquet hall. Ye Chu shook her head helplessly and did not resist.

The dinner started, everyone sat down in their designated seat. Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian were not too early, there were already many people in the hall.

Ye Chu’s uncle held a high position and was of great importance, and her father and grandfather were famous wealthy businessmen. Ye family only had one daughter born of the first wife and therefore it could be said that she grew up well-cherished.

Ye Chu who had a good family background, possessed good qualifications too. Although still young, one could still tell that she would be a beauty and the one whom many daughters of wealthy families would be jealous of in the future. 

There were still people streaming into the banquet hall and when Ye Chu walked in, the hall seemed to quieten for a moment before returning to normal.

There were quite a few people who were looking at Ye Chu, and Ye Chu was wearing a white brocade cheongsam while the light from above enveloped her.

The people who saw her can’t help but say that beautiful women are hard to come by. (TL: a Chinese idiom was used which basically has this meaning)

Many wealthy young masters wanted to come forward to converse but when their sight landed on Fu Tian Tian who was next to Ye Chu, they came to a halt.

As long as Fu Tian Tian was beside Ye Chu, there would be no man who could talk to Ye Chu. In the eyes of Fu Tian Tian, the men who were trying to flirt with Ye Chu were wolves who would eat up Ye Chu.

While they were still hesitating, Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian had already settled in their own seats and it became even harder to converse with Ye Chu.

After Ye Chu sat down, the other people at other tables then began to discuss spiritedly.

“Did you see that? She is one of the most famous ladies in Shanghai, Ye Chu.”

“Her cheongsam must be very expensive. After wearing it, even the person became even prettier.” A young lady at the next table pouted while her words carried a tone of jealousy. 

“In my opinion, I think it’s up to the person. Even if the best clothes were to be worn by an ugly person, their value will not be reflected.” A young lady at the same table spoke up.

The young lady who first spoke looked up and realised that the sarcasm came from the daughter of the mayor. She could only repress her anger.

When the visitors have more or less arrived, Yan Man Man then slowly walked into the hall.

For the banquet tonight, Yan Man Man deliberately dressed up. She had put on a dark green cheongsam with blue agate earrings while her hair was pulled to the back of her head.

Although Yan Man Man was confident in her appearance, she still looked towards where Ye Chu was the moment she entered the hall. Her eyes twitched unconsciously.

The person Yan Man Man was most vigilant of was Ye Chu. As long as it was an occasion which Ye Chu would appear, she would spend more time to dress up.

Ye Chu was clearly wearing the most simple yet elegant dress tonight but she still attracted people’s attention. She was always the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

This was what Yan Man Man hated the most regarding Ye Chu.

Yan Man Man kept her sneer, however beautiful Ye Chu was didn’t change the fact that she was the only protagonist tonight.

Yan Man Man began to prepare for the speech tonight. She had already written down and memorised what she wanted to say.

Moreover, this manor bore a high price tag and possessed good terrain, so she had to use this opportunity to brag about it.

“Welcome to my birthday party. The banquet will be held tomorrow night. There are various entertainment activities planned over the next few days and I guarantee that everyone will have lots of fun.”

Yan Man Man stood ostentatiously in the center of the banquet hall as she had spent a lot of effort in planning this banquet. She proudly scanned the audience and was pleased with everyone’s attention on her.

“This manor is a birthday gift that my father gave me last year. It occupies…” Yan Man Man was speaking excitedly. She loved boasting to others about her superiority the most.

Unexpectedly, Yan Man Man’s was cut off in the middle of her sentence. Her expression became gloomy as she looked towards the door.

The door of the banquet hall was pushed opened and Ye Jia Rou and her friend stood pathetically at the doorway.

She spoke shyly.

“Sorry, I am late.”

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