Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 2

Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God

Arc 1.2: The Prince and the Little Mermaid

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com

No matter how the wedding night went, right now, ​​rolling waves was making things very difficult for Yu Chu.

She swallowed a few mouthfuls of seawater.

The stormy winds blew large wrinkles onto the sea. The deep blue sea churned large rolling waves, creating frothy white foam.

Thick black clouds rolled in, forming a black line on top of the surface of the sea, appearing as if a high black wall was erected.

Yu Chu’s face had no expression. “System, I think I will either die in the tsunami or in a fish’s stomach.”

The system was a little gloating. “No, the little mermaid will come to save you.”

Yu Chu wanted to say something; however, the sea surface continued push her up and down, above and below the ocean waves. With the buoyancy of the driftwood, she was able to reemerge from under the sea surface.

As a result, Yu Chu has no energy left:

“But she still has not…”

She still hadn’t finished speaking when the system suddenly said: “Look.”

With inexplicable emotions, Yu Chu narrowed her eyes and looked into the distance.

In the distance, there seemed to be a slender figure moving in her direction, drawing a beautifully straight line on the surface of the sea.

The sea was surging, the winds and waves slamming the ocean reefs. What was once the cradle of life in the ocean became an ocean of terror.

But in this seemingly end-of-the-world situation, the figure was unaffected, continuing to cross through the raging waves, like an elf of the sea.

Yu Chu thought for a moment, “The prince was in a coma when she was saved. Should I faint?”

The system replied, “In order to avoid changing the plot and causing subsequent confusion, you probably should faint.”

So, the blonde prince settled her mind, closed her eyes with a fragile look, and inclined her neck to lie on the wood board, looking as if in a coma.

The slender figure quickly swam over, and Yu Chu could feel the waves caused by the other side as the water rippled over her body, shaking the board.

She held her breath—

The man stopped for only a moment, then, as if he had not seen anything, swam… away.

The unconscious prince: “…”

Yu Chu was waiting for the little mermaid to save her. Her current mood became hostile.

…What established plot? She did not change the plot, so why is the aftermath different?

She finally couldn’t help but open her eyes and rushed to the figure: “Hey,
wait— “

What caught her eye was a head full of ice blue long hair.

The long hair covered the entire back like a waterfall, revealing a beautiful shoulder line and slim figure.

The person’s slender white arm stroked through the sea water and the clear blue fish tail swayed under the water. When they heard Yu Chu’s voice, they finally stopped their figure.

Yu Chu had no time to enjoy the stunning view of the back as she struggled to not be drowned by the waves nor be towed off the plank. With great difficulty, she was able to face the person and spoke:

“Save… wu…”

[Translator’s note: wu (唔) is a sound effect/ onomatopoeia.]

Having only said one word, the waves once again submerged her underwater.
The little mermaid turned back.

Yu Chu struggled to hold onto the board again and floated up, and he looked into the pair of glittering ice blue eyes.

A small delicate face, the blueness of the eyes is as pure as the sea.

The child of the sea is the embodiment of beauty.

However, Yu Chu did not appreciate the beauty, but widened her eyes and stared at the other’s chest–


A flat chest was not this kind flatness…


Such a beautiful and slender person–

Is actually a male?!

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  1. Whoo-hoo! Genderbends are interesting! Will we learn more quickly about the Lord God and why she’s collecting his fragments? Or is that something that happens much later?

    1. The whole thing about the Lord God is slowly revealed through flashbacks throughout the many arcs in this novel. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think the backstory start until a few arcs into the story.

  2. Omg I love this already, the premise is so unique!
    The girl isn’t normal human, she s seems more dedicated to save her saviour,I think seeing her fall in love will be more interesting and the roles are so cute XD Gender bended lil mermaid lolol