Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash Ch 3

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Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash

Chapter 3 – In Doubt and Possession

Liang Yin forcefully squeezed out a smile, sweating heavily, “It, it’s good that you’re moved!”

Looking at Liang Yin’s sudden smile, Qing Luo’s body suddenly stiffened.

It has been many years since Qing Luo has seen such a friendly and simple smile from Liang Yin.

He had even forgotten how clever and bright the girl’s smile was as she pulled him out from the tiger’s mouth that year, disregarding the filth.

Qing Luo lowered his long and narrow eyes, obscuring the vague gloomy light in the depths of his eyes.

Seeing how the man did not reply back to her, Liang Yin felt a little panicked.

Did she…answer incorrectly?

After a brief moment, Liang Yin only saw the corner of the handsome man’s mouth in front of her suddenly hook up into a smile.

Raising both his arms, he gently slid them across the water’s surface as he came towards Liang Yin.

A sinister charming smile hung on the corner of Qing Luo’s mouth. He got close with just a few strokes, “Sister, what’s wrong with you today? You’ve been weird ever since you woke up.”

Qing Luo stopped in front of Liang Yin. He placed his slender sturdy and long arm onto the steps and rested his head on them.

Looking at Liang Yin, who was close at hand, with an indecipherable smile, he said, “Sister, you couldn’t have been…possessed right?”

“This, how could that be possible?!” Upon hearing those words, Liang Yin was promptly startled and quickly refuted.

Yet this type of expression that was slightly panicked became even more abnormal when it fell into Qing Luo’s eyes.

The distance between the two was very close. Liang Yin could almost clearly smell the cold fragrance of Qing Luo’s body.

As he spoke, the breath from Qing Luo’s mouth splayed across Liang Yin’s face.

Demon cultivators; regardless of whether it was the body or breath, it was all cold.

This was also why both Qing Luo’s breath and body were cold.

Qing Luo looked really good, with a knife-like face and deep peach eyes.

The distinct eyelashes were slightly gathered like butterfly wings, concealing all of the emotions in the depths of the eyes when lowered.

It was a demonic type of beauty that brought along a touch of melancholy.

Aloof and independent of this world.

“Sister, do you blame me? Blame me for treating you this way?” Qing Luo said with a trace of sadness in his tone.

Liang Yin couldn’t help being surprised when she heard these words. Suddenly she wanted to swear.

Ah PEI! The veins have all been snapped and blood was let out to cause death! Even a fool wouldn’t feel that everything was okay!

However, Liang Yin dared to guarantee that if she dared to say such, she would immediately have her neck broken by this moody man in front of her!

Therefore, Liang Yin very cleverly said, “Little brother, I don’t blame you. No matter what you do, I won’t blame you.”

When saying these words, Liang Yin matched it with reddened eyes; she felt that she could go get the Golden Oscar Award!

Of course, this was just what she thought.

If it was really like the way she thought, to be able to get a Golden Oscar Award with her exaggerated acting, then even a coffin board would be able to hold down all those awards!

Liang Yin’s words that held another meaning within, coupled with that exaggerated expression, made Qing Luo feel that Liang Yin was deliberately mocking him; mocking how he clearly knew the answer but still asked her!

“Ha! Big sister, you are really mischievous!” Qing Luo suddenly smiled, exposing his white teeth.

Although that smile was sinisterly entrancing, there was a strange sense that faintly caused people’s hair to stand on end.

Only to see Qing Luo raise his head as a sudden black mist appeared around his slender palms.

In the blink of an eye, a sharp dagger emerged from the dark mist.

After seeing the sharp blade, Liangyin couldn’t help but shudder.

What, what happened? !

What are you holding a knife for suddenly?!

Did she answer wrongly just now?

At this moment, the arrogant voice of Male God popped up within her mind.

“You finally grew smart for once. What you just said really irritated him just now. Good luck, every man for himself!!!”

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