Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash Ch 1

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Quick Transmigration: The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash

Chapter 1 – Transmigrating and Accidentally Meeting the Blackened Little White Flower

Painful! So very painful!

It felt like all the blood in her was being drawn out. The sharp stabbing feeling of pain grew more and more severe, especially on the wrist.

Liang Yin woke up dazed, to a thick bloody scent swirling around the tip of her nose.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw a vague figure, leaning against the side of the bath in the dense mist.

The figure seemed to have seen her waking up and involuntarily looked over.

“Huh? Still alive?” There was a slight tinge of surprise in the voice of the man across from her.

Liang Yin tightly scrunched up her brows from pain as her sight gradually cleared up.

Only to see that she was lying on the ground in a luxurious hall. Beside her, was a huge hot spring pool.

A handsome man with his chest bared, sat leaning against the bath, inspecting her with surprise and curiosity.

The man was very handsome with a pair of purple pupils that glittered brightly like glass sitting in the depths of the long and narrow peach blossom eyes.

He had a tall upright nose bridge and the scarlet red corners of his mouth were hooked up into an indistinct smile. Although he was smiling, it gave people the indescribable feeling of their scalp going numb.

The man’s brows brimmed with a vicious air. One could tell at a glance that he was not someone to be messed with.

Upon coming in contact with the bone-chilling sightline, Liang yin violently quivered and woke up.

Only to see a huge cut on her wrist with the flesh turned out.

Fresh crimson blood constantly flowed out from her wound, dripping into the huge pool of water.

Despite the fallen petals floating on top of the spring water, it still couldn’t cover up the bloody red pool of water.

Just like how the man in front of her was using her blood as a ther*peutic medicinal bath.

What…kind of situation is this?!

Liang Yin was already completely confused by the situation in front of her!

Liang Yin was a gold medal assassin with zero blunders in the 21st century. Her zero blunders were not from how powerful her skills were.

Rather, it was her great cursed fate; the cursed bane of existence.

When she goes out on her tasks, she doesn’t even need to take out her gun. The other party would use their own gun and mistakenly kill off their own people.

Sometimes when walking on the road, the flowers and trees she touched would wither in an instant.

Holding this type of fate that subdues everything, the heavens, the earth, her parents, she was destined to be alone for life.

Even as a killer, in the end, her boss was subdued to death by her.

Even though her boss had gazed at her lecherously, then tumbled down the stairs because of a misstep, she still felt that these things could not be separated from her.

Parents and friends. All luck strayed far away from her. Life already held no meaning for her.

Under the towering despair, Liang Yin met the villain whitewashing system “Lord Male God”!

From the villain whitewashing system, only then did she learn that the reason for all her misfortune was because she had done too many evil things in her previous life.

She caused many people to die. The grievances of those people turned into a curse, cursing her to be the bane of existence through every lifetime; unable to receive any love, unable to receive any care.

To forever live as a lonely soul.

The villain whitewashing system told her that it wanted to change her great cursed fate.

They had to transmigrate through time and space, reverse history, and reverse all the bad things that she had done as the villain in her previous lifetimes to resolve those grievances.

Every time one was reversed, her curse would dissipate a bit.

Just half an hour ago, the villain whitewashing system was going to send her to her first lifetime: A different world and continent where she, as the daughter of the upright sect, killed her adopted little brother.

In her first lifetime, she was the only daughter of the number one sect master in this different world’s Heavenly Profound Continent and was extraordinarily gifted from a young age. Her beauty was enough to topple cities and countries.

But, she was in fact, a black hearted and a white lotus through and through.

During her training, she saved a teenager who was five years younger than her. She fancied the teenager’s exceptional talent and later pleaded with her father to accept this teenager as his adopted child.

When the young man’s heart aspired to become the leader of the Immortal Realm, she drugged him and drew out the young man’s gifted spirit root. Then, she threw the young man off a cliff to his death.

Before the young man died, he cursed her.

Not long after the boy died, he was met with a cultivator cultivating in the demonic arts underneath the cliff. Seeing how he was full of resentment, he took him away and utilized a secret method to resurrect him.

He was preparing to absorb the young man’s fixation so that he could continue to cultivate the demonic arts but it backfired, causing his own cultivation to be absorbed instead.

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