Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger – Ch 7

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Quick Transmigration System: Pounce on Male Gods Which Family’s Stronger

Arc 1, Chapter 7: Film Emperor God, Please Have Mercy (7)

At this time, Gu Qing Ge forgot.

She only knew that Li Xisi would appear together with her on the reality show because of her understanding of the plot.

But Li Xisi did not know!

In order to make the show more explosive.

Both the male and the female had absolutely no chance to meet nor any chance to confirm who they would be paired with before recording the show.

Under the warmth of the sun, May finally ushered in.

Gu Qing Ge also welcomed, in a true sense, the first variety show that starred her and Li Xisi.

Before the shoot began, Gu Qing Ge was still very nervous, her head was all befuddled.

All the way until she was taken by the program crew to a particularly romantically arranged location. All of them were present in a sea of flowers.

She got out of the car with some alarm but found that, aside from the cameraman, there was no one else present.

Could she be the only one that came early?

Gu Qing Ge walked cautiously to a table that was arranged at the location and saw a red mission card on it.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she picked it up, and under the cameraman’s reminder, she read it out loud, “Dear Miss Gu Qing Ge, this is your dream outdoor wedding, which will be held here. Please prepare to welcome the groom that will land from the sky to hold a special homemade wedding for two!”


Boyfriend will fall from the sky?

That was really fascinating!

She excitedly fluttered left and right, her eyes locked to the sky at all times.

After looking for about ten minutes, there wasn’t any activity.

Gu Qing Ge grew a little panicked in her heart, could Li Xisi have known about her previous interview, saw that he had to come down from the sky so he directly rejected the wedding, and left?

Her heart felt extremely chilled. If she knew this beforehand, she wouldn’t have agreed to the program team’s interview.

They had asked her, what would she do if there was an imaginary boyfriend and she had become that person’s girlfriend? At that time, she still held a little selfishness as she directly said: “I want to be a devoted wife. Although I am not very good at cooking, I still have a heart that wants to be a good wife.” Gu Qing Ge bowed to the camera then began answering the program team’s prepared questions after making a very simple self-introduction.

“Last time there was a show I went on and was ridiculed by the netizens because I didn’t know how to cook. Recently, I’m starting to gain the knowledge for this skill through books and practice. I want to use this show to make my boyfriend nice and healthy, and exercise together with him.”

Could it be that something was wrong with her answer?!

She paced left and right, asking the system countless times when the male lead would appear.

The system did what it was supposed to do, arrogantly keeping silent and not disturbing the development of the relationship between the male and female leads.

After not getting a definite answer despite inquiring around the program group, she could only wander around and found that there was a tent especially prepared for parachuting.

Her eyes lit up and she stepped forward to ask if her boyfriend had been there.

Those people naturally nodded and said that he went up not too long ago.

Gu Qing Ge held her smile in from the corner of her mouth and was not timid at all when facing the camera, just like a little girl immersed in love.

She said, “I feel really sorry. We haven’t even met and yet I’m letting my unknown boyfriend fly into the sky and parachute down. I just heard from them that he hadn’t gone up for too long. So, I want to go up and jump down with him.”

“Please I beg of you, I really want to go up, can I?”

The program team hesitated before nodding.

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