Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright! C18

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Ji Tong Tong was locked on the roof all night.

 The next day, Papa Ji rushed back as she was directly sent to the hospital. Fortunately, it was only a high fever. She could go home to recuperate after the fever subsided.

  A few days later, Ji Tong Tong lost a lot of weight and looked very pitiful.

  “Tong Tong, sit down quickly.” The stepmom brought Ji Yun to the sofa.

  Ji-Fu finally entered the door. He threw the things in his hand to the sofa. He turned his head and asked the servant, “Where is Ji Chu Zheng?” 

The servant was frightened by Papa Ji’s angry face. She quickly pointed to the upstairs: “Miss just came back.”

    “Ji Chu Zheng, you come down now!”

  “Old man Ji, what are you doing making such a big ruckus. You will scare the child.” The stepmom said persuasively.

  “If I don’t teach her well today, I don’t know what she will do in the future!”

  Ji Tong Tong was pale. Her face looked aggrieved.

Chu Zheng hears the sound coming down from the upstairs. She was wearing casual clothes. She puts her hands in her pocket, steps on the stairs and walks down without hesitation.

 Papa Ji almost didn’t recognize this was his daughter.

The daughter with the explosive head, smoky make-up and strange dress returned to normal?

The stepmom saw that Papa Ji’s feelings ease up. She hurriedly said: “Old man Ji, the child is still young. You shouldn’t make so much ruckus. Tong Tong and Chu Zheng are just small disputes between sisters. Tong Tong is fine. Don’t make a fuss.”

Sure enough, those words immediately ignited Papa Ji’s anger.

“Small disputes? She locked Tong Tong on the roof for a night. In case of any accident, it involves human life.” Papa Ji raged: “Ji Chu Zheng, why do you want to lock the Tong Tong on the roof?”

“Is there any evidence?” Chu Zheng asked indifferently.

Chu Zheng’s reaction was different from Papa Ji’s imagined.

Calm and indifferent. Those eyes were calm and alienated.

Papa Ji didn’t care about Ji Chu Zheng, but because of Ji Tong Tong and her stepmom’s quiet provocation, and couple with Ji Chu Zheng’s own temper. The two people can’t speak calmly at all, which makes Papa Ji more and more disappointed with her.

“Tong Tong…” Papa Ji looked at Ji Tong Tong: “Tong Tong said that she saw the man who locked her on the roof. He often played with you and was called San Mao.”

It really was a bunch of idiots.

 It was not good to do all this.

And was still seen!


How stupid!!

“She said what?” Chu Zheng stood on the stairs and looked down at him: “Are there any pictures or camera surveillance?”

Ji Tong Tong certainly has no evidence.

“No evidence is slander. Dad, you’re in business. I don’t need to teach you that.”

Papa Ji: “…”

Ji Tong Tong did not say that she did it, but she only mentioned San Mao.

San Mao often mingled with her again. All the previous bad deeds made him felt it was naturally she who did it.

The stepmom looked at Chu Zheng’s calm appearance. Her heart began to have some bad premonition.

This damn girl … something was wrong.

“Old man Ji, don’t be angry. This matter hasn’t been figured out yet. Why did you get angry? What would you do if your child has been wronged?” Stepmother rushed to the end.

“Dad, maybe … I saw it wrong.” Ji Tong Tong also said, “Sister won’t do this kind of thing.”

“En. Yes. I won’t.” Chu Zheng said in Ji Tong Tong’s words smoothly.

Ji Tong Tong almost bit her tongue.

 She looked at her mother panicky.

    This stepmom was also smashed by Chu Zheng. Her image changed. How the character has changed so much?

    Stepmom can’t retort at this time. Otherwise, it will not match her image. She can only pull at Papa Ji:  “At that time, Tong Tong was frightened, maybe she saw it wrong. It should be just a misunderstanding. Old man Ji, don’t wrongly accuse Chu Zheng. Tong Tong was just discharged from the hospital. Her body is still very weak. Let Tong Tong rest first.”

Ji Tong Tong showed an uncomfortable expression in a timely manner.

“Tong Tong, go back to your room first.” Papa Ji sighed.

Stepmom hurriedly supports Ji Tong Tong to go upstairs and return to the room.

Papa Ji calmly said: “Come with me to the study room.” 

Chu Zheng followed Papa Ji quietly. He was kind of surprised that she was being obedient.

As the door of the study room closed, Papa Ji rubbed his brow. His tone was quite peaceful: “Chu Zheng, you tell dad honestly. Did you find someone to do it?”

    “No.” Chu Zheng looked serious. She was denying quickly and calmly.

    Papa Ji examines her for a few minutes: “It’s not good. Tong Tong is your sister. Dad doesn’t ask you to take care of her, but you don’t need to fight with her all day.” 

   Chu Zheng took a step forward and put the phone on the desk. She opened the play button with her thin white finger.

  “Yes… it was Ji Tong Tong… Ji Tong Tong gave the money to me, let me help you pay back… I have money and… So… Don’t hit me. It was really Ji Tong Tong. I’m only taking money to do things.”

  As the recording plays, Papa Ji’s expression turns from inexplicable to dismay, and finally turns to anger.

  “Ji Chu Zheng, this is…”

    “Dad.” The Chu Zheng took back the phone and calmly said to him: “For the sake of obtaining Ji family’s property, Ji Tong Tong and her mother worked together to raise……. me to be someone useless”

    How can it be so awkward to keep yourself out of the way?

    She was not going to waste it!

  Ji-Fu frowned, still faintly angry: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“How does a good mother teaches her children the right way? What does she do? Apart from giving money, what else have you done to stop me when you educate me?”

Papa Ji frowned, and said nothing.

“Dad, when you hear the recording. The first reaction was not how your daughter’s condition is. You’re only angry and think I’m framing them.”

Being said by Chu Zheng, Papa Ji’s face is slightly ugly. He immediately realised: “Chu Zheng, are you alright?”

Chu Zheng shook her head and took back her phone: “Good night, Dad.”

 Papa Ji: “…” Is it over?

Papa Ji watched Chu Zheng leave the room. His eyes were a little dazed. Then, he fell on the chair.

Chu Zheng’s cold and clear voice played back in his mind constantly.

When he was busy in business, he really ignored this daughter. He married his current wife and wanted to find someone to take care of her.

But when did it become like this?


    Ji Tong Tong’s room.

“Mom, what’s going on with Ji Chu Zheng?” Ji Tong Tong was holding her mother’s hand. Her face full of suspicion: “She is just like a changed person.”

“Has she been close to anyone lately?”

“… There is one student in our school called Ye Chen.” Ji Tong Tong said: “He don’t have any background at home. He was often bullied at school. I don’t know how Ji Chu Zheng got involved with him.”

 “Student?” Stepmom frowned.

 Ji Tong Tong nodded.

“Apart from this student?”

Ji Tong Tong tried to remember: “No.”

 “She couldn’t have suddenly woken up on her own. Someone must have said something to her.” Stepmom held Ji Tong Tong’s hand: “Mom will find out about this. Don’t provoke her first.”

 Ji Tong Tong was unsatisfied: “She asked someone to lock me on the rooftop …”

“Tong Tong, you need to bear with it or you will be in trouble.”

 “… I know, mom.”

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