Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright! C19

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Note: I will be changing ‘Ji Tong Tong’ to ‘Ji Tongtong’ to ease my translation later on.

Chapter 19

Papa Ji sat in the study until ten o’clock in the evening. He was letting people investigated what happened to Chu Zheng recently, especially with regard to the recording.

The news would not be available for a moment. Papa Ji returned to his room. Stepmom was not asleep and was still waiting for him.

“Old man Ji.”


The stepmother sighed, “Did Chu Zheng make you angry again?”

Papa Ji wanted to open his mouth to refute but he heard the stepmom continue to speak. 

“Chu Zheng is still a little young. You cannot quarrel with her all day. You are so fierce.  Isn’t that frightening her? What’s the matter? Let’s talk about it. Chu Zheng is not an unreasonable child.”

“This time ah, maybe Tongtong was frightened. Chu Zheng was somewhat naughty, but she probably didn’t want to do such an insignificant thing. ”  

Papa Ji frowned at stepmom.

 At this time, what Chu Zheng said before floated in his mind for no reason.

Every time he and his daughter got into trouble. She always advises him afterwards that the child was still young, don’t scare the child, once or twice, it will always be like this…  

For the sake of obtaining Ji family’s property, Ji Tongtong and her mother worked together to raise……. me to be someone useless

“Old man Ji.”

“Old man Ji, what are you thinking?” 

Papa Ji replied: “Huh? Nothing. I have a lot of work at the company. I’m tired for a day. Let’s go to bed.” 

The stepmom was a little suspicious. Seeing that Papa Ji had gone to bed. She had to give up.


When, Chu Zheng returned back to the room. She was lectured by this king system for not living up to expectations.  

[Sister, you have to remember that there is nothing that cannot be solved with money. If there is, it must be that you have not spent enough money. So, sister just need to spend more money on! — Spend money! Spend money! That’s it!! ] 

Chu Zheng: “…”

It’s faster to do it this way.

[……] Please don’t have such dangerous thoughts anymore, okay? We were just a simple loser system

Chu Zheng showed an indifferent face. 

 And went to bed.

The next day.

“My birthday party is this weekend. Are you coming?” As soon as Chu Zheng entered the classroom, she heard Ji Tongtong invite her classmates to her birthday party.

She thought about it. Ji Tongtong’s birthday was indeed coming.


There might be something bad going to happen on her birthday party. 

 Chu Zheng walked back to her position silently. Ji Tongtong seemed to glance at her, but quickly recovered her gaze.

A classmate asked, “Is it being held at your house?”

Ji Tongtong nodded: “Well, originally it can’t be done but dad said it was necessary. So, lots of people were invited.”

Due to her hospitalization, Papa Ji promised her to have a grand birthday party.

“Wow …”

 Ji Tongtong’s words made lots of people envious of her.

“Can we all go?”

“Of course, you can come if you want.”

During Ji Tongtong’s invitation to everyone to attend the banquet, Chu Zheng took on a million-level task, or was pre-designated, to buy a three-million car.

During Ji Tongtong’s invitation to everyone to attend the banquet, Chu Zheng took a million-level task. It was pre-designated for her to buy a three-million car.

Chu Zheng: “???”

 The system did not say before that there was a designated spending task.

[Sister, you will have more surprises in the future ~] The king was very much a show off. 


What frightening surprise can this ‘bronze’ have? The scare was almost the same anyway. Chu Zheng thought for a while: “Even if I buy it. I can’t drive it. What’s the use?”

The original owner was under 18 years old and did not have a driver’s license.

 [You buy it and let the driver drives it.] The king said lightly, [Rich people don’t need to drive by themselves.]   

Chu Zheng: “……” 

 Therefore, Chu Zheng was delighted to drive three million luxury cars.   



 Ji Tongtong’s birthday. 

Papa Ji was pestered by Ji Tongtong to talk about the birthday party in the early morning. Chu Zheng was home but he could not talk to her.

It was not until Ji Tongtong went to find her mother at the moment, Papa Ji met Chu Zheng by accident. He bumped into her in the corridor.

“Zheng Zheng…” Ji Fu called out for her hesitantly.

These days, Chu Zheng occasionally comes back later, but it was not too late. It was totally different from the previous night when she came back drunk.

She seemed to grow up when he wasn’t aware.


Ji Father said with a slow expression: “You… have enough money?”

He wanted to ask her about her recent news, but in the end he said only one thing.

Where did he not hurt this daughter?   

 It was him who was too uneasy before, always confronted and quarreled with her before she could even say a word.    

“Enough.” Chu Zheng nodded expressionlessly.

There’s a system anyway. She probably won’t be short of money to spend.

She thought about it and turned back to the room.

Papa Ji, who was still thinking about what to say, was stunned. 

 She just left?   

However, Chu Zheng soon came out with a box in her hand.

“I bought it before.” Chu Zheng handed the box to Papa Ji.

The box was not heavy. At this moment, Papa Ji felt heavy when he held it.    

He took a deep look at Chu Zheng. His eyes were slightly red. He quarreled with his daughter all year round but at this time he was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

Chu Zheng naturally would not say anything touching.   

“Good … It is good …” 

Papa Ji hugged the box like a baby. He still received her gift when she was very young. 

Chu Zheng: “…” 

“Then, I’ll go back to the room first.”  

Papa Ji didn’t know what to say. So, he just nodded.  


“Dad, can I come in?” 

 When Ji Tongtong knocked on the door, Papa Ji was putting the thing that Chu Zheng bought on his desk. So, he just lets her in.

Ji Tongtong saw the Pixiu [1] jade with a glimpse.

This should be the one that Yang Qian Qian said. 

It was unexpected that she(CZ) actually bought this to give as a present to Papa Ji…

“Is there something wrong, Tongtong?”

Ji Tongtong immediately showed a gentle smile: “It’s almost two o’clock and my classmates will be here in a while. Dad, you haven’t changed your clothes yet. ” 

“Yeah.” On account of Chu Zheng’s action, Papa Ji forgot about this matter: “Look at my memory. I’ll change at once. “

“No need, Dad. Let me pick it for you.” Ji Tongtong took out a suit from the back.    

 Papa Ji laughed twice: “Tongtong is so considerate.”

Ji Tongtong gave clothes to Papa Ji and showed a hesitant face.

“Tongtong, what happened?” Papa Ji asked.    

Ji Tong seemed to be in a dilemma: “Dad I… I don’t think my sister is quite right. “

Papa Ji asked: “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, I …”

“It’s okay. You just say it.”  

Ji Tongtong’s face looked tangled. She then show a worried expression: “Didn’t you stop sister’s card before? But sister can still spend a lot of money. She spent 200,000 yuan to buy a Pixiu jade… Ah, yes. This is it. ” 

Ji Tongtong pointed at the Pixiu jade on Papa Ji’s desk.

“I’m a bit worried about my sister. She didn’t have any savings before. She asks you for money every three to five times but this time she has stopped asking. Furthermore, this is so much money… I didn’t dare ask her.” 

Ji Tongtong’s face looked concerned. She shows herself to be a good sister who says it out of concern.

Ji Tongtong carefully looked at Papa Ji. Seeing Papa Ji Fu frowned, she continued: “Every time, after school, I saw sister and some people… hang out together doing something. I’m afraid something will happen to my sister. “

Ji Tongtong thought Papa Ji would be angry, but Papa Ji just wrinkled his eyebrows: “This matter will wait until your birthday is over.”

Ji Tongtong was a little disappointed. Unexpectedly, Papa Ji didn’t flare up immediately. Nevertheless, she still showed a smile and cleverly said: “En. Dad, you can change your clothes. I’ll go down first. “

 “Go ahead. “As Ji Tongtong went out, Papa Ji looked at the Pixiu jade on the table. Presently, Chu Zheng’s calm and indifferent eyes appeared in his mind.

Reference Note:

[1] Pixiu is a mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion’s body, often with hoofs, wings and tail. If you wanted to know more about pixiu, here the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixiu

Awe Hidden Corner: Awww…. I want to have system like Chu Zheng’s system too which give me money and urge me to spent money. Unfortunately, its a NO. sad Well, byee guy. See you again (^O^)/

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