Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright! C20

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Chapter 20

Ji Tongtong’s classmates who were invited arrived one after another. For her, Papa Ji also invited a lot of people within the close circle.

Ji Tongtong was naturally happy, which proved her position in Papa Ji’s heart and her status in the Ji family.

“Tongtong, you are so pretty today.”  

“Thank you, you are also cute.”

“Tongtong, your clothes are so beautiful!”


Ji Tongtong was surrounded by praise.

Chu Zheng stood upstairs, expressionlessly looking at the lively scene below.

Today was really lively.

In this birthday party where the original owner was trapped by Ji Tongtong once again.

The wild younger sister’s fighting strength was so powerful. 

So scary ah!

[Sister, don’t be afraid. We have money.]

Can you let me hit them with money?

The kind of thing that can be crushed to death.

[……] That was so terrible ah, sister! [This one is against the law to waste money. ]

What nonsense are you talking about?

[……] Sister was savage. 

“Senior Meng Ran is here!” 

There was a commotion in the crowd below.

“Is Senior Meng Ran really…”

“Is Tongtong and Senior Meng Ran dating?” 

“They are precisely the golden boy and jade maiden [1]…”

(TN: [1] 金童玉女/jīntóngyùnǚ is idioms mean the figure of lovely young children / a golden couple / (of a couple who are in the public eye) a lovely young couple)

The praises and envy murmured by the crowd made Ji Tongtong feel good.

However, it didn’t show on her face, rather her face revealed a somewhat shy and embarrassed expression.   

The male students came in from the outside. Compared to those wearing school uniforms, Meng Ran was more handsome. He was eye-catching at this moment.

Meng Ran smiled warmly: “Happy birthday Ji Tongtong.”

Ji Tongtong showed a bashful face and her voice was tender: “Thank you Brother Meng Ran.”

Meng Ran gave the gift to her and immediately coaxed Ji Tongtong to open the gift.

Ji Tongtong was embarrassed. So, she consulted with Meng Ran.

Meng Ran then generously opened the gift and took out the stuff inside. 


“So beautiful!”

It was a necklace. It’s diamond was shining and glittering in the sunshine. It was valuable at first sight.

Meng Ran personally brought it to Ji Tongtong. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. The picture was so beautiful, making everyone envious.

“Dad, is it beautiful?” Ji Tongtong immediately ran to Papa Ji, holding his arms coquettishly. 

“Beautiful.” Papa Ji nodded.

“Dad, what’s your gift?”

Papa Ji was silent for a while but he still smiled and said, “I know you want to ask me. Therefore, dad already prepared it for you.”

Papa Ji took Ji Tongtong outside. When everyone saw this, they followed him too. They were curious about what gift it would be.

Only to see there was a car covered with cloth.

Ji Tongtong looked at it with expectation. Even the others were attracted to it.    

The person inside got out of the car and pulled down the red cloth. The thing under the red cloth was exposed in an instant.


“What a beautiful car!”

“Uncle Ji actually gifted Tongtong a car. How happy ah!”

“The color is so beautiful! It’s a perfect match with Tongtong!”

The bright red colour and smooth design made people like it at first glance and it was very suitable for girls.    

Ji Tongtong was also covering her mouth at this time full of surprise. She just looked back at Papa Ji. Before she had a chance to speak, she was already surrounded by the people who walked to the car.

Although she was not yet an adult, she was puffed up with conceit to have such a car.

Moreover. it was also at her birthday event, Papa Ji gave it to her in front of so many people. When she goes to school in the future, it will be especially eye-catching.

“Tongtong, I want to sit in your car later.”

“You can.” Ji Tongtong smiled and promised.

“Tongtong, you’re so good!”

“I want to sit too.”

“I want it too.”

The man who lifted the red cloth unloaded the car. There were some students who couldn’t wait. They opened the door and took a seat. Ji Tongtong frowned slightly but she couldn’t say anything. She could only smile.

“Tongtong, quickly get in the driver’s seat to test drive.”

Ji Tongtong was pushed into the driver’s seat.

The man who sent the car was a little baffled. He tried to stop but could not stop so many people at once.

And it all happened too fast.

At this moment, Papa Ji came forward.


“Dad, I love you so much!” Ji Tongtong came out of the driver’s seat and gave Papa Ji a big hug.

Stepmom who was beside her laughed: “Nevertheless, your dad loves you dearly. In the future, you must show filial piety to your dad”

En. Dad is the best.”

“Tongtong, wait for a moment.” Papa Ji pushed her away. He pulled the person who delivered the car and walked to the side. He lowered his voice and asked: “Did you deliver the wrong car?”

He really wanted to send the car but not this one. 

He had seen this car before. However, it cost three million yuan and to give this valuable present to a student or a minor student was obviously too much.

So, he could only choose a one million yuan.

Ji Tongtong was a bit unclear. So, she didn’t know how to restrain it in her heart. The scene was also slightly quiet down.

“No.” The man pulled out the delivery list and pointed to the address on the list: “Here it is. The recipient, Miss Ji Chu Zheng.”

Although Papa Ji lowered his voice but the other party did not. Now the scene quiets down, everyone heard it.

Ji Chu Zheng.

The Ji family’s… Eldest miss?

“What’s going on?” Stepmom frowned and went to Papa Ji’s side. She still said it in a gentle voice: “Are you too busy with your work that you mistook the name?”

 “No.” Papa Ji shook his head and said: “I didn’t buy this one.” 

Stepmom: “…”

Ji Tongtong heard it too. Her face was a little pale. The words of embarrassment were written on her face instantly. 

Meng Ran hurriedly moved forward. He held Ji Tongtong’s shoulder to console her.

The students who just kicked up a fuss were also embarrassed.

Those who were still in the car hurried to get down and far away from the car.

Turned out it was for Ji Chu Zheng…

The other people’s faces were a little more complicated.

The delivery man who didn’t know what was happening, asked: “Excuse me. Which one is Miss Ji Chu Zheng, please sign it.” 

The scene was even more awkward.

Just now those who flattered Ji Tongtong were eager to find a place to drill in.

Just when they were still confused, a girl came out of the villa, took the list and signed it.

“Is this Ji Chu zheng?”

“It can’t be. Did I become blind? How did Ji Chu Zheng become like this? What about her explosive head? What about her smoky makeup?”

“I also was blinded. Did Ji Chu Zheng always look like this?”

The girl was dressed in simple casual clothes. Her hair was tied up, revealing her white and slender neck with a black stud earring on her ear. Her face was expressionless. She looked inexplicably graceful.

The delivery man asked: “Miss Ji, do you want to check?” 

“No need.”

“Then, I’ll go first.”

The delivery man drove away. Just after he went out, another car came in.

Obviously, this should be the car that Papa Ji’s gave to Ji Tongtong as a present.

Chu Zheng finally understood why that bastard wanted her to deliver it by today. He was waiting for the wild younger sister to be here.

[Sister, don’t forget to counterattack while we are losing~] The king reminded cheerfully in Chu Zheng’s mind.

Chu Zheng: “…”

A foolish person won’t understand the system with more money.

Ji Tongtong still had some expectation that maybe… the car sent by Papa Ji will be more expensive than her (CZ) car?

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