Queen Mother is a Scientist Ch 6.2

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Queen Mother is a Scientist

Chapter 6 – A Broken Piece of Silver

Turning around to look at Li Jing Nan, seeing how he was still stupefied, Hua Qingxue walked over and patted him, “Scared silly?”

Li Jing Nan exhaled, his tone authentic, “Really did scare me silly…”

Since the people have left, Hua Qingxue was much relieved. She smiled: “I was also scared to death, look, my palms are all sweaty. However, we were lucky, having met you while your hair was down. They really thought you were a little girl! Didn’t really doubt us! Haha!”

Li Jing Nan felt somewhat awkward, but facing Hua Qingxue, he really didn’t feel like there was any need to be embarrassed. He just humphed and continued to wipe his hair with a dry cloth.

At this time, Hua Qingxue was already a bit crazily delighted. She held the silver laughing out loud in the courtyard: “Speak of the scented soap, and the scented soap was sent right to our doorstep! Hahahaha…soap! Soap!…”

“It’s just a broken piece of silver…do you really have to go so far…” Li Jing Nan brutally commented.

Unexpectedly, Hua Qingxue suddenly pounced on! Hugging Li Jing Nan’s face and giving him a good hard smooch!

Li Jing Nan jumped in fright! After returning to his senses, he shouted in alarm and anger: “What are you all crazy for?”

Hua Qingxue stood in the courtyard all giddily, “Didn’t you want scented soap? I’ll get you some tomorrow, ah! Right, not only scented soap, but also glycerin!”

Glycerin is great for preventing frostbite!

Li Jing Nan disagreed, worriedly saying: “Don’t fool around. This money was given to you to buy radishes to wash the clothes with; don’t spend it randomly…”

Hua Qingxue waved her hands, still in a giddy mood, “No worries, soap was made to wash clothes. Besides, those clothes have all been washed by the people within the barracks. The outside has been pretty much all washed, only the bloodstains within the inner lining couldn’t be washed. Probably heard from god knows where that I can wash off blood stains and came to our doorstep.”

As Hua Qingxue was talking, it was unknown what she thought of, but she suddenly laughed and slyly looked at Li Jing Nan, saying: “Hehe…Incidentally, I can also make a bubble solution. Crown Prince, you must’ve not played with a bubble solution before, right?”

Li Jing Nan felt like all his compassion had been ruined by Hua Qingxue. He coldly humphed, said “there really isn’t anything that could be said to you!” then magnanimously shook his head, and entered the house–

Hua Qingxue’s joy didn’t come from nowhere.

She had been poor, hungry, and cold for so long and had been worrying about their future livelihood, then silver dropped from the skies, it’d be odd if she didn’t become enraptured.

The price point of things is similar to that of the Tang Dynasty. One thousand pennies of copper coins can usually be converted into one liang³ of silver. One bucket of rice is five pennies, one liang silver can buy two hundred buckets of rice, which is twenty stones. If calculated according to modern rice prices, the one liang worth of broken silver obtained by Hua Qingxue was equivalent to 4,130 yuan!

³TN: It’s an old unit of measurement. It’s around 50g. In the olden days, 24 zhu = 1 liang, 16 liang = 1 jin, 30 jin = 1 jun, 4 jin = 1 stone.

Just think, someone who has spent their days one penny at a time, suddenly getting four thousand dollars! How could she not be ecstatic?

As Hua Qingxue thought of the Tang Dynasty, she could help but be stupefied. Her memories flooded in like rapids, connecting her previous knowledge and common sense, rushing in together.

–That’s right…this wasn’t her original world, then, what kind of world is this place?

Did she return to the past? It didn’t seem like it.

Even though the object price point was similar to that of the Tang Dynasty. From the exterior looks of the clothing worn by the citizens, it was more similar to the Song Dynasty.

Plus, the opposing government parties are also the same as the Song Dynasty’s, for example, the Liao Country currently…just, what about Jin Country?

Not only was there no evidence of the Jin Country here, but Hua Qingxue has also never heard Li Jing Nan mention the Khitans or the Jurchens⁴. It has to be known that Daliao was founded by the Khitans. Then was overthrown by the Jurchens in the end. If the people here had no concept of clans, one point could be generally clear. That was, this world’s Liao Country had already completed the complicated process of integrating the various ethnic clans…

⁴TN: Both the Khitans and Jurchens were clans found in Northeast China where modern Manchuria is.

Hua Qingxue thought: The emperor of the Liao Country really is powerful … No wonder why Qi Country was forced to the point of having to pay with their own territory as compensation …

Excluding the possibility of having crossed back in time, Hua Qingxue felt that there was only the possibility of the crossing of parallel spaces for her misfortune.

She probably encountered some misfortune, causing her to fall into this world that’s very similar to the ancient past by chance. Similar to that of the crossing of potential surface energies within quantum chemistry. When two unrelated potential surface energies cross, creating a connection–time and space form an intersection point on the surface. Thus there’s a certain probability of transition that can occur at that specific point in time and space……

Hua Qingxue felt that the magnetic fields of that particular mountain were particularly strong. This crossing might’ve not been an accidental crossing of spaces. She should’ve been forcefully pulled over by some kind of force.


What’s the point of explaining all this?

She still couldn’t remember a single bit when it came to what kind of person she was…


Seeing as how it was still considered warm outside since the sun had yet to set, Hua Qingxue took the money and left out the door.

The people hiding in the alleyway also started to move.

Seeing how Hua Qingxue needed to head out, Big Beard signaled Fifth Elder Qin with his eyes. Fifth Elder Qin immediately tacitly understood and felt his way into the small courtyard.

As for Big Beard, he then followed behind Hua Qingxue with light footsteps…

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