Queen Mother is a Scientist Ch 6.1

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Queen Mother is a Scientist

Chapter 6 – A Broken Piece of Silver

Hua Qingxue, this time finally calmed down, her responses much more natural compared to before.

She hurriedly took over the bundle of things, opening it to inspect carefully. Turns out to be just an army jacket, the cotton inside had already been dug out, leaving only an outer shell.

Looking at the style, it seems like it was much better than the jacket the two in front were wearing. Not only did it have decorative embroidery, but the inside lining was also actually adorned with sable fur! By the color of the sable fur, it should be of an inferior grade. Several areas had large patches of blood congealed on it. This way, the inner lining not only lost the original softness but also felt extremely coarse..

Hua Qingxue already understood, they came looking for her to wash clothes!

“Can it be washed or not?!” The other party barked.

Remembering the actions of these Liao soldiers, Hua Qingxue just felt bitter and cold. She didn’t want to have the slightest contact with these people, abruptly wanting to feign ignorance, and reject this problem!

Just as Hua Qingxue was about to refuse, words already at her mouth….she forcefully swallowed them back.

She was nothing but a weak female drifter, with nothing to rely on here. The Liao soldiers have already come knocking on her door, indeed having found out her situation beforehand. How could she dare to refuse? If she upset these Liao soldiers as a result of this….

Hua Qingxue shuddered at the thought!

She immediately feigned a timid, scared look, lowering her head, replying that it could be washed.

The other party was then satisfied, saying: “If it can be washed then good, there are still eighty to a hundred more of this kind of clothes. Someone will bring it over tomorrow.”

Hua Qingxue was startled to no end, hastily raised her head, and said in a panic: “Esteemed Officer! If it’s eighty to a hundred sets, then it really cannot be washed!”

The soldier’s face immediately worsened, his eyes gleamed murderously and furiously said: “What?! So one can be washed, but eighty to a hundred can’t? You dare play with Laozi?!”

Hua Qingxue couldn’t care less about having any backbone or dignity. She kneeled to the ground with a thud and begged piteously: “How could I possibly dare to deceive you esteemed officer. Originally I felt it was an honor to help you esteemed officers wash some clothes. Still, eighty to a hundred sets need quite the number of materials. This little girl’s family lives in poverty, washing laundry as a means to get a bite to eat. A few sets are tolerable, but eighty to a hundred…I…I don’t know what should be done…”

As Hua Qingxue finished, she lowered her head and wept, looking exceedingly pitiable.

The two Liao soldiers never expected that washing clothes would be this troublesome.

Seeing how Hua Qingxue was kneeling on the group pathetically sobbing non-stop. Then seeing how simple and dilapidated the courtyard was behind her. There was only a small young child standing within the courtyard, looking at them with terror. The two thought that this woman shouldn’t be deceiving them after all her poverty was very evident. What other materials would you possibly need to wash clothes?

Skeptically, that Liao soldier asked: “What materials would washing clothes possibly need? Just some vegetation ashes and saponin¹, are you trying to fool Laozi? Hm?”

¹TN: Saponin is a natural detergent found in soap nuts. It frees dirt grime and oils from clothing.

Hua Qingxue tearfully replied: “Naturally, that’s the case for normal clothes, but not for washing out these kinds of prolonged bloodstains.”

En…after what she said, the two felt that this was reasonable, thus stating: “Tell us first, what is needed.”

Hua Qingxue didn’t know which nerve suddenly clicked into gear, just feeling a jolt of electricity and thundering fire pass through her brain. She blurted: “If the bloodstains are on the surface, it can be kneaded with mashed turnips, then boiling it within radish soup. It is clean after rinsing it out a couple of times with clean water. However, this fur has bloodstains…Two esteemed officers, this fur can’t withstand harsh kneading. If forcefully kneaded, I’m afraid before the bloodstains are out, all the fur would’ve fallen bare…”

Having spoken to this point, Hua Qingxue slightly looked at the Liao soldier’s demeanor. Seeing how he seemed to be pretty much convinced, then continued her efforts: “…If the surface dirt were to be removed, the process is exceedingly complicated. This process uses radishes, salt, mirabilite, quicklime, sulfur, starch…oh, that’s potato flour, also requires vinegar…”

The more the Liao soldier heard, the more impatient he got. but since they depended on Hua Qingxue to wash their clothes, they couldn’t really do anything to her. He felt very frustrated, waved his hand to stop Hua Qingxue’s words, took out a small piece of broken silver, and threw it onto the ground. “Laozi doesn’t have the time to remember that mess of things, go see to it yourself! If you dare deceive Laozi, Laozi will butcher you!”

Hua Qingxue swiftly picked up the silver, while wiping her tears, nodded while bowing² toward the Liao soldiers. “How would I dare deceive you esteemed officers, will definitely wash these clothes cleanly for you esteemed officers.”

²TN: Lowering your head and bowing while cupping your fist.

The Liao soldiers were then satisfied, hmphed, then looked towards the back of Hua Qingxue’s back again, asking: “Who’s the lad in the back?”

Hearing this, Hua Qingxue’s back immediately chilled. She secretly stilled her trembling legs, answering: “Esteemed Officer, that’s my younger sister, she’s mute…”

As Hua Qingxue finished, a thread of guilt passed through her conscience, fearing that the two would notice something fishy. But at the same time, it also wasn’t suitable for her to signal Li Jing Nan out in the open. She felt like such a mess inside her mind.

That Liao soldier just glanced before retracting his sight, no longer worrying about it. He informed Hua Qingxue a few more things before turning and leaving with his partner.

Hua Qingxue kept staring at their back until they disappeared past the corner of the alleyway, before sighing in relief. She opened her palm, that piece of silver in her hand had already been thoroughly soaked with her sweat.


Finally, some peace…

TN: Just guest translating for this project. Hope you guys like it!

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