Perfect Superstar Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – Sister Li (Teaser) (Unedited)

Jinhui Building, Alchuang Film and Television Production Company.

Inside the office, Yan Chengyi closed the web page opened on the browser and sighed heavily.

What he just closed was an Inspur blog page.

And what made the director sigh was the news that has been circulating in the blog in the past two days, that was, Chen Fei’er was going to make a TV series, and the leading actor she was working with was Lu Chen, who once had a rumor with her.

The TV series, called “Autumn in My Heart”, has been so hot even before it started shooting, and the screenwriter was actually Lu Chen, a young man rising rapidly in the pop music world. He was showing his ambition to develop into the film and television industry.

Alchuang Film and Television could have signed him!

Thinking of this, Yan Chengyi was really helpless. He went to great lengths to prepare for the shooting of the second season of Urban Love. He chose Lu Chen as an important actor for the new series. In addition to factors such as his appearance and strength, he also took a fancy to the latter’s popularity among young people.

The tens of millions of fans on Lu Chen Inspur’s blog could at least increase the audience ratings by a few points.

However, he never expected that during the audition, he would be set up by the investors. Lu Chen was rejected and replaced by the so-called small fresh meat Jiang Dongjun, taking the role of Chen Yaoyang.

Yan Chengyi felt that his face was hit and was swollen!

During the filming of the first season of “Urban Love”, he had a little conflict with the investors. He originally thought that this kind of work disagreement would not affect the cooperation between the two sides, but he was naive.

Regarding Jiang Dongjun, Yan Chengyi was really dismissive of him. Apart from a feminine face, he has no acting skills and no strength. How could he play a brave and extraordinary policeman like Chen Yaoyang?

Thinking that he had to pinch his nose to shoot this TV series, he was really a little dejected.

As for the matter of Lu Chen making a TV series, Director Yan sneered secretly.


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