Perfect Superstar Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – MSN’s Title Song

Flying Stone Records, listening room.

As an established record company in the industry, the strength of Flying Stone Records was still very deep. Its equipment and facilities were among the best in the industry, and the listening room was no exception.

Although the area of this listening room wasn’t very big, the decoration was completed in strict accordance with the industry’s first-class standards. The layout of the floor, walls, and the audio-visual system were very advanced.

Equipped with special seats, it could be regarded as a very high-spec home theater.

Today was a bit of a special day. The listening room, which could accommodate 24 listeners, was fully occupied, and several people who have no seats were standing directly in the corridor.

And everyone present were senior figures from Flying Stone Records.

Flying Stone Records’ Vice President Yi Xiangjun, Music Director Lin Zhijie, the public relations manager, the manager of brokerage department, Chief Contractor Fan Jun and several agents gathered together, including the protagonist of this listening session – MSN group.

In addition, Flying Stone Records’ general manager, Xia Guoyuan, also came.

Xia Guoyuan was in his fifties this year. He has been in charge of Flying Stone Records for more than 20 years. He has experienced the process of this record company going from its most brilliant peak to its decline and then to its re-emergence. His prestige in the company was extremely high.

In the circle, everyone’s evaluation of Xia Guoyuan was that he was astute, tenacious, and strong-willed. He has a wide network of contacts and a deep background. He was resolute in doing things. He has rich experience and extensive knowledge, and able to accept new things.

The establishment of MSN girls’ group was the result of Xia Guoyuan and Lin Zhijie’s promotion, so he had to personally attend the listening session of this album’s title song.

Otherwise, a mere song, even if it was a masterpiece, was not worth Xia Guoyuan coming out to suppress the scene.

Some time ago, there were some different voices within the Flying Stone Records on MSN’s debut album, believing that the capital investment was too large, which cause the risk to increase exponentially.

In particular, hiring Lu Chen to create and supervise the production cost as much as 1 million+.

Never before in the history of Flying Stone Records has a newcomer been treated like a top songwriter.

Although Lu Chen’s talent was very outstanding and his solo album has also been recognized by the market, there were always people who have doubts. There was even doubts of insider trading.

This has brought a lot of pressure on Lin Zhijie. It wasn’t until Lu Chen took the top spots on the Original Music Chart recently and shocked the industry that the voice of doubt became much weaker.

But there would always be doubts.

Xia Guoyuan was actually sitting here today to support for Lin Zhijie.

In addition to the senior management of Flying Stone Records, the company also invited a number of well-known personalities in the industry.

One of them was Zhen Zhen, the editor-in-chief of Pop Music magazine. She has a good relationship with Lin Zhijie and was very interested in MSN’s debut album. She was invited to come here today.

There were also two music radio hosts and a well-known music critic.

Such a lineup of people made the three girls of MSN girl group, Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian, all trembling. They were sitting in the corner of the listening room, and they dared not breathe.

In fact, the MSN girls were even more excited because the song was of great significance to their debut album!

The door of the listening room was pushed open, and an employee of Flying Stone Records led a young man in.

Mu Xiaochu and the others were sitting near the door, so they saw the visitor first.

They immediately stood up and said in unison to the young man, “Hello, Teacher Lu!”

MSN’s crisp and sweet greetings aroused the other people present, such as Xia Guoyuan, Yi Xiangjun and Lin Zhijie…

They stood up one after another.

It was Lu Chen who came. He didn’t expect that so many people came in today’s listening session. He was very surprised.

Lu Chen nodded his head to Mu Xiaochu’s group of three, his hands pressed together. He apologized to Lin Zhijie, who has just walked over: “I’m sorry to kept everyone waiting for a long time. I was stuck in traffic on the way here just now.”

Lin Zhijie said with a smile, “You’re not late. Let me introduce you. This is our general manager…”

He first introduced Xia Guoyuan to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen had been to Flying Stone Records four or five times, but this was the first time he had meet the man at the helm.

He has also long admired the name of Xia Guoyuan – a real senior in the industry!

Xia Guoyuan shook Lu Chen’s hand and said with a smile, “Mr. Lu Chen is young and promising. It is our luck that Flying Stone Records has the honor to cooperate with you!”

Such evaluation was really high, that it made Lu Chen a little frightened.

Lin Zhijie introduced him to several other guests.

Including Zhen Zhen, the editor-in-chief of Pop Music magazine. Everyone was very respectful and polite to Lu Chen.

This respect was not just out of politeness, but also because of Lu Chen’s status in the pop music world. He was no longer simply the winner of “Singing China”. It could be said that he has established his own appeal.

Lu Chen’s current position was achieved with his 11 original works that were also on the Original Music Chart!

This unprecedented record was enough to make everyone respect him.

After some polite greeting, Lu Chen sat down beside Xia Guoyuan.

The seat was specially reserved for him.

Lin Zhijie was going to personally operate the playback equipment. Before the start of the listening session, he said: “I want to thank all my colleagues in the company and friends in the industry for coming to listen to MSN’s album’s title song. This song is composed by Lu Chen and co-arranged the music and co-supervised the production. After listening, please give us more valuable advice.”

There was a soft applause in the listening room.

Lin Zhijie smiled and said, “The name of this song is “Not Yet Lovers.”

Just as he finished speaking, he pressed the play button.

The listening room suddenly became incomparably quiet.

Until the prelude sounded.

“Why is it that I can talk to you all night long?

Why is it that when we just say goodbye, I miss you already?

Among all of my friends,

You are the most special one.

The one that makes me feel warm and close.


Why do you care about who I go shopping with?

Why do you worry when someone shows interest in me?

You say you treat me a little different than everyone else.

But you don’t tell me in what way.


More than friends,

But not yet lovers.

I feel so sweet but anxious,

Happy but confused.

What will happen to us in the future?

I can’t wait to know the answer.


This song “Not Yet Lovers” was the title song that Lu Chen has selected for MSN’s album.

The meaning of the song title of “Not Yet Lovers” comes from the Japanese “More than friends, not yet lovers”. It means that the relationship between two people is above the relationship of friends, but not to the level of lovers.

It was most suitable for expressing the sentimental and astringent feeling among young teenagers!

The first three verses of the song were respectively sung by the three beautiful girls of MSN. They used their own sweet or clear voice to express the expectations of half-mature girls for love and the sweetness of being trapped in the dream of love and conveying girls’ longing and dreams in this awkward period.

It instantly caught the ears of almost everyone present!

Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian’s singing incisively and vividly expressed the unique feelings of young girls. The beautiful melody, the right arrangement, and the simple and pleasant accompaniment create a fascinating atmosphere.


Just a little bit closer and

I’ll let you hold my hand.

Just a little bit braver and

I’ll go with you!

What are you waiting for?

Time is running out.

If this goes on,

We’ll only end up being friends!

Just move forward a little,

And I’ll say yes.

Just be more aggressive,

And I won’t be shy!

It’s only 3 little words,

Don’t put it off so long.

As long as you say it.

You can have me forever.


The chorus was also the climax part of the whole song. The combination of the three girls was perfect!

The reservedness of youth, the friendship of youth, and the inexplicable heartbeat of youth.

The ignorant pure love, brave encouragement, and the impulse to pursue true love made people feel as if they returned to the past, and remembered the people who they once missed. Whether it was sad or sweet, perhaps only themselves knew.

The farthest love is that you are on the left and I am on the right.

The most memorable love is that of being more than friends, but not yet lovers![1]

Although he has heard it many times, Lu Chen was also moved by their voices when he heard the final version.

As newcomers in the circle, and also members of the new girl group of Flying Rock Records, Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian were all under a lot of pressure. There were many people staring at them and paying attention to them.

But they weren’t paying attention to them out of kindness, but they wanted to see them make a fool of themselves.

MSN withstood the pressure. After Lu Chen brought the music score of “Not Yet Lovers”, they worked hard at learning it by heart, practiced it over and over again, correcting even the slightest flaw.

Now, the hard work of the three girls has finally produced a beautiful flower.

Although the final fruit has yet to be tested by the market, at least for now, in this listening room, both the senior executives of Flying Stone Records and the invited listeners were immersed in the song.

The look on their face said it all.

“Can you decide quickly, and tell me ‘I love you’~”

When MSN sang the last chorus, and the accompaniment ended, an applause suddenly rang out!

Xia Guoyuan was the first to stand up and clapped his hands hard.

Among the people present, he was the oldest and should have been the least moved by the song “Not Yet Lovers”.

Because the most suitable listener to “Not Yet Lovers” were young people.

But the general manager of Flying Stone Records could tell that the song contained sincerity and value.

It was worthy of his praise and applause!

No matter Lin Zhijie, Lu Chen, or MSN, they all lived up to his anticipations and expectations.

The others followed and gave warm applause and praise the three girls sitting in the back.

“Good song!”

“It’s really good, and they sing very well.”

“It can definitely be on the Original Music Chart, at least in the top ten!”

This song made them, the senior industry personage, have a premonition that an album with great market potential and even a big hit was about to be born, and it might only be a matter of time before MSN became popular.

Facing the praise of their predecessors, Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian were obviously not mentally prepared. They stood up a little at a loss, their pretty faces flushed, and then bowed in panic to thank them.

Finally, MSN’s eyes focused on Lu Chen.

Because they all knew who brought them all that they have now!

TN: The Song with English translation: HERE. FYI, this is a cover of the song “Brown Eyes” by Destiny’s Child.

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  1. These four paragraphs are from “More Than Friends, Not Yet Lovers” prose. HERE. It’s in Chinese though

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