Perfect Superstar Chapter 202

Chapter 202 – Fickle In Love

“Brother Chen, please teach me!”

From Inside the phone came the exaggerated voice of Li Mubai, as if something remarkable had happened.

Lu Chen, who had just walked out of the gate of Jingyin School, was confused: “What are you talking about? Teach you what?”

Does this guy seriously want to learn music?

Lu Chen really didn’t have much to teach him. He himself was now going to Jingyin[1] to listen to lectures and study.

Today was Lu Chen’s first day in Jingyin to attend lectures.

Although it has been more than a month since the beginning of the new semester, freshmen classes just started today.

This was because according to national regulations, freshmen were required to undergo a month-long military training after their admission, and then classes would officially begin after the seven-day National Day holiday.

The further Lu Chen walked on the path of music, the more he felt his own shortcomings.

Although he possessed three people’s worth of memories and has plenty of experience[2] himself, he lacked knowledge in the theoretical aspect. He still has to enlist other peoples’ help in creating the music composition for his songs.

Lu Chen came to Jingyin to listen to lectures and study, mainly to make up for his shortcomings in this aspect.

He has the conditions in this regard. There was no restriction from an agency, and he didn’t need to run notices to gain recognition and draw the attention of others. Therefore, he could arrange his time more freely.

Most importantly, Lu Chen knew Gao Yue, a professor in the Jingyin’s Composition Department. This famous teacher could guide him.

Moreover, the quality of the students in Jingyin was very good. Lu Chen was recognized when he came to attend a lecture earlier, but no one gathered around or asked for photos and autographs, so he felt very comfortable.

Jingyin had a deep foundation, which made it worthy of being named one of the three major music academies!

If Li Mubai really wanted to learn music, it would be nice to bring him over to attend lectures together.

Li Mubai replied with a smile, “Teach me how to tame that little witch Chen Qian. She cried for half the night after she got home last night. Sister-in-law originally wanted to ask you about it, but she stopped her.”

“Both of her eyes are swollen into walnuts. I have known her for so long and I haven’t seen her cry like this. Ha ha!”

Third Young Master Li was simply taking pleasure in other’s misfortunes. There was no sympathy, only great joy.

So that’s what happened!

Lu Chen understood his mood very, very well.

Although he was a relative, Li Mubai had suffered a lot because of Chen Qian. He would always talk about the past through clenched teeth.

He was afraid of his tiger-like big brother Li Murong, and he has a lot of respect for Su Daiwan. So, he could only endure it and suffer the loss.

Now that Lu Chen has vented his anger for him, he was naturally in a good mood.

The detail about Chen Qian were also disclosed to Lu Chen by Li Mubai. Otherwise, how could Lu Chen expose her disguise.

Otherwise, he would definitely end up suffering as much as Li Mubai.

Lu Chen said with a smile, “In fact, it’s nothing. Just make her realize her mistake.”

Li Mubai doubted, “Really? Simple as that? That chick is very difficult to mess with. She is very fierce!”

He had suffered too many losses. He had a large psychological shadow when he faced Chen Qian.

Lu Chen said: “No matter how fierce she is, she will never come to me again, but you have to be careful of her revenge.”

Li Mubai was shocked: “Brother Chen, you didn’t sell me out, did you?”

Lu Chen sighed, “How could I sell you out? But if she is really fierce, she should be able to guess how I was able to find out that she was just pretending to be a lady yesterday. So, she will naturally look for whoever betrayed her!”

Li Mubai knelt down directly: “Big Brother Chen, say no more. I’ll book a flight now!”

Lu Chen laughed.

After talking a bit more with Li Mubai, he ended the call.

As he was about to walk towards the parking space, Lu Chen suddenly felt that someone was watching him and instinctively turned his head.

He saw a woman in a white dress standing about ten meters away, and their eyes happened to meet.

She has bright eyes, white teeth, and beautiful appearance. Her eyes were as bright as the morning star, and she had an outstanding aura.

There were a lot of beautiful women in Jingyin, but none of them could compare with her. The gazes that fell upon her figure from the people around her were enough to show her popularity and charm.

Qin Qing?

Lu Chen recognized her identity. She was Qin Qing who he happened to meet once in Yuming Tea Garden.

Qin Qing was a student of Jingyin, and she was studying folk music.

He nodded to the opposite party.

Among all the girls Lu Chen knew, Qin Qing was the most outstanding in both appearance and temperament, and her family background should be very good. She could be called a real goddess.

But it was precisely because of this that Lu Chen didn’t have much feeling for her, and stopped at just appreciating her rather than to pursue her.

It wasn’t that Lu Chen didn’t have self-confidence or that he had inferiority complex, but in his opinion, a girl like Qin Qing might be fine as a friend or confidant. If she became his girlfriend or wife…

Then his life would be shortened!

Moreover, there were too many beautiful things in the world. Some were better viewed from a distance.

However, as Lu Chen didn’t intend to greet her, he didn’t expect Qin Qing taking the initiative to come over after a moment of hesitation.

“Senior Lu Chen…”

Lu Chen was a little surprised: “Hello, Junior Qin Qing.”

Qin Qing looked calm and asked, “Did you drive here by yourself?”

Lu Chen nodded: “Are you going home? I’ll take you back.”

Last time, it was Qin Qing who brought him to Jingyin to apply for a lecture permit. If the other party needed help, he was naturally duty-bound.

Qin Qing said, “Then I’ll be troubling you. I have a piano to take back to the tea garden.”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “It’s no trouble.”

Lu Chen noticed that Qin Qing was carrying a long piano case in her hand.

He felt it was a little strange – why didn’t Qin Qing drive herself? Why did she ask for his help?

As long as she asked, he believed there were a lot of boys who were willing to help, right?

Of course, though he was curious, Lu Chen wouldn’t take the initiative to ask.

After all, this was the other party’s private matters.

At this time, a thin boy walked quickly towards them, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

He obviously plucked up his courage. She stared at Qin Qing with fiery eyes, presented her the roses with both hands, and said aloud, “Junior Qin Qing, I like you!”

The boy had been waiting for Qin Qing outside the campus for a long time. He was still hesitating until he saw Qin Qing talking to Lu Chen and was about to leave. He became anxious, and desperately chase after her to confess.

Qin Qing didn’t receive his flowers. She stepped back and said faintly: “Sorry, I don’t like you.”

She said to Lu Chen, “Let’s go.”

Lu Chen suddenly came to his senses.

It turned out that Qin Qing asked for a ride because she noticed the existence of the boy and was afraid of being entangled by the other party.

There were already many people around, pointing and watching.

The boy’s face turned red, but his expression showed that he didn’t want to give up easily.

Lu Chen took the piano case from Qin Qing’s hand and smiled at the opposite party.

I’m sorry, buddy, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that you are not liked!

The boy wilted like a frosted eggplant.

In terms of height or appearance, he was a lot worse than Lu Chen. He felt powerless.

Lu Chen brought Qin Qing to where he parked his car.

He secretly sighed in his heart. Girls like Qin Qing have troubles in their daily life. Unless they stay at home and didn’t you out, they would always have to face all kinds of pursuits and even harassment.

As Lu Chen was thinking, a silver-white Porsche sports car came quietly and stopped steadily in front of the them, blocking the way. The golden shield logo on the front of the car was shining brightly in the light of the setting sun.


The car window slid down noiselessly. The person sitting in the driver’s seat leaned out their head, whistled frivolously to Qin Qing and said, “Come and sit in my car. It’s beneath your identity and beauty to take his broken car!”

Seeing the Porsche blocking the road, Lu Chen’s expression suddenly became very strange.

But Qin Qing not only didn’t get angry, but bloomed a very moving smile: “Big Sister Mushi!”

The person who was expressing interest to Qin Qing was impressively Li Mushi!

The Porsche F17 she was driving was originally Lu Mubai’s, and Lu Chen has ridden it several times.

Lu Chen didn’t expect that Li Mushi would appear here. Moreover, she knew Qin Qing.

Li Mushi asked with a smile, “Girl, what’s going on with you two?”

Qin Qing’s elegant face turned red and explained, “There’s nothing going on. I just asked this senior to help me to deliver this.”

“This senior?”

Li Mushi said with a smile, “Your senior is my immediate boss and the chairman of my company!”


Qin Qing was taken aback and looked at Lu Chen with incredulous eyes.

Qin Qing knew that Lu Chen was a singer and artist, and also a little famous, but she didn’t expect that Lu Chen had such a relationship with Li Mushi, which really surprised her.

Qin Qing was very clear about the identity of the latter!

Li Mushi said, “I’m here to look for him. You can ride my car together. I’ll take you back first.”

Qin Qing soon calmed down and said with a smile, “Thank you, Big Sister Mu Shi!”

She opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

Li Mushi waved her hand and said, “What is there to thank between us sisters, but you have to be careful with this guy. He is very fickle in love. Don’t be deceived by him!”

Lu Chen, who had just sat in the back seat, heard the slander of the opposite party and said with a wry smile, “Big Sister Mu Shi, how can I be fickle in love?”

He was really wronged.

Since he met and fell in love with Wang Ying when he was in college, he has never taken the initiative to provoke other girls. Up to now, although he has met several very nice girls, he has never pursued anyone.

Like Ye Zitong, Mu Xiaochu, and even Chen Fei’er. Because Lu Chen’s present thoughts were basically focused on his own career.

With no success in his career and his family’s debts not been paid off, he would not consider personal relationship issues for the time being.

Li Mushi turned her head and looked at him. Her eyes seemed to say, “This old lady[3] had seen through you long ago!”.

Lu Chen was speechless.

Qin Qing pursed her lips and said with a smile, “I know. I’ll be careful.”

She obviously has a good relationship with Li Mushi. Her talking and laughing were not as indifferent and cold as before.

Driving the four-door sports car that originally belonged to Li Mubai, Li Mushi first sent Qin Qing back to Yuming Tea Garden.

Then she took Lu Chen to a private club.


[1] Just a reminder since I haven’t posted lately. Jingyin is short for Beijing Conservatory of Music

[2] The experience here refers to two things, life experience and skill

[3] Old lady – an arrogant way to refer to herself. Like the female counterpart of “I, your father”, or “Laozi”

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