Oh My General Chapter 18.2

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Chapter 18.2: Husband and Wife

T/N: The last half of chapter 18 as promised.

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Lu Ye hatefully said: “Today I, Lu, surrender. We will meet another day. Consider these nine thousand something taels of silvers as a gift to Jun Wang. Please, I beg your mercy.”

Xia Yujin did not give face, and replied: “With your low status? What qualifications do you even have to question me? I am winning money honorable, and you claim it to be a gift?” He stubbornly refused to negotiate as he lazed in his chair[1], not moving. Behind him were countless of other gamblers screaming to start the next round of gambling.

Lu Ye thought for a long time to come up with a plan and called out the thugs and workers before announcing: “The gambling house is out of business today! Please leave and come back another time!”

The thugs and workers began to rush out the yelling drunkard. The crowd that was extremely reluctant could only curse at the workers as they were ushered out. Soon, only Xia Yujin and his remained in the empty gambling house. Lu Ye clenched his teeth together into a sneer. He folded his hands in salute[2] ceremoniously: “Jun Wang’s body is not in good health. He wants to rest in this gambling casino. The manager will send people to serve and wait for Jun Wang to finish resting. When I wish to leave, only then will I leave, not before.” Once he finished speaking, he gestured to the thug to stay back to keep watch. He himself walked out of the door and decided to hide from the Emperor for a few days.

Nine thousand something taels of silvers was close enough to his goal; he planned to come back day afer day day, making loud ruckus after ruckus until the gambling house shut down for good.

Xia Yujin was not too satisfied with today’s result, but he could only collect his silver and prepared to get up and leave.

Suddenly, a gust of wind burst through the doorway.

Lu Ye flew through the air like a sack and fell on top of the table in front of Xia Yujin, creating a big hole.

“Bastard!” A murderous voice rang through the air like a bloody blade, causing people to shudder.

Ye Zhao wore a red jinzhuang[3], hand on her sword, followed by twenty something troops that surrounded the gambling house, and then slowly stepped through the doorway. She first glance over everything with sharp eyes, then nodded to Xia Yujin. With her eyes locked onto Lu Ye’s figure, she commanded: “Continue to gamble!”

Xia Yujin saw the situation and was overjoyed. He hurriedly sat back again.

Lu Ye struggled to get up and cried: “You are the greatest general in the world, yet you go so far as to dare oppress the people! I will report you!”

Ye Zhao walked over and knocked him over once again to step on his spine. She slowly applied more force while casually explaining: “My man invites you to gamble, then you have to gamble.”

Xia Yujin knew what to do and laughed: “Do you not know that the officials obey the Emperor, the child obeys the father, and the wife obeys the husband? I invite you to gamble. If she is virtuous, she will naturally catch you gambling. If not obedient, then see if I don’t divorce her!”

“Yeah.” Ye Zhaoduo kicked the guy’s two feet. The sound of the cracking bones was ear piercing in the silent atmosphere, then she added faintly, “With the husband, he rarely commands me to do things. Neither do I take advantage of my position as a wife defiantly.”

Xia Yujin took the hand and sighed: “Look, this is the husband and wife are in harmony together[4]!”

“Towards … towards your mother …” Lu Ye painfully convulsed. He stubbornly wanted to say a few more words but suddenly remembered the ominous reputation of the devil incarnate, quickly closed his eyes, and tried to play dead.

Ye Zhao poked him (Lu Ye) with a hilt and asked: “If he doesn’t gamble, then what?”

Xia Yujin decisively said: “Take your skills out and continue to beat his mother!”

Ye Zhao bent down to “kind-heartedly” ask: “Hey, are you going to gamble or not? Did you hear my man’s intentions? Don’t worry, I know at least one hundred ways to make living seem worse than death.”

Author’s Note:

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[1]软硬不吃—Chinese idiom that literally translates to “soft and hard, don’t eat.” It means more along the lines of having a tough/ stubborn attitude during negotiations

[2]抱拳行–This is the traditional etiquette salute seen in Chinese period dramas where the right fist is held in the left hand in front of the chin

[3] A type of Chinese dress that nowadays is commonly seen in Chinese material arts video games

[4] 夫倡妇随–this Chinese idiom that literally translates to husband singing with the wife; it means that the husband and wife get along together/ are in agreement with one another

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