Chapter Five

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Finished reporting back after a period of absence, Jiǎn Míng Xià finally got back to work.

She worked at a women’s magazine and was in charge of the emotional section.

The selection of manuscripts was very tasking, but for Jiǎn Míng Xià who loved reading novels, it was in line to satisfy rival demands[1].

[1] meaning to get the best of both worlds.

Ironically, she had never been in love and had no faith in true love. She was simply fond of reading romance novels.

There were times when they were short in manuscripts, Jiǎn Míng Xià would entertain the thought of handing over a piece herself, but the editor in chief had said that she wrote a story, not romance.

The former existed in the girl’s fantasy, brilliant and beautiful. While the latter, even with strong love and just a word or two , also revealed the vicissitudes of reality.

Later, Jiǎn Míng Xià only wrote tragic stories. It was common for men and women to be written dead and disabled. Therefore, the company’s new graduates secretly said that she was a newspaper aunt who lacked love. When she was young, she must have been severely abandoned by men.

In fact, Jiǎn Míng Xià was not that old, but in the eyes of the young girl who had just graduated, she looked like a cabbage soaked in the dye vat of society. She had already become a pragmatic and unscrupulous businessperson.

As if reminded, she thought  of the promise to help Xuē Lì Yán pay attention to housing information. In november, half a month later, the weather began to turn cold, perhaps due to the lack of furniture, Jiǎn Míng Xià always felt that her home was colder than others .

Jiǎn Míng Xià did not have the habit of turning on the air conditioner to sleep. She preferred to cover herself with a thick quilt, which would make her feel satisfied to have enough food and warm clothes.

In the evening, she felt that the quilt was not warm, so she had it changed. Then suddenly it reminded her that Xuē Lì Yán had said he wanted to change the house.

The next morning, she called her rental agency and found out that there were still vacant houses in this area. Jiǎn Míng Xià readily sent a message to Xuē Lì Yán, whether he had already moved out  or not, at least she had not completely forgotten the matter.

At noon, a reply from Xuē Lì Yán came, which was very baffling.

Li Yan: Jiǎn Míng Xià, can I live at yours instead?

For a second, Jiǎn Míng Xià thought that Xuē Lì Yán had missed some words. The original words should have been”Can I live in there now?”nt).

Therefore, Chinese was wide-ranging and profound . Missing or an addition of one or two words  could lead to different meanings of a sentence.

Jiǎn Míng Xià, who assumed he did not know better, replied: The apartment layout is the same, with one bedroom, a living room with a kitchen and one bathroom, complete with a small balcony. It’s spacious enough to live alone and or with a girlfriend, but not suitable for entertaining friends. There is no room for a sofa in the living room, so consider it carefully. The agency said it is ready to move in at any time. In addition, Call me sister.

Lì Yán: I got it! Isn’t this emphasis due to feeling guilty as a thief ? You know, I’m still in the same mood.

Jiǎn Míng Xià stared at the mobile phone and suspected that she was dazzled. A thought came to her mind that Xuē Lì Yán and her were not in the same channel at all?

What is this? What is that?

When Views Are Irreconcilable, It’s A Waste Of Breath To Continue Discussion, Jiǎn Míng Xià put the mobile phone aside and continued to work.

Xuē Lì Yán’s action was very fast. That very afternoon he moved over, as if he had packed his luggage ahead of time and was waiting for her to issue instructions.

It should be her imagination right?

After work, Jiǎn Míng Xià went to the fruit shop to buy a few catties of fresh fruit. After all, the house was found by her. She had to go and have a look herself.

In fact, Jiǎn Míng Xià felt that Xuē Lì Yán should not rent such an apartment. Boys were used to calling friends over. The house was too small. When friends came over, they did not even have any space to sit. That was such a killjoy.

However, working outside was just like this. You could either share a rent with someone or live in such a sparrow house. If you lived alone in a large house it was too troublesome.

Usually after work, that was, wandering between the bathroom and bedroom, the kitchen would not be used often, no matter how big the house was, the kitchen would just be a decoration. As timid as Jiǎn Míng Xià was, she felt scared when she was alone in the living room . She always thought that several unknown monsters would jump out of the cabinet.

At the beginning, Jiǎn Míng Xià had rented a four room apartment with a friend. However, the friend took her boyfriend home every day. Later, they simply lived together and had not asked Jiǎn Míng Xià’s opinion. Young man and woman played a little crazy. They did not go home until early morning and  always got home in a drunken state every day. There was a smell of smoke that could not be dispersed even when the windows were opened.

And that man also had not been avoiding  people, often wearing only  an underpants to walk around the house. Jiǎn Míng Xià basically refused to go out of her room and  always locked her door every time those two were around. Soon afterwards, Jiǎn Míng Xià found a chance to live alone.

Therefore, everyone had  their own difficulties. Xuē Lì Yán might have his own consideration to live in the sparrow house.

Jiǎn Míng Xià was not in a position to worry about others.

Jiǎn Míng Xià looked for the door according to the address sent by Xuē Lì Yán. It was on the sixth floor of the building opposite that of Jiǎn Míng Xiàs.

The doorbell rang and soon someone came to open the door.

It was Xuē Lì Yán who opened the door, but Jiǎn Míng Xià thought that she had gotten to the wrong place when she first saw him.

It seemed that every time she met him, he would appear different. The first time she met him again, he had worn household clothes, and the blue beard on his chin was pointed out. The second time, he had donned more serious clothes and shaved off the residue of her beard. However, if one was serious, he also broke the instant noodles head.

This time upon meeting him, his hair was dyed black and straightened. It should be just made, because it looked very smooth, silky and elegant.

In Jiǎn Míng Xià’s opinion, it could be  that he was about to change his mind and make progress day by day. Or he had experienced a painful relationship, and now he finally freed himself of the pain.

A man’s sense of fashion, just like a woman’s make-up, should not be compulsory. But as long as it could be seen that he had taken care of, it could make a person gain an extra brownie 

A man wearing a suit showed that he was a man with a strict attitude towards work, while a woman’s make up was a statement that she was a capable person. Suits and cosmetics were necessary for men and women to work, respectively.

Jiǎn Míng Xià once almost believed that a plain faced was one  confident woman. But that was a big fat lie. When you did not put on any make up, your boss would ask you to apply more make up!

So when you went to work, Jiǎn Míng Xià also drew her eyebrows and applied eyeshadow to make herself look more energetic.

Xuē Lì Yán opened the door to see Jiǎn Míng Xià. His facial expression became softer which was very noticeable with that faint smile on his face.

Jiǎn Míng Xià a bit overwhelmed by favor from superior, it took her a long time to say congratulations to him.

No wonder she was overwhelmed by favor from superior. No matter what impression he gave her when he was a child, at least these meetings left her with not at all a negative feeling.

A girl changed eighteen times between childhood and womanhood (TL: a young woman is very different from the little girl she once was) and men became different at 80.

So it was possible for a man to become anything from birth to old age.

It was no surprise that Xuē Lì Yán was not what she had remembered.

Xuē Lì Yán took over the fruit basket in her hand and said, “Come and sit in first.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià help herself in.

Fortunately, there was no embarrassment of no shoes to wear. Although Xuē Lì Yán was in a hurry to move, he at least had prepared a new pair of shoes for her.

“Anything you want to drink?” Xuē Lì Yán asked her.

“Plain water is fine.”

Taking advantage of Xuē Lì Yán’s effort to pour water, Jiǎn Míng Xià took a good look at the living room. Every room was the same size, only Xuē Lì Yán’s room was more spacious. In the living room, there was  a set of exquisite four person sofas, a computer desk in one corner, bookshelves on the other side against the wall.

Clean and tidy. Unlike, Jiǎn Míng Xià home, the original large suite of furniture, a large sofa on the living room accounted for a third, the double bed in the bedroom made the room even more little in pace that even could not accommodating another pair of foot.

As a matter of fact, a well arrangement could also free up a lot of space. Took in Xuē Lì Yán’s apartment for instance, but she was simply lazy.

Looking at the neat furnishings in the room. Inside her mind, Jiǎn Míng Xià thought, lets see what it looked like after a month.

Xuē Lì Yán served the water and asked her, “Have you had dinner?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià shook her head. She had been meaning to ask Xuē Lì Yán to treat her for a meal. It was the friendship of the landlords.

As a result Xuē Lì Yán beat her and said, “Let’s eat here.”

“You cook?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià was so lazy that she had no patience to cook delicious food.

In fact, she had just come from the kitchen and saw soup was being cooked inside, but she had not seen the chef.

Xuē Lì Yán shook his head in anticipation and said, “The housekeeper will do it. She went downstairs to buy ingredients.”

Having heard what was said, Jiǎn Míng Xià did not despise young master way of doing things. It was better compared with those men who eat instant noodles all day long, knowing how to ask for housekeeping was pretty good.

As it should be, it was just that the power of action was a little astonishing. Could it be that the housekeeper Auntie had also put leftovers for her?

The two of them sat and had nothing to say.

Jiǎn Míng Xià tried to find a topic: “You moved too fast. I didn’t even have a chance to tell you that you should choose some buildings over there in area C. Behind this side of the area was a construction site. This unfinished project has been done for more than a year, and it can’t be completed in a short time. It’s very noisy during the day.”

“It’s OK. I’m not usually at home during the day.”

Speaking of this, Jiǎn Míng Xià asked about his work: “By the way, what are you doing now?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià knew he had studied computer at university which was the favorite of millennials. However as we all knew, there was no relationship between what major he had studied and what job he did.

Xuē Lì Yán leaned on his back, adjusted his line of sight, and said, “Now I am an animator in an animation company.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià felt that she was frightened, foolishly to say dryly: “I did not see that coming. You still have such childlike innocence.”

Her eyes were wide and round. It was interesting to see.

Xuē Lì Yán smiled, he seemed to change not only the hair style, but also became even more gentle in temperament. He said: “It was actually an accident. My roommate taught himself animation software. Later, he gave up and gave me the information. I didn’t plan to be in this line of work. It was the resume that this roommate put in for me”.

This was such a sad story. That roommate’s heart must be dripping blood.

But after chatting  for a long time, Xuē Lì Yán did not respond positively to Jiǎn Míng Xià’s misgivings.

When no one was forced to learn knowledge, he naturally came according to his interest. Therefore, in the final analysis, it had been his own choice.

But looking at his appearance, we could not see that he was a man with Chicheng’s hot-blood and childlike innocence.

Animation industry, the most needed was evidently enthusiasm. Because in terms of the current domestic environment, although this industry had existed for decades, the enrollment information usually stated that this was an emerging industry that needs a lot of talent, which was enough to show how the progress was.

It appeared to be better in recent years, but it was hot blood that made progress only with great difficulty. There was no work that could last for years and pay attention to it forever.

Maybe the curiosity on her face was too obvious. Xuē Lì Yán stopped and added a few words.

“Maybe you misunderstood something. I didn’t study because I love this industry.”

“I know a person who said she wanted to animate her novels. I had no idea whether she had given up the idea, but at least when she had the desire to, I’d be the one to help her.”

His tone of voice sounded very serious, eyes were very focused. It made people bear not to doubt his sincerity.

His speech sounded like that man[2]. Surely, that person must be a very important person to him.

[2] meaning sounds like every woman’s perfect choice.

Jiǎn Míng Xià stared blankly, because she suddenly remembered. It seemed she once had also said such words.

It was a dream of the young and inexperienced.

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