Chapter 19 – Original* Wedding Ceremony (Part 3)

*start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path / to break fresh ground, wedding ceremony / wedding

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Today, Jiang An Lan was dressed in an orthodox black suit, while Yao Yuan was dressed in a white wedding dress. Grandma Yao wiped her tears when she sent her granddaughter to the wedding car, and Yao Yuan also cried. Jiang An Lan who was holding Yao Yuan’s hand respectfully said to the old lady: “Grandma, don’t worry, I will treat her as well as you treat her.”

Granny Yao finally nodded with a smile, “OK, granny wishes you always be united and produced a full house of children and grandchildren.”

On this day, in the wedding banquet of Jiang Ning Hotel, the loudest crowd was the group of people in the game.

Hua Kai : “Xiao Jun is so beautiful! I want to take a picture and post it to ShèngShì’s forum. I want to capture the Century’s number one beauty ah! Let’s cool off Shui Diao Ge Yao that appears  on the Internet every day!”

Wēn Chéng: “I said that it’s too cheap to offer two glasses of wine to someone who is married sister-in-law. Do you want to see the Leader dance or something ah?”

Everyone shouted!

The new lady secretly glanced at the people around her. The eldest young master of the house asked indifferently, “Do you want me to dance?”

Everyone got excited, dare not!

Wēn Chéng said angrily, “If you had no guts to do it today, don’t expect to see your leader make a fool of himself in the future.”

Yao Xin Ran said: “Are you stupid! Let Xiao Jūn ask him to sing a song or dance. On this occasion like today, I wonder  if your leader dares not to obey… ” Before Yao Xin Ran’s words were finished, the Clan Leader had uttered, “If it’s my wife, I’d gladly obey.”

Bǎobèi Guāi: “Sister-in-law, let the Clan Leader dance, okay? Please!”

Yao Yuan looked at a certain someone and spoke with a smile, “Do you hear that?”

Everyone looked forward to it. Jiang An Lan took off his suit and said to Jiang An Cheng, “Please help me find four laptops.”

Hence, on that day, the guests enjoyed a wonderful one-on-three game PK. Jiang An Lan’s computer connected to the big screen in the dining room and played the whole process of the game clearly. You could see that Jūn Lín Tiān Xià from head to toe is dressed in red. That’s right! The suit he wore when he got married in the game, arrogant and overbearing, stood on the screen, flipped and leaped. Every shot showed his amazing hand speed, gorgeous skills and eye-catching. It was like a flickering light and passing shadows[1] kind of dance. In the end, Wēn Chéng’s Wēn Rú Yù, Lǐ Áo’s Àoshì Cāng Qióng, Yáo Xīn Rán’s Shuǐ Shàng Xiān were defeated.

[1] meaning is blurred. Cursory, superficial.

Jiang An Lan closed the computer, stood up and looked at the crowd with a faint smile, “Don’t you want to see your Clan Leader dance?”

“The Great God really lives up to his name. Even if you brush the lower limit, it is also at the level of the great master.” Some people felt suffocated yet could only speak the truth.

Finally, the two-days wedding ended at midnight on the 25th.

When Yao Yuan finished her bath and was lying down in Jiang An Lan’s new residence in Jiang Ning City, she said, “Finally, it’s over! Now, I can have a good sleep. “

Jiang An Lan came out of the bathroom, dressed in a bathrobe, and lay next to her. His left hand with the wedding ring gathered her hair, “The night has just begun, fūren.”

“Cough, aren’t you tired? Why don’t we…  Another day,OK? “

“No. You start the matter, you must take responsibility for what you have done to me.”

“When did I cause trouble?”

“A few years ago.”

Yao Yuan fluttered out with a smile, “Then your endurance is good enough ah!”

Jiang An Lan merely smiled, “I will personally let my wife know from experience what is called “good enough endurance”, and “fighting power is long”. ” Yao Yuan did not even have time to say that he was of noble self and thus was different from a vulgar person because Jiang An Lan had beat her by bending over and kissed her lips. Before kissing, he first spoke, “Remember what you promised before, and how I wish to realise, fūren should “cooperate actively”.”

His kiss was no longer as brief and reserved as before, but he had taken it up a notch , caveting cities and seizing territories, pried her teeth open, and the tip of his tongue charged directly into her mouth and tangled with her tongue.

Yao Yuan never felt Jiang An Lan’s powerful force before, but now she felt it.

That evening dress was removed by him. Yao Yuan said with difficulty and a red face: “You, can you slow down a little bit?”

The man kissing her round jade-like shoulders raised his head just to shake it. Then he turned her over and unbuttoned her underwear. Yao Yuan, with a blush, wanted to grab the quilt cover beside him, but she could not breathe. Her eyes were closed as she had lost all her strength when he kissed her all the way from her back to her waist.

“An Lan……”

The man with lovelorn showed clearly on his face hugged her up and sat on his waist, making them see face to face. He kissed her and slowly parted her legs…

Yao Yuan was so nervous that she shivered slightly. The moment he entered her body, he kissed her forehead and whispered: “I love you, Xiao Yuan. What about you?”

Yao Yuan’s whole body was hot and her voice was weak. “I …So do I.”

Jiang An Lan said with a deep smile: “Then I will not be polite.”


Yao Yuan’s premarital creed: living a simple life as one’s ideal, tranquility yields transcendence[2].

[2] meaning is still water running deep.

Yao Yuan’s marriage creed: do not easily offend the family’s Great Master.

Yao Xin Ran asked, “What will happen if you offend him?”

Yao Yuan replied: “I’m afraid… Will be asked to ‘talk’.’”

For example, one day after they were married, Yao Yuan came home from school. However as soon as she entered the house, she was surprised to see the person drinking water at the dining table and inquired, “You’re back from business already?”

Then, because the Great Master had told her yesterday, “My flight is tomorrow morning, I’ll be home in the evening.”. Obviously  someone had forgotten about it. Hence, seeing her surprised look upon his arrival had made  the Great Master unhappy. He squinted his eyes and said, “Come to the room, let’s have a chat.”

Yao Yuan was rendered speechless.

Although sometimes Yao Yuan would lament why she had tied the knot in such a hurry, because after the marriage, “personal freedom” could not be guaranteed. But sometimes she also felt very glad to marry, because now she got someone’s supports, and the feeling was really cool!

For example, once, she went to dinner with her colleagues after work, then she went to sing afterwards.

The most regretful thing in Yao Yuan’s life was not good at singing. Therefore, as long as she went to KTV with her friends and colleagues, she was  basically only sitting there as an audience. She knew not to disgrace oneself by going up and singing.

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