Chapter 19 – Original* Wedding Ceremony (Part 1)

*start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path / to break fresh ground, wedding ceremony / wedding

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On the third day prior to the wedding ceremony, Yao Xin Ran, who wanted to be the bridesmaid, flew over.

Having the final fitting for the dress, Yao Yuan stood on a low stool. The designer made the final adjustment around her.

It was a wide sleeve coat embroidered with southern red Suzhou embroidery. The cuff was inlaid with gold thread which was twisted into a thousand leaf Begonia pattern. The lower body was paired with a soft smoky skirt of the same color. The back of the coat was covered with a moving overcoat. A vivid Phoenix was ​​embroidered on the cloak with dark gold thread. The designer was also in line with the current trend, so the big red veil had been changed into red-pomegranate cicada-wing veil, which was pinned on the hair with exquisite crown, which appeared gorgeous and elegant. Time seemed to return to the prosperous Tang Dynasty of thousands of years ago.

Jiang An Lan tried on his Chinese style dress on the side. The style of the dress was not complicated. The black and red-dark dragon pattern straight-breasted chang pao had an excellent drape effect. He wore a pure black jade belt with a width of four fingers around his waist, and hung a jade pendant gracefully, just like a younger generation of imperial household.

Yao Xin Ran, who came to watch, said that she was really going to blind her titanium alloy eyes. “I said, Chinese people should wear Chinese style clothes. This implicit charm in rhyme indeed portrayed down to the smallest detail  miscellaneous.”

But after all, one dress was not enough, so Jiang An Lan also ordered the bride’s wedding dress, an evening dress complete with two suits for himself, which were delivered to the designer’s shop the day before yesterday. They all had to try them on today. If they did not fit, they could also ask the designer to modify it. Yao Yuan could not help sigh with sorrow when she changed her wedding dress, “It’s very troublesome to get married. Why can’t you just wear one suit if you want to change so many sets of clothes a day?”

The noble son leaning against the curtain said: “Three of the three sets of dresses are auspicious numbers. Three stars are in the sky, and you can get married.”

“How do I think you’re fooling me?” Yao Yuan did not buy it.

The designer added with a smile: “Two sets, three sets, four sets are all worn by people. Maybe Wǔ Shào like the number ‘three’? The bride should just cooperate. “

En.” Jiang An Lan’s eyes fluctuated, “The blessing of three lifetimes  to meet a beautiful woman.”

Yao Xin Ran anguished wailing, “Stimulate people who have no partner, right?”

Yao Yuan behind the curtain also coughed twice.

Yao Yuan changed her wedding dress. The western wedding dress was much simpler than the previous Chinese one. The white hollow orchid dress, white veil and lace gloves were generous, simple yet elegant.

Yao Xin Ran commented: “Well, as expected, it’s hard to discard the natural beauty. What you wear is entirely enchanting.”

The designer nodded and said, “The bride has a good eye for choosing clothes. The groom’s selected wedding dresses also did not lack foresight. Wáng Wēi‘s wedding dress is still pretty good.”

When putting on the purple evening dress, Yao Yuan was praised by the designer: “Elegant.”

The bridegroom said faintly, “The person I chose, of course.”


Yao Xin Ran suddenly thought of something, “It is said that you haven’t taken your wedding photos yet? When will it be taken?”

Jiang An Lan glanced at the bride, “On the honeymoon, I’ll take pictures.”

Cough, cough!” The bride choked on her own saliva again.

Finally, when Yao Yuan was about to change her clothes, the designer took Yao Xin Ran out to have some tea.

Jiang An Lan walked into the back of the curtain and asked the two assistants to give them some privacy. Two little girls went out embarrassedly. Yao Yuan turned back to face him, slightly distracted. The next thing she knew, Jiang An Lan was behind her asking, “Tired?”

È è, not bad.”

He put his hands on her waist, lowered his head and kissed the white skin of her nape, “Xiao Yuan,”


“Thank you for marrying me.”

All of a sudden this kind of bubbling up emotion made Yao Yuan unable to resist. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m very happy.”

“In that case… Then don’t bite my… Neck… OK?”

Jiang An Lan looked at Yao Yuan with a little sympathy and then protested, “I really want to eat you.”

Yao Yuan’s trembling and depressed voice uttered: “Beast.”

No matter how afraid Yao Yuan resists, the wedding day was still hosted as promised.

On June 24, it was suitable to marry and to get to bed with somebody. Later, Yao Yuan recalled the two days of the 24th and 25th, and felt a sense of shock.

On the 24th, in the main hall of a certain palace, all the guests stood on both sides, smiling upon the entrance of  the bride and groom entering the venue. The sunshine outside lighted up the main hall, and the tiny dust was flying in the air, which added some hazy warmth to the ancient hall. There was a beam of light on the bride’s Chinese dress, the Phoenix in red shining burning flame, as if about to spread its wings and soar. They stood at the forefront of the hall. In the reading of a person of virtue and prestige[1] old man, they bow to heaven and earth, to one’s parents, and finally the couple bow to each other.

[1] meaning a person of good moral standing and reputation.

After the ceremony, everyone applauded. Several old people also said that this wedding ceremony was very good, which reminded them of the time half a century ago. These people were the comrades of Jiang’s lǎoyézi, the people who had fought on the battlefield, many  family wrenched apart. In the 1950s, when they got married, although there were no such arrangements, the table was still red. It was similar.

After nearly two hours of ceremony, everyone was escorted by a bus to the nearest five-star hotel.

Yao Yuan reminisced later, she had drunk numerous offered toasts, and how handsome the groom was. The close fitting design of the Chinese style dress matched his slightly emaciated tall figure, which made gold and jade in glorious splendor[2] him more and more handsome in the splendid hotel dining room.

[2] meaning is a dazzling sight to behold.

Yao Yuan finally anointed your head with the purest cream[3] that she really had married Jiang An Lan, oh, no, it should be Qin An Lan.

[3] Meaning enlighten people with perfect wisdom / flawless Buddhist teaching

No matter what An Lan, anyway, she did marry him.

Three emperors complex, pfff.

“What are you laughing at?” Asked the bridegroom.

“No, nothing.” Yao Yuan raised her glass and told him, ” Senior brother, it’s the blessing of three lifetimes to be able to join hands with you.”

The bridegroom put his fist on his mouth and simply coughed.

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