Chapter 18 – Later, I’ll be in Your Care (Part 4)

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“Don’t you think it’s extremely in defiance of the natural order to go to such a place to have a wedding?” It was akin to seeing an ordinary equiped player sent out from the enemy team and easily crushed their elite troops of 50 people, then they would stop believing in love all together.

Jiang An Lan smiled and voiced out his opinion: “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to keep a low profile.”

Hosting a wedding ceremony in that palace itself was no longer low-key, right?

Yao Yuan continued the struggle withearnest and well-meaning advice in trying to persuade him: “This kind of behavior should severely pull the hatred value, right? I don’t want to be the target of a multitude of arrows[1]”

[1] meaning to become the butt of public criticism.

Jiang An Lan reasoned back: “There won’t be any external publicity, no outsiders attending the ceremony. It’s only for some relatives and friends, and some of grandfather’s comrades-in-arms are invited. We are just going to use a vacant site, and I’ve promised to pay for renovation later. And it’s coming from my own money, clean and spotless, only in the event that I marry you, and our wedding ceremony.”

Clean, white and flawless, in the event that I marry you, this sentence, he had stated deliberately to attack someone by innuendo. his explaination made Yao Yuan speechless for a while.

Yao Yuan finally abandoned oneself to despair (TL: to give up and stop bothering) and said, “Senior brother, what should i do for you to be  willing to start off leniently[2])?”

[2] meaning to not being so strict with herself.

Upon hearing this, something in Jiang An Lan’s eyes flashed. Approaching her, he whispered some words. And hearing these words let Yao Yuan’s earlobe turn as red as dripping blood.

At the moment, they were lying down in the same bed. Although they had been sleeping with each other for many times, they were purely sleeping. Yao Yuan felt embarrassed and wanted to get up, but a hand was quicker into holding  her arm, gathering her into his arms. Jiang An Lan said with a soft smile in her ear: “I won’t make a move on you now. But do you know what I want for the first time after the wedding, so scared?”

“Really… You are such a hooligan.”

Jiang An Lan’s forehead was intimately attached to hers, “Because I have been wanting you to throw yourself in my arms and make love with me, for too long.”

Because the distance between them was too close, they breathed and fused with each other, and the suddenly rising temperature made Yao Yuan the sky spins, the earth goes round[3].

[3] meaning is being giddy with one’s head spinning around.

“Have you thought about it? Do you want me to start off leniently?”

Miss Yao, who had lived for more than 20 years, had just realized for the first time what it means to harbor evil intentions.

What does the wedding ceremony set up in the Forbidden City? Is it just a trick for her? Just like…

How can in this world there be such a…? How come there be such an excessive person?

But in the end Yao Yuan still had to bow to the evil forces. It was better to lose face alone than in public.

The next morning, Jiang An Lan hugged Yao Yuan who had just woken up and said, “When you were half asleep last night, you said that I was deceitful in many ways, harboring sinister intentions, and like a needle concealed in silk floss ?”

“You don’t come at first light to accuse me wrongly. Like a needle concealed in silk floss, it must be the conclusion of your own self reflection in your dream.” Yao Yuan, who just woke up, was not fully awake, and had no pressure to rebel against the emperor. Jiang An Lan not knowing whether to laugh or cry sighed: “Why do I need to hide away, towards others?”

When Yao Yuan got up and went to the bathroom to wash the face and rinse the mouth, her mobile phone rang. Jiang An Lan easily took it and looked at it. It was the number of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province. He thought about it for a second and then answered it. The other party’s voice was a little excited: “I’m Zhuāng Xiǎo Wēi. I said, do you really want to marry Jūn Lín Tiān Xià? Have you thought it through? As a friend, I would like to advise you one sentence ah! He can not be loyal to marriage for a few years. You can see how he changed partners in his game. I’m saying this for your own good. I’ll tell you, you can play in the game. In reality, don’t be so careless. You can’t play him! Hello? Why is there no sound? Hello?”

“I am Jūn Lín Tiān Xià. I will not invite you to our wedding, but we will allow you to come to our golden wedding anniversary.” Finished saying, he hung up the phone, and then added the number to blacklist directly.

Later, Jiang An Lan gave a red card as a warning to anyone who tried to destroy Lan Yuan’s love. It was said that the two most seriously intimidated have gone to see a psychologist. Of course, whether it was true or not still unknown. However, according to Jiang An Lan’s temper, he could do things that ordinary people could not do.

Like, weddings.

At last, because of Yao Yuan’s self-sacrifice and generousity to die as a martyr, he finally said goodbye to Forbidden City, and the official location was in a Prince Palace in the capital, which was clearly stipulated to be available for rent.

The Great God was fully resolute on choosing an interesting and appealing[1] place to get married.

[1] meaning is an old location.

According to Yao Yuan’s opinion, although going to a certain prince’s mansion to hold a wedding ceremony guaranteed their personal safeties, but was it not too high-profile?

Before the wedding, Yao Yuan was really “both mentally and physically exhausted “, she was thoroughly drained. Two weeks before the wedding, she began to measure the body then tailor the suit. It was said that the person who made the dress for her was the daughter of a master who had made clothes for big people. Some senior fashion designer who was over 40 and had inherited her mother’s mantle. When accepting orders, she did not look at the background and money, but only relied on other people’s aesthetic value. When she saw Yao Yuan at the first glance, she had commented: “Young, pretty, vitality, charming, not eye-catching but got some depth, just like the pine and cypress on the Xiangshan Mountain, standing proud and evergreen.”

Yao Yuan felt speechless upon expressing  her gratitude.

Jiang An Lan only stood  on one side and did not say a word. However when he came out from Beijing City Wall and out to seclude alley, he spoke, “If she were a man, I would think she was interested in you.”

“You think too highly of me.”

“No,” Jiang An Lan denied straightforwardly, “I think highly of my foresight.”

Great God, would you die if you stayed quiet and did not compliment yourself for a day?

“You’ve got a point.”


Yao Yuan shook her head amused.

After they finished custom-made formal attire, they were busy selecting all kinds of things to be used in the wedding. According to Jiang An Lan’s plan, the first day of the wedding would be held in Beijing, inviting relatives of the bridegroom’s side and some friends of Jiang Family’s. On the second day, she went to Jiang Ning City Office to invite the bride’s side relatives, neighbors and some acquinteds to attend.

Everything was regular and thorough[2] in preparation, only Yao Yuan, somehow, the closer the marriage, the more she felt at a loss. Once she even called Yao Xin Ran to say that she felt this way, and the latter replied, “Academically speaking, what you are feeling is called premarital phobia.”

[2] meaning is methodically arranged.

On Yao Xin Ran’s side, the big aunt who was by her side answered the phone: “Xiao Yuan, there’s nothing to worry about. The big aunt is here to give you the atmosphere. Don’t be afraid. The wedding is just a door. Just push the door in.”

Yao Yuan laughed, “Thank you, aunt. How’s grandma doing?”

“Good, you can rest assured that the old lady’s body is quite healthy. She is now waiting for the wedding feast from our family Xiao Yuan.”Yao Yuan gently replied, “En.”

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