Chapter 18 – Later, I’ll be in Your Care (Part 3)

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“That’s great. Your grandmother asked me to tell you, some matters could be avoided, you couldn’t walk away from destiny. In this world, people are living their own destinies. Xiao Yuan, if your parents were still alive and saw you finally find your life-partner, they would certainly be happy for you. “

Yao Yuan choked with sobs and nodded. She knew that her greatest hesitation in building her relationship was the attitude of her relatives. In fact, there was nothing to be worried about. Her relatives would always be on her side.

But later on, Yao Yuan would be taking back her remarks about him being  very good to her.

Should not make trouble with Jiang An Lan these days.

Because he could always make you regret one’s past deeds.

For example, the “requirements” for the wedding.

When Li Ao heard that the Boss was going to make the wedding similar to the wedding in the game, he and his friends were shocked!

“In the game, we have included Tiān Xǐ Gōng to hold wedding ceremony.Tiān Xǐ palace is designed based on the Palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasties…” In other words, the venue of Boss’s wedding must be at the level of the Forbidden City.

“Then go to Forbidden City.”

“……” If it had been  anyone else, Li Ao would definitely reply, do you mean ignorance, ignorance or ignorance?

But facing Jiang An Lan, he did not dare to say it. And thus he had to put forward other feasible suggestions: “Boss, why don’t you go to Hengdian movie and TV city? “Huanzhu gege” is being shot over there. Although it was only a replica of the Forbidden City, it still has a high quality in similarities…” The voice faded away under the Boss’s cold eyes.

As for Jiang An Lan’s wedding proposal, even Father Jiang frowned when he heard about it. Jiang An Cheng, the one who had come bearing the news, said, “I’m old. I can’t keep up with your young people’s thoughts. This kind of thing is all up to Xiao Wu to think about. You say, what was the little girl’s opinion?”

Jiang An Cheng answered with a smile: “This matter, to put it simply, An Lan is anxious to get married, and his sweetheart probably doesn’t want to get married so soon, so Xiao Wu came up with such ideas.”

“Is there a reason for this?” How could you think of going to the Forbidden City to get married? Even the old people who were used to the big waves were all caught off-guard.

It was hard to say that it was because of playing games, right? Jiang An Cheng thought in his mind.

Finally, the old man, who had spent most of his life working for the country and the people, pondered for a while and said, “Although there is nothing to criticize in our family, it is also not an ordinary family after all. If it is too high profile, it will incite some opinions from outsiders. What’s more, it is the forbidden city that you want to use.”

When Jiang Wen Guo came back, he saw the old man’s face overcast. Naturally, out of concern, he inquired about the situation. After listening to Jiang An Cheng tell the whole story, he suggested with a smile: “Don’t mention that there is a good place with good Feng Shui beside the Forbidden City. It’s not impossible to borrow it next to the treasure land.”

How nice to have a wedding in a place like this? Yao Yuan wanted to cry but had no tears, which was practically even inconceivable, insufferably arrogant, unreasonable!

She wished to flee to avoid an arranged marriage. Always had the feeling that after the wedding, she would likely possess the “view in a new light“.

So Yao Yuan could only go to ask Jiang An Lan, “Great God, you win! We will get married in an ordinary way, alright?”

Jiang An Lan placidly patted Yao Yuan on the back of her hand, “Not good. I will try my best to realize furen‘s wishes.”


In this way, on the first day of March that year, Jiang An Lan and Yao Yuan were “engaged”, and the official wedding was scheduled in June, at some palace.

When it came to the game, a lot of people went crazy.

Luò Shuǐ: “If I were a woman, I would also marry the Clan Leader! It’s like plucking the stars in the sky. Awesome, ah!”

Bǎo Bèi Guāi: “The leader of the sect is so critical that I can’t get married!”

Zi JieXiōng: “This shows that you don’t know my biǎogē yet. Lemme tell you, these are all within the regular standard line. To be honest, if you put aside the ancient times, if his wife is not willing to follow him, he doesn’t mind organizing people to kidnap the bride.”

Wen Ru Yu: “Zi JieXiōng, you are courting disaster, ah!”

Zi JieXiōng: “Ha ha, it’s okay to just slap it down. Besides, my biǎogē is now on the plane flying to Jiang Ning. He can’t see it.”

Yao Yuan: “I’m here.”

Brother Zijie: ” Biaosao), meme (kissing sound), you are so beautiful on the day of the engagement! Looking forward to your and biǎogē’s wedding. “

“……” This Zhao Zi Jie was taken by Li Ao to play games. How could he even speak in the same tone?

To be honest, nothing had changed much after their engagement. The biggest difference was that they used to sleep with her in his arms, but now they slept with his backs to her. Once Yao Yuan summoned up the courage to ask why. Jiang An Lan looked at her and said, “Our current relationship is in the gray zone of illegality and legality. There is one thing I want to do after it is officially legal. But sometimes I think that it is not illegal to do it now, so it only makes things more difficult. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

At this point, Yao Yuan no longer got the courage  to ask why casually. if there were any problem, she would swallow into her belly directly.

Recently, Jiang An Lan had taken some time to take Yao Yuan to choose famiy property. The house he bought in Jiang Ning City, facing the south, had been decorated and slowly a lot of things were being added, such as solid-wood bed, clothing for the sofa, pure black marble dining table, etc., and oil paintings were hung on the walls. Yao Yuan did not know about painting, but Jiang An Lan still asked her for her opinion when choosing. He said, “You can see whether it looks good or not, because I don’t mainly enjoy looking at paintings, but the people who want to choose paintings when I look at them.”

Yao Yuan wanted to cry but had no tears. “Great God, please, don’t say such words again. It makes me have a strong feeling that if I don’t marry you immediately, I will be a wicked beyond redemption sinner.”

Although the house had almost been finished, but it was only been decorated and could not be lived in immediately, so Jiang An Lan still lived in Yao Yuan’s home in Jiang Ning city at the time being. This evening Yao Yuan asked him again: “About the wedding venue, let’s discuss it again?”

Jiang An Lan appeared to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos  while listening to her.

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