Chapter 17 – The Great God Strives To Set The Lower Limit (Part 2)

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In Zhao Zi Jie’s heart, his biǎogē ‘s image had always been ice cold, end trick also good, also easy to despise people, but now he was completely tender and soft as water . Zhao Zi Jie, who saw everything first hand, was reminded of Li Ao’s words[3] were still shallow. What was that very popular saying? Oh, how much does he like this young lady ah! It’s not like himself.

[3] Li Ao is Tang Dynasty’s scholar and writer, colleague of Han Yu in promoting classical writing.

“Haven’t you seen enough yet?” Jiang An Lan said.

  Zhao Zi Jie hurriedly said full of embarrassment: “It’s enough, it’s enough, I’ll go and help my mother.”

Now the two of them were the only ones left in the living room, Yao Yuan could not refrain from saying: “Great God, this feels like you are doing dungeon[4].”

[4] it is a gaming jargon which usually means hunting monsters.

“It’s still clean up all the way through.”

  ”Do you have one? When?” Jiang An Lan asked calmly.

  ”Before going outside for lunch, as well as just a moment ago. “


  And then what? Yao Yuan stared at him, in which he smiled back in return, “We separated for a long period of time, now I strive for only two people’s solitud time is also human nature right?” It should be regarded as a married couple’s duty. “

 Just now, was that a complaint that she had not been “cleaning up monsters”?

  In addition to one hollow laugh, Yao Yuan had no idea what else could express the helplessness she was feeling at the moment which was simultaneously with being … Moved?

  ”Do you have any difficulties playing mahjong?” Great God asked again.

  ”It’s okay, I suppose.” Before, when playing with her cousin’s family, her level was pretty good.

  ”That’s fine, I think I’ll be able to properly show off.”

Yao Yuan barely wanted to say “good”, but suddenly she thought that she ought to show off some awesome point or was it a modest point?  Then she asked, Jiang An  Lan replied: “I lost before, furen have to try and win it back for me.”

  This sentence information was too huge and estimated that the Great God relatively was not adept at mahjong, must have had awfully lost all along to take troubles to heart[5], so he wanted her to get his face back? But for Jiang An Lan, his absence would not be much worse, right?

[5] meaning to brood.

  After having their  meal, Yao Yuan helped Qin Yue wash the bowls and chopsticks, cleaned up the kitchen room, then the four people went to the mahjong table right away. This time, Yao Yuan really got to know just how bad Jiang An Lan was at playing mahjong, or she should say that his hand was really bad.

  Because Zhao Zi Jie said small gambling brought a kind of pleasure, so some money was bet. Jiang An Lan lost the most, followed by Zhao Zi Jie, and Qin Yue and Yao Yuan both came as the ones who won most, their win could be said to be equal, Qin Yue had  good technique, while Yao Yuan bore good luck. In this regard, Qin Yue got a hunch and said: “An Lan found Xiao Yuan as a girlfriend, we won’t be able to win his money in the future.”

  Jiang An Lan casually said: “Little aunt, feng shui always takes turns.”

In the middle of playing mahjong, Yao Yuan engaged in a chat with Zhao’s mother and son. Zhao Zi Jie was quite able to speak. His Mandarine was mixed with English, and he spoke clearly about what one hears and sees and felt abroad. Talking with those two, Yao Yuan felt really at ease. Jiang An Lan sat on her left side, seldom interposing, only when he was mentioned would he answer in one or two sentences, and was very concise and comprehensive. Zhao Zi Jie saw that his biǎogē was in a good mood today, so he bravely asked, “An Lan, when are you going to get married ah?”

This topic Jiang An Lan was actually very fond of, an honest smile bloomed, “Wait for her to nod, tying the knot right away.”

Yao Yuan lowered her head and sighed.

After returning home from Zhao Zi Jie’s home in the evening, Jiang An Lan did not stay long at Yao Yuan’s home, and went to the airport to fly back to Beijing. These days, his phone had been ringing constantly, so he had to go back to Beijing to deal with some things. Before he left, he said to Yao Yuan, “If you want to say you miss me, call me. My mobile phone doesn’t turn off. If you don’t want to, you’d better call me two or three times a day, because I’m thinking about you.”

Yao Yuan asked, “Why can’t you call me?”

The noble Jiang Dashao expressionlessly said: “No reason, I just want you to call me.”

Well, tsundere Great God, you won.

Once again being separated from each other, the two began to contact each other by telephone.

On the first day, Yao Yuan called at noon. Jiang An Lan asked, “Why didn’t you call in the morning?”

Yao Yuan said, “I overslept.” Was not the biggest advantage of Summer Vacation was that one could sleep at their will?

“Then send me a picture.”


“To make up for the psychological damage I suffered in the morning.”

“Senior brother, how fragile your mind is ah!” Yao Yuan almost burst out laughing.

That day, Yao Yuan asked her older cousin to have lunch with her. They went to have a hot pot. While waiting for the dishes to come up, Yao Yuan asked, “Older sister, are you still angry?”

Yao Xin Ran replied: “Never gave birth, if he treats you badly, I will be angry.”

Yao Yuan felt moved to say: “I know, from small to big, in addition to grandma, you love me the most.”

“That’s nonsense.” Yao Xin Ran laughed and scolded, “In a word, you are happy with him is the most important, the other is secondary.”

Yao Yuan gave a faint smile, “En, I know.”

At noon the next day, Jiang An Lan made an appointment with Yao Yuan to play the game. Their appearance at the same time unexpectedly caused a small uproar.

Wen Ru Yu immediately gave 100 gold coins to each of the Union’s members who were online and asked them to flood the world channel to celebrate.

[World] Wen Ru Yu: Congratulations to the World Clan Leader Jun Lin Tian Xia and furen’s return to Shèngshì. Our World Clan pardons for this reason. Those who have offended the World Clan in the past will be spared from death upon meeting on the road today.

[World] Àoshì Cāng Qióng: La La La, all the members of the World Clan who fight monsters outside, fight over BOSS and challenge the school, all come back to celebrate in the guild hall!

The world channel turned very busy that it became too much for the eye to take in, but the male lead still could keep his calm, even the female lead felt no pressure at all. Yao Yuan saw her clan channel was also a group of passionate scenes, looking at these friends who had been supporting her, her heart suddenly gave birth to a feeling of happiness and gratefulness. She went up and said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Ah Mi cried loudly face overflowing: “Can I ask for the last word…”

Yao Yuan: “Yes.”

All the people in the Hundred Flower Hall were laughing crazy, “It’s shameful for Xiao Jun acting cute.”

In this chamber, Jiang An Lan had taken her to the territory of the World Clan. When Yao Yuan saw a row of people bowing to her and greeted”Hello sister-in-law” in front of her, she could not help but get the black line. Was she in the criminal underworld?

Having mixed feelings, she made a sentence: “Comrades, have troubled you guys.”

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