Chapter 17 – The Great God Strives To Set The Lower Limit (Part 1)

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In the evening, it was almost time  to see Jiang An Lan’ aunt, but Yao Yuan was still struggling with what to wear. The former was currently sitting by the bed, eyes were focused onto the computer. He did not treat himself as an outsider at all. After contemplating for a long time, Yao Yuan decided to wear pants instead of skirts. Jiang An Lan commented without even lifting his head, “In fact, you look good in everything you wear.”

Yao Yuan smiled, “Thank you so much for thinking very highly of me.” She took the plaid shirt and jeans with short sleeves and was about to go to the bathroom to get changed. Jiang An Lan raised his head and said, “You can change here. I won’t look.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Jiang An Lan smiled at the computer’s screen and said nothing.

Yao Yuan changed inside the bathroom. He closed the computer and looked at her then she said, “For my husband’s honor”

Yao Yuan could not help but stop him. “In fact, you’re better than good-looking…”

Jiang An Lan beckoned to her, “Come here.”

” Whatever for?”

“I won’t eat you again.”

In the end, the face was still not thick enough, thus Yao Yuan felt  embarrassed and responded: “You can not speak indiscriminately in the presence of other people.” Her heart was not as valiant as his.

  ”Furen can rest assured.” If the mountains did not come to me, I would just move toward the mountain. Jiang An Lan had gotten himself off the bed and started to walk up to her, “My performance fee is very high, only you can afford to pay.”

  Simply to say, Jiang An Lan, this person, was heartless ah! It was true that he was unreasonable, did not give face, that facts were a common occurrence, but on the other hand he was also affectionate. He completely devoted all of himself to only one person.

  That evening, in Zhao Zi Jie’s home, Yao Yuan encountered her high school English teacher.The good news was that Zhao Zi Jie’s mama was a teacher. Yao Yuan had been the representative of the English class.

  Peoples lives were really unpredictable, indeed they might possibly encounter anything. Yao Yuan’s heart sighed endlessly.

  Qin Yue also appeared quite surprised. At the entrance, she had started to size Yao Yuan up and down, “You are Yao Yuan, right?”

  ”Yes, hello, teacher Qin.” Qin Yue had not yet turned fifty, born with good skin, even possessed a great sense of fashion.  When Yao Yuan was in high school, she had felt that this teacher gave off a kind of mother-of-the-world feeling.

  Qin Yue with a smile,  presented the slippers to them, “Fate has really brought us together.An Lan, Yao Yuan this child is my most cherished  student that I have taught, it’s good that you chased her and managed to make her your girlfriend.”

  Afterwards Jiang An Lan unexpectedly, simply sketching in light shades[1] by saying a sentence: “I have a high foresight, after some picking and choosing, only she is pleasing to the eye.”

[1] meaning to deemphasize things.

  Qin Yue burst into loud laughter, while Zhao Zi Jie who was standing behind her only threw a curious gaze at Yao Yuan, It was the first time he took a good look at his biǎogē’s sweetheart in such a close proximity. When she looked his way, he raised his hand while “Hey,” escaped his lips, then he gave his biǎogē a thumbs up.

  He only smiled when Jiang An Lan looked at him which was followed by him putting  down his hand. Finally, the  group of people took a seat in the living room, Yao Yuan was a person that was gentle and easy-mannered, also thick-skinned that once in a while could still  act cute. Although the current situation was a bit complicated, it was  not particularly awkward. She thought about it, thinking that the connection with him, really was linked in countless ways, cutting constantly, still tangled.

  On the table, tea was prepared in large quantities using inexpensive tea leaves, complete with a serving of melon seeds. Qin Yue called them: “Already one of us, so do as you please, Yao Yuan, don’t be ill at ease.” “

  ”Okay… Teacher Qin.”

  Jiang An Lan looked at her with a smile in his eyes, but he did not say anything. Unexpectedly Qin Yue giggled all of a sudden laugh, “I said, you, this child is to my liking. Well, Xiao Yuan, later you should call me like how An Lan just called me earlier; Xiǎo Yí (Little Aunt),  alright.”

  This degree of develoement was extremely quite fast, was it not? Feeling helpless, Yao Yuan who had always respected the teacher, could only agree: “Yes.”

  Later, Qin Yue heard that Yao Yuan was now teaching in the university, readily singing her raises, and could not help but to reminisce. “Xiao Yuan at school has always been very outstanding, smart, yet still earnest at school. Also, in my impression, your writing is very beautiful, whether it is Chinese or English. The first time I saw your homework, I thought, how could this child’s writing be so good?”

  ”Thank you.”  The word ” xiǎoyí“, Yao Yuan in the end did not call out.

  Zhao Zi Jie asked: “Mom, then were there a lot of people chasing her at that time?”

  ”Oh, I don’t know.”

  Zhao Zi Jie still got lots of questions to ask, however Jiang An Lan put down the teacup and said faintly: “Do you want to wrestle me?” Zi Jie shrank his neck. Yao Yuan did not understand and asked, “What is a wrestle?”

  Qin Yue laughed involuntarily, “These two children, the wrestling is an old Beijing dialect, the meaning is throwing tantrums.”

  ”Oh“. Yao Yuan sweated a bit, and listened to Jiang An Lan inquired: “Little aunt, how about playing mahjong after dinner?”

  ”Oh my! Okay, by coincidence we have a table. Your yífu[2] was invited to Shanghai to give a speech during this time.” She said while waving her hand in a delightful manner. It could be seen that Qin Yue really liked this Chinese national essence, “Then you wait, I will cook first. Later, I’ll finish playing two rounds of digestion.” As soon as Qin Yue left, Zhao Zi Jie said to his biǎogē (older male cousin via female line), “An Lan, do you intend to stay here for a few days?”

[2] meaning maternal uncle-in-law.  

Jiang An Lan’s eyes seem to have glanced at the girl by his side, that gaze looked very gentle, “Depend on the situation.” Yao Yuan noticed, but chose to keep her silence, acting awfully unperturbed as if she did not understand the meaning of his words.

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